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From the mouth of my babes

September 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s lots of belly ripping laughter with BebeLuv-isms:

This w-end the lil Madam was readin the newspaper, cos she can ;) & she was looking at the Checkers advertising & pointed to a fish & pointed at it & made her questioning sounds & look & hubby said: “That’s fish, Dolly.” & she pointed back to is and named it ‘Fish Dolly’ hahaha. And everytime she got back to that page she pointed it out & repeated ‘Fish Dolly’. Hilarious!!!

Hubby took her to the cinema for the first time, cos HE can :0. They watched Smurfs I think and hubby realised her attentions span was not even long enough for an TV series episode leave alone a movie.

Yesterday, we went on a braai picnic with friends which BebeLuv enjoyed immensely. She climbed up the steps of the big slide by herself for the first time, about 10 steps incline. I was in awe of my ‘baby’ playing with the big kids.

She’s learnt to greet quiet clearly in arabic as we do :).

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September 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

GaH this is my 3rd try @ posting this – hope it works cos I have LOTS OF bragging to do…

I am just such a proud, swollen headed, show-off @ every opportunity kind of mum with BebeLuvs language explosion, so please indulge me & go wild oohing & aahing @ my 18 month’s old brilliance ;)

~ Ayla woo = I luv you

~ Hullo Maamaa = Hello Mama, even if she reappears only a few seconds later. *melts my heart* hello my sweetluv cuppycake. mama wishes this moment of joy & pride can be frozen

~ BebeLuv got it = soon as she gets something she repeats this is she runs around. her name is 4 letters, 2 consonants with 2 vowels, e.g. Nala

~ Strawbugga = strawberry

~ Singing lololo butt = row row row your boat. this is just too cute!

For me = she stretches her hand & asks for something

~ DARE ugo = There you go, when she hands something to us. Emphasis THERE & says it all very fast

~ Kum: = come, when she wants to be carried with her fingers opening & closing

~ We_all_four_down = we all fall down, says this very fast for for ringa ringa rosy song

~ Taank you = thank you, & she says it in context without being prompted

~ sings Dola Dola = Dora Dora. Bought her very first animated character on clothing item & she’s gawn gaga for it. It’s a pink Dora crocs.

~ Labb-bitt = rabbit


*fingers crossed this post saves & my brag post is finally published.

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Midweek Mania

September 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Last week Friday I requested unpaid leave due to the Nanny situation. My manager was not impressed and went as far as saying I’m a problem employee since day 1, coincidentally for the same situation. However, he also said he understood but it was a problem for the business. I understand that.

Since then I have seriously considered resigning. The stress is too much too handle, but above that the joys of time with BebeLuv is super awesome and my heart is more shattered than ever to leave her. I have some serious decisions to make. Emotionally i think I can handle being a SAHM and finacially it will be a challenge. DH and I will be monitoring our budget for the next month or so to see what can be accomplished for me to consider SAHM.

From Eid week she has been with DH or I, this is the 3rd week now and she is loving having one of us to herself. She is independent and very sweet overall and at an age where she’s irresistable.

I am manned down with the flu & BebeLuv is also not feeling the best with a stuffy nose & what I suspect is more teeth.

We have a new nanny that started yesterday and I will be keeping her on – she’s Zimbabwean. Young & pleasant. I have my doubts about non-south africans, especially when they go on leave. I cannot possibly afford another AWOL nanny fiasco whilst I’m working.

Here’s hoping to things looking up from today for a while going forward…


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Miss Bossy Lil Lady Luv

September 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yup, my lil lady has my genes for sure…;)

- At the park this weekend, she ran ahead of DH and I but made a swift u-turn everytime we held hands. ‘No, No’ & she seperated our hands.

- A sweet older lil gal hugged an kissed her and tried holding her hands whilst they played & she pushed the lil girl away. When the lil gairl cried BebeLuv did her signature cry louder when another cries, and all attention is diverted to comforting her.

- Everytime someone came in her way on the jungle gym she used her hands to move them out of her path. Not very roughly, but not too gentle either.

- When she wants something she screams in an urgent voice: “MAMA, MAMA” & asks – e.g. demonstrates clapping hands if I must join in, or she says WoW and I must repeat. She does this with the rest of the family as well. Calls each one by names & tells or shows em what to do. If her clothes have just been changed, she goes around the house to each person demanding a chorus of ‘WOW’ or if she’s done something that she believes deserves clapping, which is like almost everything, then she will call out & display clapping that you need to copy.

- Yesterday, my nephew was with us. He’s 13 months old. Everytime someone carried him or he sat, she shrieked, walked over to him, grabbed him and commanded ‘Walk! Walk!’

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18 months old

September 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

BebeLuv will be ONE AND HALF YEARS OLD tomorrow…I’m sure all you mums of toddlers go through the same disbelief @ how quickly our lil people grow.

I have googled some milestones that BebeLuv shold be on-here’s a list I’ve compared 2:

Running – like the wind
Climbing – onto loungesuits, dining chair with side arms, jungle gym rungs
Combine two-word phrases - ‘more water’

* the word mostly used is ‘no’

* clearly saying 3 syllable words, commonly dragging the first syllable: baa-nana, pour-tay-too (potato)

names everything almost – things I haven’t even actively taught her: foot, toes, fork, tea, juice. just points everywhere and calls out.

