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Dopey Mommy

October 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Last night I resorted to taking an allergex for my irrtable throat, ear & runny nose & got into bed about 9:30pm feeling quite exhasuted. BebeLuv was refusing her evening feed & I told DH to make another attempt at a dreamfeed before he got into bed…

The next time I stirred in my sleep I heard BebeLuv cry, found DH in bed & my holding pillow (a pillow I MUST hold under my shoulder whilst I sleep) was nowhere to be found…I felt like a block of cement & nudged DH to check on BebeLuv. He replied he just checked & I said I think he was dreaming cos he didn’t move from the bed & she hasn’t made a sound. ?!?!?? He got up & gave her pacifier to her & hopped back into bed. Her cot is a few feet away from our bed. I complained that my holding pillow was missing & he handed it to me. ?!?!?? I was beck into my deep slumber again till 5am when BebeLuv cried again. I could here her nose was stuffed again & went over to her & brought her into bed with us. A habit thats being formed this week :( & she usually doesn’t want to sleep when she gets in with us, she wants to play. I cleaned up her nose as best as she would allow inbetween her grabbing the nasal spray, screaming & crying & jerking her head in every direction. DH was playing with her a bit & I reprimanded him to not stimulate her & let her try & sleep again. She seemed restless & he told me she didn’t have her feed at all when he tried last night so he made a bottle for her of which she barely drank. She also threw up her cereal lastnight so I am concerned she’s not eating enough :(.

I felt so drowsy through all this. DH went to get ready for work & I turned my back on BebeLuv so we could both just sleep. I felt like I barely slept through the night when in actual fact I slept like dead. I normally know when DH feeds her & gets into bed. Last night I knew NOTHING! Also he said she cried before the first time I heard her, she probbaly did & he probably saw to her but I heard none of this either.

Just as BebeLuv & I nodded off after her feed this morning, Mum called – 6:30am from China. They on a possible business trip. Dad, Mum & Bro are hoping to go into their own business. Mum called to ask about the price of an item I had previously shown them here in SA & I couldn’t recall the price but I knew what she was referring to. Whilst chatting to em she tells Dad: “She’s in her sleep, she doesn’t know what she’s saying” hehe. I kinda rudely said: “Mum, I know what I’m saying & I know what u are talking about but I do not recall the price”…sigh! Disturb my sleep & then make me feel stupid LoL but I kinda felt like my speech was slurred so can’t blame Mum

When Nanny came BebeLuv just awoke & I handed her over & told Nanny about BebeLuv not having drank her full morning feed. I heard nanny trying to feed BebeLuv her ceral cos a heard an intital cry & then I was knockled out cold again till Nanny loudly called my name to say DH was on  the phone. I was in dazed state. I can’t belive I slept through BebeLuv’s cereal feed, normally I hear every sound even when I’m in bed & I also didn’t even hear the phone ring. ?!??

Could this all be from 1 Allergex? A dead to the world feeling for 12 hours?

On more distressing issues: My car maintenance plan was due for an upgrade from 3yrs in November to 5 yrs/100000km. In June DH enquired and they quoted us 11k. In August when DH requested to pay for it & there was a 6k price increase end of July :( we had some trouble raking up the extra money but decided we need to upgrade the plan. Today DH took the car for a service and planned on paying for the upgrade as well & they now inform him the car is out of motor plan already, as it was purchased in November but registered in August 3yrs ago. We purchased it 2nd hand when it was 7m old so we were not aware of this information. NOW, the only way to upgrade is for us to pay 3k for todays service and then the 17k for the motor plan upgrade – that’s TWENTY THOUSAND RANDS :( … after a year of retrenchments, medical expenses over our heads, no maternity leave pay & unenemployment for me *sob sniff* to say our finances are a MAJOR stress at the moment is a total understatement

This w-end DH & I need to take a serious look at our finances and make some decisions. I am feeling a great straing about the job hunt at the moment and it doesn’t look like anything’s worked out yet as I have informed recruitments & companies that my availability is immediate and it’s month end so I expected something to look positive, but so far nothing.

Have a great w-end y’all!

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Unhappy Chappy

October 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Firstly, I would like to express my sincerest condolensces to Ambi, Mom of Tabitha. I was in a river of tears as I caught up with her blog after picking up the trail from Rebecca’s blog. It took me back to my own pregnancy & the PTL fears & I kept thinking that it could have been me. As Ambi says, we have no clue Why & Who is chosen to endure such trials. I hugged BebeLuv a lil more, a lil tighter & thanked GOD for blessing me with my healhty Angel & I said a special prayer for Tine Tee’s family.

