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Holidays & plans for the next :)

August 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

This is a quick post inbetween a long todo list…

I have been AWOL since last week & haven’t even read posts :(…I feel like I’m missing out on alot when I don’t touch base with you guys…so I’ll set up a date some time this week :)

BebeLuv & I are off on hols to my family. DH joins us next week & we return together after Eid. I finally get to see my 3wk old nephew.

DH just let me know he’s going for conference to Dbn for a week in Oct & he wants us to join him & we can book an apartment near the beach :) altho mum’s home is there it doesn’t feel as much as a hols as a holiday flat feels, when beds & dishes get done for you :)…I’m feeling excited as that would be the first proper holidays as a family, with our Lil lady. YaY!

Quick update on BebeLuv: ALMOST everytime I wave my hand g’bye she does tha same. Yesterday she did it for friends & @ first I thought it’s just a random movement but she did it again 10mins later on our second g’bye :)…We have been making an effort to teach her g’bye & to pucker up when we say ‘Kisses’…how exciting! We’re not really sure on the g’bye thing but we keep prompting her now & jump around when there’s imitation :D 

Anyhoo, I’m off – will catch up ith you from the sunny coast.


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95% success

August 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

We had a bowel movement yesterday afternoon & AGAIN this morning – o da joys of a seeing that poo nappy. So the flaxseed is doing the trick.

Yesterday’s routine:

DH helped with forcing a 30min late afternoon, altho my sweet BebeLuv kept trying to sit and & made sounds at me whilst I was in the room & gave me her most charming smiles over & over again. Eventually I got into bed with her & Dh for a few mins & she settled down, then I slowly exited whilst DH put her off 2 sleep.

Soon as she awoke I took her for a quick visit to a friend of mines and we were back by 5pm.

5:15pm was cereal that went down w/o too much of a hassle, tnx to my entertaining skills, particularly my singing skill o_0

We had some play time, followed by an uneventful iftaar meal whilst BebeLuv sat in her Bumbo playing with newspaper which always has a cute look, like shes in a potty reading the newspaper.

6:30pm milk feed didn’t go down too well, but I didn’t stress cos I sometimes let her sleep & give the remainder to her as a dream feed.

7pm: Bedtime w/o trouble

8:30pm: Dreamfeed, but 1/3rd of milk wasted.

SO, I was quite chuffed with the successful evening.

3:30am: Crying. We tried the dummy but the crying persisted.

4am: small feed, cos I assumed she was hungry since her evening feed was wasted. & she went right back to sleep till 7:30am

Now that the constipation seems resolved, we can start getting back on track for a full night’s sleep: I will try half a milk feed @ 5:15pm instead of cereal so most of the milk gets emptied then, 6:15pm cereal & remainder milk as a dream feed. That pattern worked 2days ago for a full night’s sleep…let’s hope it’s works for now till the next challenge which will pr obably be next week when we’re off to Dbn, on Tuesday, just BebeLuv & I for 2 weeks @ Grans…

Have a Soopa dee Doopa w-end

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Left, right, left, right (Marching On)

August 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

So we’re not out of the woods yet with evening tantrums, constipation and now a cough. Yesterday, late afternoon I went for a waxing appointment & soon as I got back DH said BebeLuv was going ‘beserk’. I carried her for a bit & she seemed to have calmed down. The came another round of craziness & I kind of spoke harshly to a 5.5 month old :(. I feel awful. But there was cereal everywhere with the spoon being flung and spit up & I was loud: “Plz stop now. Its enough now. Just calm down!” & then I felt horrid & held her close & calmed her down…ay ai ay. I just tried everything differently to suit BebeLuv yesterday so I was flustered it didn’t work out as well. I played with her, distracted her, made her laff, made her xtra comfy for her feed, had her PJs all ready & well basically tried to be super organised…but well, she screamed @ me again. Well thats what it feels like @ that moment – like Im being screamed AT :(. So today, I obviously need to have a change in midframe & think about HER, & ONLY HER! My sweet BebeLuv. She’s such a sweetheart all through the day & @ my weakest in the evening, things just go south.

I also considered scrapping the bedtime routine which is 7pm & go later so its not so crazy all at once – her demands & end of fast meal but BebeLuv has been refusing her late afternoon nap & wasting her earlier feed, so she’s miserable from 6pm.

