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My Sweet BebeLuv – recent developments & challenges

July 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

My 2yr & 4month old is the reason for me blogging & recently with lots of other great stuff happening, my BebeLuv has still been the most news worthy. Not always happy stuff tho. I’ve recently discussed sleep woes & constipation & various efforts to combat these challenges. In this post I’ll try to encapsulate our challenges and wins and give more info on the bodytalk sessions.

My lil girl is nothing short of amazing. That’s her new word – & she even calls herself gorgeous & a super star. Yip, she is not the most modest kid around, but u have to know her to see that she’s entitled to her ego ℓ☺ℓ #proud mummy talk :)

I don’t know exactly when the wheels started falling off on her content lil girl demeanour, bu I do now acknowledge 2012 has been a year of many changes for her, hence with her.

– mummy was away overseas for 2 weeks
– 4 days after mummy returned, daddy was on business travel for 3 weeks
– mummy opened a playgroup & BebeLuv came along & was forced to share her toys that were being used @ the playgroup else mummy scolded & threatened her #mummy fail# BebeLuv was also aggressive to the other kids. 6wks later mummy realised it wasn’t working for BebeLuv so she stopped going with mummy.
-mummy’s pregnancy news started to dawn as other people discussed it around & with BebeLuv
– 2nd birthday :D
– BebeLuv moved into a big bed into her own room
– Mum & Dad having ‘strong difference of opinions’, even infront of her. Some screaming going on
– BebeLuv started demanding her milk bottle randomly, more at night and I started refusing until I took her bottle away completely. That was a 6week struggle off & on. #fail?# I don’t know! The upside is that my picky eater is now an adventurous eater.
– Bedtime battles started – for a one time Sleeping Beauty
– BebeLuv started complaining of tummy cramps and had random bouts of constpation. Sleepless nights started.
– Paed, Homeopath, scans & x-rays: αℓℓ have given a clean bill of health
– Bodytalk: this is information overload, and I will try & keep it as brief as possible:
BebeLuv is highy stressed & anxious with many factors – she’s afraid of parents leaving her but it’s ok if she leaves us, she had some anger in her from various things, she has a weak external blocker which makes her very sensitive to her environment, internalising αℓℓ the negative that goes on around her. She enjoys outdoor play with nanny and indoor play on the bed with mum & dad. She’s afraid of it ending. Anything edible with green coloring is rejected by her body (I don’t understand this 1). Her sense of hearing is heightened and sensitive. She not happy with anyone besides DH, I, nanny & my mum changing her nappy. She’s restless @ ILs if I’m not around. She enjoyed her w-end with my family in Jhb and wants more of that excitement. A few clothing items of hers upsets her mood. The specific items were identified through body talk and the very night of her session she demanded the mentioned PJs be removed in the mid of night after being restless and crabby till that point. She needs a temporary break from wearing these clothing items…her final session showed many of the above anxieties to be balanced and picked up most issues regarding my pregnancy & the arrival of Sweetypie. She’s excited but more jealous and anxious. We will be doing another session by this w-end.

We’re now still having sleep issues – inconsistently. Its either bedtime battle or night awakenings.

The constipation is ok this week. We have runny poos mostly, so the aggressive home treatment needs to be eased off & hopefully that’ll also resolve the cramping.

Emotionally: BebeLuv is ‘A BABY’- in her very own words. She is doing baby talk, pretends her water sipper is a milk bottle n says she a cry baby when she’s crying. She’s insecure and anxious & visibly displays it. No amount of reassurance has changed her behaviour. I can deal with everything but the night tantrums. It’s a real challenge after the crazy day. I still resort to threats & discipline @ night, definitely with cuddles as well but my zero tolerance is made clear. I don’t think it’s wise to indulge it. She cries for us to sleep with her or next bed or with us, but she never falls off to sleep then. She goes on talking and eventually it leads us back to threatening as we tried to avoid in first place.
What do u think? What would you do? Any suggestions how to better handle this?

Inbetween αℓℓ the above, we definitely have fun with our sweet girl: she LUVS reading books & choses this often over toys. She narrates stories from books page by page. Her Dora books are her fav. She’s enjoyin stickers with a sticker album (our first). She often kisses my tummy voluntarily and tells our baby she luvs him and she’s his big sister. She is impressivle competant with 4-6pc puzzles. She can catch a ball if bounced to her or thrown to her outstretched arms. She can charm the socks of most people with her great communication skills. She speaks very well manneredly (word?)

Mostly, I think BebeLuv has been through too many changes and in hindsight I realise we have made mistakes and misjudged her maturity for her tender age. We are trying VERY hard to be more supportive now but there’s also too much happening with us that we can’t exactly slowdown. I do believe in time it’ll αℓℓ settle with love and patience as well as consistency and picking our battles.

I hope this post helps other parents who have toddler challenges, sometimes its not them but us who need to make the changes – in our expectations. We always upping the bar with these amazing little blessings of ours. Some battles can be delayed and success will still follow eventually. May GOD guide us αℓℓ.

5 responses to My Sweet BebeLuv – recent developments & challenges

  1. So right ,we do have a lot to deal with and the kids too.
    Good luck with al of this

  2. Wow, that bodytalk sounds amazing. I can’t believe it told you so much and with all that detail! I don’t think you have had any mommy fails as such, just learning curves for both of you :)

  3. It is a huge transitional time for all of you and I would imagine that anxeity is a natural emotion to go through. You really have done everything you can to make this easier for Bebeluv, which is all any parent can do. Amazing to see what complex little humans they are even at such a young age. Bebeluv sounds just like the gorgeous superstar that she is!

  4. Wow that is a lot of hurdles she’s had to deal with. Sleep time can be a battle of wills. If I had to give advice it would be to talk to her about the night / sleep routine earlier in the eve before she gets tired and tell her what the plan is, then carry it out. And repeat

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