On the BebeLuv update – she has cried almost every hour for the last 2 nites. Yesterday, I suspected she may have some nasal congestion, today she got up sneezing & coughing a bit. She seems better during the day so I think maybe it’s allergies, sinus/hayfever – something like that, not exactly a flu. DH & I have our fair share of allergies and currently I have a runny nose so BebeLuv could have picked it up from me. Also the travelling, climate change & water play time could have a hand in the ENT irritability. I have started self medicating BebeLuv with some homepathic stuff but if it persists longer than the weekend we will have to see a doctor.

The other challenge with BebeLuv is she doesn’t want to eat too well, especially her cereals. This morning I made a semolina porridge & even went against my will & added a bit of brown sugar but she still wasn’t interested. I also introduced a bit of fresh milk, however I hope my timing is not bad cos I’ve heard fresh milk can cause more mucous. Let’s hope there’s no more adverse effects.

Mash potato was introduced on Tuesday & she quite enjoted it, took me back to my preggie memories again since I was a potato addict lol. I craved potatoe in any & every form.

I went for an interview on Tuesday & wrote a test & think I screwed it up a bit :( sigh! The more I think on it, the more annoyed I feel at myself. Under poressure and time constraints I did my best. Most of it should be right, but the wrong one is a major aspect :(. Bleh! 

DH has embraked on a serious diet this week, with 20kgs weight loss as a goal. We’re going well sofar & I hope this time it’s a success till the end. He’s been on & off for years & after 2months of going great he regresses badly. I am trying to be very creative with meal ideas & a few off you fellow bloggers with your diet emal plans are a great help, Thanks :). He’s not on any formal plan exactly. His cousin lost 40kg in 8months & has put together what seems like an awesome diet plan which a few others are trying out with great success stories so DH is giving that a bash. 

Anyhoo, I gotta run off – cooking something new today: chicken & lentil broth, then hopefully off to gym & optometrist appointment. Finally a new pair of glasses after like 5 years :). I wear contact lenses mostly, but when I do need to wear my glasses I always felt hideous cos they were so outdated.

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7 month old antics

October 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

  • My new achievement with my ring stacker toy: I can remove da rings individually from the tower it fits onto
  • I hit my squeaky hammer with my hand instead of picking it up and knocking it. It produces the same effect – I look up @ mum with a huge smile of accomplishment each time I hit it & make it squeak
  • I can rotate on my back in a full circle, but I make no effort to roll over or crawl
  • I DO NOT like tummy time & scream at the top of my lungs till Mummy rolls me over
  • I can hold my sippy cup and drink water, but for my milk feeds which are longer and many more times I refuse to make any attempt to hold onto my bottle as I prefer being fed whilst I twist & turn & juggle my internal organs
  • I luv taking my shoes off & chewing on them
  • I can trake a hat off my head
  • I enjoy pulling Mummy’s hair even if all I can get is a strand
  • I like lying on my back and bringing my legs up into the air. I sucked my toes once but Mummy was too delayed with the camera & her efforts to capture the moment was a distraction in the first place
  • I decided cereal was not for me so I shrieked big time for a few days – Mummy has dropped it from the menu today. I’ve overheard her saying she will reintroduce in a week. My substitutes are yoghurt which I enjoyed so far – MmmmMMmM toffee apple flavour was good
  • I keep mouthfuls of food in my mouth without swallowing & then let it drool out. Mummy goes into a frenzy wiping me up, whilst it dribbles onto my clothes and sometimes the carpet. O the look of sheer horror on Mum’s face is PRICELESS! She shamelessly gossips bt this with her friends right infront of my face! Hmph!
  • I’m enjoying Mummy’s chicken, rice & carrot puree
  • Cellphones draw me to them like a magnetic force
  • Mummy’s bling beads around her neck are for tugging
  • Mummy’s bracelets are for grabbing hard & crying when she tried to disarm herself
  • I sit upright in my carseat and peep over the sides instead of relaxing back
  • I enjoy water LOTS – bathing,  showering, pool & beach
  • Peekaboo makes me laugh
  • I smile & squeal delightfully for our Cuppy cake song:You’re my Honeybunch, Sugarplum, Pumpy-umpy-umpkin, You’re my Sweetie Pie.You’re my Cuppycake, Gumdrop, Snoogums-Boogums, You’re the Apple of my Eye. And I love you so and I want you to knowThat I’ll always be right here, And I love to sing sweet songs to you because you are so dear
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Sun, Sand & Surf

October 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

It was a great week – sunshine everyday, swimming everyday, relaxing everyday, sleeping everyday, smiling everyday…

& DH & I snuck in a date night on Friday & BebeLuv stayed back with Nanny who didn’t have too much too worry about cos an hour after leaving BebeLuv was asleep.