I was back @ da docs today for injections in my neck. Bleh – Im sore! My left shoulder has a pinched nerve, radiating through my arm wihich is causing spasms whenever I move my arm. Not very easy carrying a baby with this pain. I also chatted to the good Doc about BebeLuv’s constipation. He discussed age, weight & daily feeds & said he thinks solids are suitable, but & he recommended we try the Olli Organic rice cereal.  

On the work front: My temp work from home, part time contract has come to an end but I still have work to do for them. I am trying to setup a meeting with my Senior to extend the contract or negotiate a permanent, half day position. I don’t feel ready to go back full time, so I’m hoping the above 2 options are on the cards for me.

Wish me luck for the next round tonight…whilst I will myself to think positive thoughts!

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Sjoe! What a night!

August 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

So far we have been blessed with BebeLuv pretty much sticking to a routine and getting a decent amount of sleep. Bedtime is 7pm & there’s an awakening between 2-4 if we lucky just for her dummy, some nights earlier & two dummy awakenings.

We have had trouble recently

-  with night feeds too early and not finishing all of it to suffice for a full night, but all in all we pretty much on track. Then came Ramdaan and our early morning disturbance led to an awake baby too early and a change in routine most days, but somedays we were still on track.

- Then there’s also itchy gums, teething maybe, who knows how long more :/,

- and now constipation discomfort & crying due to intro to solids . lotsa reasons for an irratable baby you see.

& boy o boy was 2nite a nite to remember – after a crabby day tnx to constipation discomfort I assume, & milk feeds wasted for all of today – @ 5:15pm I attempted to feed BebeLuv her cereal. She yanked the spoon away from her mouth, more forcefully than u expect frm a 5m old & shrieked wildly. DH took over & tried calming her down first, then tried feeding her whilst she was in his arm distracted by the open doorway they stood at. Nope, that didn’t last long. More wild shrieking. He calmed her down yet again & tried once more…during this time I was preparing our breaking fast meal & I dropped everything & ran to him to just stop feeding her cos the shrieking got worse. The crying just shattered me. However, by the time I got to him, he had ignored the shrieking & got most of her cereal down. I held her really close & did my bestest to comfort her, but nothing helped my lil gals sobbing & her trembling body. After a bit, I decided to get her outta her clothes & into PJs to make her more comfy but she was more bewildered then ever. That’s when my tears started & DH took over yet again. We finally gave her the dummy for a bit which we don’t normally do, its only used for sleeping. She rejected it @ first & then took to it and calmed down whilst we held her. For about half an hour after that she refused for us to put her down. By now she was just in a vest, between being changed.

Everytime I attempted to resume putting on her PJs she went crazy 0_o. We sang, danced, clowned infront of the mirror and did spins & air rides with her & dropped her on the bed ever so gently & went on with the entertaining to keep her from shrieking & then we got her pants on before the screaming resumed. We had a mini argument about making her a full feed milk or warming up her leftover…I finished with getting her into her PJs between a bit more of controlled crying by now whilst DH sorted the milk out. I won the argument & a full feed was made instead of warming the left over. I felt incase she wanted more than the left over, I didn’t want to disturb her to go make more amidst feeding. She had most of her feed, bt 2/3rds. The time 4 Iftar came in & we manically ate whatever we could find since supper was only half prepped. After her feed, she played for about 10mins which gave us enough time to eat and then she cried again. DH insisted on medicating with BabaSuur again for the constipation, so yet again we haven’t given the flax seed remedy a full chance to prove if it will work, & off to sleep she went. She cried just now, 8ish & I prayed it wouldn’t start all over again, as I am alone now whilst DH is out for lengthy evening prayers in Ramadaan. I fed her a lil bit of her remainder milk feed and she’s asleep yet again…

O I hope we make it through this night without another episode…

Oh a beeeeEEEg thank you, to all of you wonderful sprog bloggers who I just dump on. It makes all of this so much easier. I don’t feel so alone :)

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Needles – lots of them – OUCH!

August 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

So I’ve taken the next step in getting my body pain’s fixed, after many restless nights. I googled Acupuncturist in areas near me & called up one, happy with his rates & off I went yesterday afternoon to the homeopath/acupuncturist.