Walks fast, walks up stairs with one hand held, kicks a ball – yup, all of these. Especially LUVS balls
Feeds himself or herself, drinks from a cup adequately and uses a spoon - Yes can feed herself pasta and sandwiches and fruits & snacks, uses a Sippy cup & uses a fork better than a spoon
Imitates a crayon stroke on paper.  LUVS scribbling
Holds and “loves” a doll or stuffed animal; may use a household-type toy (for example, a toy telephone) appropriately. Cutest dolls Mummy & phone chatterbox
Will sit for a short time and look at pictures in a book. Turns single pages in book or magazine - sits for a loooong time with books
Hugging and Kissing – initiates kisses herself & asked for hugs & lays against us. She even hugged a strange dog @ the park. She wasn’t so lucky with the cat last week & got scratched on her arm :(
Sitting on the toilet – not really understanding what to do yet. Just familiarising
•Obeys simple instructions such as ‘find your clipe please’, and responds to simple questions such as ‘Where’s the cat?’
•Refers to herself by name – & to me by name :0
•Knows where objects are kept… this reflects an increase in long-term memory – yup
•Plays continuously alone… solitary play… but may like to be near a familiar adult or sibling – not solitary completely. She must see someone around

She waves at starngers & walks upto people randomly and says ‘Hello’.
* become frustrated, with occasional temper tantrums – YES!
•Is able to follow stories, enjoy stories and rhymes that include repetition. - LUVS stories & rhymes. Identifies aalot of objects & vocabs from most of her books, even those with lots on 1 page.
* Respond to simple directions – knows her way around the house and the immedite surrounds outside

* Feeding is a traumatic experience for all involved, unless she’s in zombie mode thanks to a DVD


Lots of other stuff happening in our lives at the moment – especially with the nanny situation, unpaid leave that I applied for today and my company not being too impressed and need to review my employment…more on that in the next post. This one was decicated espcially to the star of of my life…


Have a good weekend y’all

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& the stress continues

September 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

I am STRESSED – the new nanny & head strong toddler situation is freaking me out. DH is not too impressed with new nanny & I haven’t spent enough time to judge. She seems pleasant and trying hard but DH is concerned 5 days later she has NO concept of time management. She has no previous experience with managing a toddler and domestic, she’s got lotsa of domestic chores experience & seems to get caught up in that. DH is the less fussier between us so if he’s not happy, I can’t imagine I would be if I were training her. But I haven’t discussed my dilemma with my manager as I just feel like after my first day on the job drama, nanny going AWOL, 2 weeks unpaid leave on day 1 still reflects negatively. Hence DH is manning this round…but tomorrow is his last day of leave. I NEED to chat with my Manager, I’m just SO uncomfortable going to him with this.

We have been seriously discussing me resigning cos we feel so out of options. It is SO tempting to get rid of all this stress but I will still need someone for a month of my resignation period & then what when we settle with someone new??? Is the resignation still going to be so wise at that point?

BebeLuv-ism: After her milk feed in the cot this morning she wanted some time to herself and her blankie. About 15mins after blankie bonding she called stood up, called out to me ‘mama’, stretched her hands out and I picked her up. I brought her onto the bed and lay her inbetween DH & I. DH had his back to us – she taps his back & says ‘Hey Hey’ normally she calls ‘dada’. This was not random sounds, but actually referring to him as ‘Hey’ :D

The lil lady is VERY animal friendly – she hugged a dog @ the park over the weekend. Yesterday she went to play with a neighbour’s cat & got scratched L. My poor dolly was so shocked and cried & kept pointing to the 2 scratches on her right lower arm & said ‘hurt’. Lots of magic kisses for my Princess.

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Fun getaway and home sweet home mayhem

September 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Eid trip to Durban was great – lotsa fun, lotsa late nights, lotsa food, lotsa OTT attention for a happy to please lil Princess.

BebeLuv had a blast and was overall very good in Durban. Her usual troublesome eating drama had me pulling hairs but aprt from that she was her charming self who loved the attentions of her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Every morn she would awake & immediately call out for my sisters. She was always weary off me interrupting her fun for change or feeds and even if I were on my way past her she would be running backwards saying “Noooooo”.

Eid day is about wearing our best clothes & I am always excited to gear up my lil lady in her finest – for the morning she had a matching mummy abaya (religious garb) especially sewn for her and later in the day she was in a tights & tishirt & for the evenig she was in a pretty in pin handkerchief dress with matching headbands.

The day after eid was as much fun – we spent the morning at the aquarium and the evening at Gateway amusement centre. BebeLuv and I flew back on Thursday night – the Angel slept through the flight asmy nerves repaired from the anxiety I felt all day about the flying with a toddler.

Back home – we’re back in routine and settled down but there’s a new Nanny on the scene for the last 2days & the old Nanny hasn’t returned :(. It’s back to work for me tomorrow and DH nanny training.

More on that next time…and lots more on BebeLuv’s pairing of words together :)