FuN in the SuN 4 sure – Our first holiday, Our first beach holiday, and hopefully the first of many more :)

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We have …

October 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

mostly…a little bit of rain and winds but we’ve been in the pool or beach for the last 3days :D


BebeLuv is having a BLAST! Today she had an unpleasant surprise at the ocean shoreline. She was sitting there & I was infront of her trying to get a pic when a wave approached and she fell backwards slowly and the wave past her head but it was shallow. She turned her head into it and it rocked her slowly to the side. It all happened so quick & was harmless. She was pretty shocked but cried just a lil bit and was easily comforted & I was quick to get her toes back into the water whilst I carried her cos I didn’t want her to feel afraid. However, she whined for a while so I didn’t force her.


I am relaxing :)…at the moment I’m at Mum’s cos it rained this afternoon so I came over here for a visit. The Nanny is a great help with bathing, feeding, changing but she’s also relaxing alot since there’s no household chores.


As of tomorrow afternoon DH’s conference ends & he will be with us :)

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Holidays, here we come

October 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

:) So I have some complaints, as your’ll have become quite accustomed to unfortunately, but first I’ll focus on

The Good Stuff:

  • My holidays – YaY. 5am tomoro morn we shall be on the road – first hols with da lil baba :D
  • 2 new job apportunity calls this morning. 1 directly with a company that I did an interview with a while ago may have a temp contracting opportunity for me & it could be 6hours a day. I will know more for sure when we get back, 25 Oct is the interview.
  • Chicken roast for dinner has been ready since 11am & I’m hungry for it.

The so-so stuff:


  • I just got back from my interview, didn’t go too bad but I don’t have that promising feeling. I’m not sure if I’m disappointed.
  • I’m 50% packed. lots to do & I’m sleepy. BebeLuv is asleep, I think I should go down for a quick nap, but it’s also the perfect time to finish the packing…?


  • I have a stiff neck, VERY stiff, cannot turn it thanks to a 4am cry for a feed & me leaning all the way over the cot cos if we take BebeLuv out, she doesn’t go abck to sleep & no way could I cope with another playdate at that hour. We have started increasing day time meals as my so far Guru Gina Ford recommends – night hunger will be non existent if day time meals are sufficient. RIGHT? But BebeLuv refuses her last milk feed if she’s fed a full meal for dinner – so it’s a no win there for me. But let’s see how it goes with meals increased a lil all day. It’s bad timing for a holiday, but we shall endeavour to keep up.
  • I ate carrot cake for dinner and breakfast – only carrot cake :( chunks of it! I’m disappointed in myself. I have completely let go of my healthy eating this week, but the pants I wore for my interview fitted a little less snug than 2 weeks ago so there has been some improvement, let’s hope I get right back onto my efforts to lose some centimeters especially through the holiday.

Have a good w-end y’all. I don’t know if I’ll blog whilst on holiday since I am leaving behind my laptop as well…xxx

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DespEraTe, ConFuZZled, CraZed MoM

October 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

Yup, that’s what I am!


Ever since giving birth my always painful, moody, exhausting & whacked AF is worse than EVER! :(. I have always had it rough since my teens.

I AM A NIGHTMARE who cannot stand myself!

Yesterday I just couldn’t cope – I went out with BebeLuv to drop something off at a friend & she was sleepy in the car & I didn’t have her dummy with me. She shrieked & I just wanted to switch the car off & run away from her…Bleh! I cursed a bit, almost cried & then I rubbed her forehead whilst I drove as this calms her & she fell off to sleep THANK GOD! I then sat in the car for 15minutes so as not to disturb her sleep cos I just couldn’t deal with more crying.

Soon as I got home I handed her over to an overworked, exhausted DH & took a time out. I stepped in to help him whilst he fed her & she screamed blue murder & then was releived when he put her off to sleep.

Then this morning, att 4:30 am she cried, at 5am she was hungry & DH fed her. I could barely move a limb from exhaustion and pain. At 6am he left for work & my eyelids seemed stuck whilst she played. When she cried I gave her dummy to her which I don’t use except for sleeping time & I even resorted to giving her my cellphone which is a huge NO-NO, cos I don’t want her thinking it’s a toy. I insist she needs to know from now what’s appropriate for her & what’s not, but I was desperado to keep my eyes closed.

My poor BebeLuv just wanted to play & I wanted to cry…At 7am she was hungry again :0 & shrieked again. This must be a growth spurt.