Told him all my symptoms: hip pain, leg pain incl. severe ankle & foot pain, shoulder, neck & arm pains. Mostly left side of my body. Treatment so far by GP & homeopath. Previous acupunture treatments always successful. Inr esponse to his any allergies questions, I told him injections not acupunture needles & he looked @ me funny :/

He was a friendly doc that made me feel comfortable instantly & off we went to the needles room and he pinned me down with about 15-20 needles. Some hurt, some not.

Then … he discussed homeopathic injections at various places & then I understood the funny look he gave me earlier on. He seemed to remember his reaction as well & explained that he knows I mentioned I don’t do injections & he understands they’re more painful since they’re deeper & thicker needles etc but injecting the meds on the pain spot would be more effective than oral meds having to find their way there. This is when I was like NO WAY, Jose! I don’t do injections! & he went on about treatment taking months as opposed to weeks…hmmmm. He requested to do 2 and then I decide if he could do 8 more = 10 in total. With gritted teeth and knocking knees (no exageration), I agreed.

The first 2, in my mid back on the left side: not too bad. The good Doc was very patient & guided me to breathe through them & I felt a bit silly. 

..& so I agreed to the next

Left hip: Ouch. It took me a few minutes to talk to him and keep breathing.

Right side, mid back: FRIGGIN HELL, STOP NOW! THAT’S ENOUGH! I didn’t exactly scream that, I just jumped up with the needle in my back and grunted somewhat. He backed off immediately cos now I was almost teary and responding to him very shaken :(

So right hip, neck & shoulders were left out…and what would u know, I feel a considerable amout of relief in my lower body. I slept better last nite without hip pain, tingling & numbness. I have a bit of a bruised feeling where he injected but nothing too severe. I am a lil more freaked bt injection in my neck & shoulders but for this kind of relief I know i have to brave it.

Yet again, another doc who says this is what pregnancy and babies do to you. I find it hard to belive. Most woman look so strong through it all. It’s been 5months already. I feel this is just ME…

What medical problems did you have in pregnancy and after your babies? How long before you got some relief?

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Little Weekend Shopper

August 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Quick w-end update:

  • BebeLuv’s constipation was treated with BabaSuur as a once off, quick help and Saturday morning I went off to Weleda pharmacy after a friend advised they had given her baby flax seed oil, some sort of fibre flakes and alo juice. The first 2 can be added to their cereal. The pharmacist said to try flax seed only for now. Too early to say if it’ll do the trick.
  • DH & I have made up and discussed BebeLuv moving out after we get back from hols/Eid in mid September but last nite was another rough night since we wake up bt 4:30 to have our morning meal in Ramdaan and BebeLuv is getting disturbed & wakes up as well & it’s becoming a nightmare to put her back to sleep. Till 6am we have no luck & then is her feed. So I am looking into investing in a baby monitor today and trying the relocation sooner :/
  • 2 much food this w-end:
    •  Iftaar (end of fast meal) to Panarottis on Saturday & ate the Nachos Grande Pizza which is my new fav
    • I have indulged (well not yet, but it awaits me) and bought 2 of the new lindt dessert slabs. Creme Brulee & White Mousse MmmMmMMMm. I am not sure how new they are, but it will be my furst ;P
  • So far looks like BebeLuvs eid clothes is a Naartjie set since I haven’t found anything better. I went to China Mall on Saturday to the bead shop to get the matching beads for bracelets. So excited we found something perfect

& here’s a piccie from w-end grocery shopping:

BebeLuv in her new ride. The paper kept her busy through most of the shopping spree…


Quickly, lets c what toys & sweeties r on promo for Bargain Hunter Mummy :) 


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August 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

Yesterday was a rough day. I am getting very sick on the arrival of AF. I spent the day in PJs, medicated & mizzy. & BebeLuv seemed to be in pretty much the same mood-whilst I sulked throught the day and she was clingy and cried.


Today I feel a lil better, she’s more crabby…and it been a rough morning to say the least. There’s been constant crying. No playing, no sleeping, no distractions…


So after a chat with her, as I always do with BebeLuv – (talk through everything as if she’s 12), about how crying is not cool and it makes everyone sad etc I took her for a walk through the complex and further discussed that I would appreciate if she would calm down & have a nap. I explained I couldn’t translate her crying but I could feel her pain & she must please reward me for trying. I was feelign overhwlemed, ready to cry as well – & then it dawned on me…. I came back into the house and dicussed with Nanny, who confirmed that since we started rice cereal we’ve got no solid nappies…Dr. Google confirmed this is common with intro to solids, esp rice cereal.