My AF is just feels impossible to live through. I need to see a doc ASAP I know, but it always ends up with one outcome: endometriosis is bad, laproscopy is necessary & then we decided to have a baby or not…now I need to decide if I want to fall pregnant again in the next 6-9 months or risk further infertility complications if it’s not as bad yet? :( I want another baby without a doubt, heck I want a few more if I can, but I just want time which I don’t think I have on my side. STRESS!

I have a job interview tomorrow – I don’t know if I want a job. I NEED a part time job which isn’t easy to come by. I feel so confused as to what to do. My heart is not into a full time job and recuiters and interviewers pick up on this. SIGH!

I am packing for our holiday – leaving on Saturday for a week at the beach. However, Natal has been having cold and wet weather. I will be seriously depressed if this is our fate next week cos this holiday was not easily afforded…sigh – positive thinking, positive thinking, positive thinking! CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE – is what I have been indulging in & those few preggie kilos always stay thanks to this mad AF week.


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YuMMy in TuMMy

October 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

BebeLuv has had many new introductions to her tastebuds in the last week & is doing well with the new flavours, enjoying most.

  • Whilst visitng my friend with kids, BebeLuv tasted dried mango and also dried Ouaties cereal
  • We’ve tried 2 new cereal falavours: Banana and Honey. The Banana took a few days to adjust to.
  • Yoghurt: First intro to dairy – 2 new flavours here also: pear and banana
  • Chicken and Rice: Today I cooked a chicken, carrot and rice soup & liquidised all of it. It became a perfect puree and she smacked her lips with delight :). It’s the first time I combined ingredients as well as the first time I used a bit of spice and it was received very well.
  • Over the weekend I also put a wee bit of dunked chocolate rusks in BebeLuvs mouth

So now all that’s left to try is potatoe & pasta & we will have a much more extended menu.

The lil Munchkin seems to be enjoying exploring new tastes and her appetite seems to be growing, with between 175-225ml of formula every alternate feed.

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Splish Splash

October 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

Today BebeLuv is 7months old – and was weighed in yesterday at 6.8 kg, 56cm in length, 42cm head circumference.

This morning after he mornign nap DH brought her to the gym to meet me after my morning class for a dip in the pool. BebeLuv has sat on the first step of the pool in our complex before & splashed about a bit, but today we planned on a  full dip with DH in the water with her.

BebeLuv had an absolute blast. She splashed and kicked with lots of smiles :). I had read a bit on first time pool experiences and most articles stressed on close body and eye contact which DH was all for but BebeLuv kept kicking back and away from Dh and was fine with the distance. Her best position was lying back with her head tipped backwards & DHs arm only holding under her head, the rest of her body afloat :)

After 20mins we took her out & she cried a bit from feeling cold and shivering. I quickly got her into a warm grower, & soon as we got home she had her favourite carrot puree lunch and was exhasuted from her swim & had a long nap.

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October 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

*yaaAaWWwn* Thanks to all of you for the comfort & suggestions in this last crazy week of accidents & sleeplessness….

Last night BebeLuv went to sleep @ 6:30pm cos she didn’t get a full afternoon nap & was exhausted. I asked hubby to hand me the Sister Lillian Rescue Rest and gave her some just before she nodded off. At 10pm she cried & I wanted to give her the Rescue Rest again but when I looked at the bottle DH had given me earlier it was the Colic Care :|. I was NOT impressed. Anyways, I then decided to give her some Rescue Remedy. I changed her nappy, hugged her and put her back into her cot. She babbled for a long while, cried for her pacifier when she got tired & was off to sleep about 11ish. *yaaAaWWwn*

3:15am: whimpering, NOT crying :). That’s her normal pacifier call if it goes on for a few minutes. We put her pacifier into her mouth and she was quiet but thrashing around a bit till about 4am & then went back to sleep till 7am.

I on the other hand didn’t sleep to great, struggling to sleep when she slept at 11pm and then again after the 3:15am disturbance. *yaaAaWWwn*

The need for the pacifier after it is spat out is another battle with her. Currently, she is capable of putting it in her mouth sometimes but most times she doesn’t. She plays with it till it falls out of her hand and then cries for us to give it to her. At night she makes no attempt to look for it. She doesn’t roll from her back to tummy so she mostly stays on her back and just cries for it.

I am hoping to have an afternoon nap today to cure this fatigue. *yaaAaWWwn*. Got a social weekend planned – sushi lunch with a friend tomorrow and a family braai with friends on Sunday. I don’t feel very sociable, I feel cranky. It’s also PMS. DH also needs a break, so let’s hope he’s able to catch up this w-end but w-ends are harder without Nanny around.

Have a good one Peeps