Any tips on treating constipation in a 5m old? Do I need to change her cereal or use something to assist with constipation? She doesn’t enjoy water, but I have been making more of an effort and we get down only about 20-30ml a day…


On the relocate BebeLuv issue, thanks for all the valuable input. I am inclined to moving her to her own room, but it will have to wait as in 10days I go to my family at the Coast for 2weeks & she will be sharing a room with me. She will be 6months when we return and I am considering giving it a try then.


Also, WRT my thyroid blood tests – all clear :). I am feeling a lil mor energised but the body aches, especially the left hip, leg & foot is very sore most of the time as has been for more than 2months. I am not sure where to from here to get help. I think pilates will help and will get back to it soon as our fasting month is over.


We have no w-end plans since DH & I are not on best terms for the last few days. Looks like we’re both comfy with the civil and necessary interaction for now…


Have a great w-end




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Confessions of an O(ver) T(he) T(op) Mama

August 19, 2010 in Uncategorized



Yes, sounds like this Mama right here…& it’s now causing some serious stress in our lives – 


  • BebeLuv is a pretty good sleeper: a few niggly sounds & I am convinced it’s a nightmare, fear, insecurity & she needs to be held & recently brought into our bed. Her dummy soothes her but I feel guilty for not doing it personally :(. Most often, it’s probably just a sleep disturbance & not anything troubling her but I am miserable with guilt that I am neglecting her 
  • She can fall off to sleep by herself so long as she has her dummy, but I want DH or I to stay with her till she gets a bit drowsy even though she’s fine w/o us
  • She can play by herself, but I insist we stay near her & keep talking to her and attempt to stimulate her further. DH & Nanny are under pressure.
  • And the biggest problem @ da mo: BebeLuv sleeps in a cot in our bedroom & she’s a light sleeper so we have to be extremely quiet when in the room. Her sleep gets disturb when we enter and leave the room, as she sleeps from 7pm. Opening cupboard doors is a no-no. DH gets ready for work from 5am and we have had some ugly fights as this is BebeLuvs lightest sleep time and I am not impressed I am left with a crying or awake baby from so early. I have a 2nd room that we have made a guest room. We could move her, but I feel it’s not baby-friendly & I am devastated at the thought of moving her in any case. Is it really necessary to have a ‘baby’ room if she’s on her own?

How do u cope with the ‘paranoia’? Where do u draw the line between TLC & spoiling that causes bad habits? I also emotionally blackmail my very own self with the thoiught that BebeLuv is my miracle baby & she may be my only one & I already feel she is growing up too fast, so I may regret making her too independent and not enjoying her enough. What is enough? Also, I fear she’ll feel insecure and unstable if we don’t indulge her.


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Intro to solids – mission accomplished, subject well behaved

August 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

Subject: Me – BebeLuv

Age: 5 months & 1wk old

Feeder: Mummy

Audience: Daddy & Aunty Nanny

Ingredients: 1 tsp Nestum Rice Cereal, 4 tsp formula milk (Nan 1)

Attempt 1: First spoon I spat a bit out, in a very lady like manner :) like dribbled it out of my mouth. After 2/3 spoon feeds, the phone started ringing & Mummy tried ignoring it, but the caller tried again & that’s when the cereal bowl filled with most of the feed still in it FELL to the floor – decorating mummy’s clothes & the floor. Oh, looks like someone was nervous :0. I sat there innocently, yup I had nothing to do with that…Sjoe, saved by the bell

Attempt 2: Uh Oh! I see another bowl in hand…Daddy arrived :D to witness the first feeding. A new bowl of cereal was made & I put on my best behaviour for Daddy & ate all my porridge, & enjoyed it & cried a bit when it was finished. My face was a bit messed up – lil bit of my spit up & lil bit of Mummy mess

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VLOG – busy lil fingers

August 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

I feel all techno sassy with my VLOG title :) – picked the lingo up from Robin Sharma subscriptions. So here’s my first video blog of BebeLuv & her cute lil fingers playing with her taglet cloth & throwing it aside for her beloved pink blankie that goes EVERYWHERE with us. As soon as BebeLuvs gets a lil irritable, u just cover her with her pink blankie & there’s total calm. I’m hoping to introduce the taglet cloth as her comfort blankie.

‎”The hand is the instrument of the mind” – Dr. Maria Montessori