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Grateful to be here chasing my tail

November 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’m not sure where and how to start this post…

For a while now I lost my interest in blogging – it kind of started off when the blogging platform changed and my porridge brain struggled to grasp it and it intensified as bloggers started moving away…I’V been catching up now and again but it’s hard keeping track of those who have moved away. I miss sharing with those who know me since I’ve been here….

Additionally, things fell apart here in my world for a while & I was down and out. My last post I shared the difficult time we had with all of us at home getting very sick & me being hit the worst post birth. I was not coping and needed help so I went to my mum. I felt so much better and I was ready to return home & tackle mummy of 2. I also looked forward to starting back @ gym after over a year of being away…but instead we were hit with the most traumatic experience of our lives – on the way back to our home from my mums, DH, I & the kids were involved in a serious car accident on N2 halfway Dbn to Jhb – skidded in the rain, overturned & somersaulted a few times, the car landed on the drivers side. BebeLuv & DH were strapped in and remained in place. SweetyPie was in my arms, unstrapped on the backseat. We landed on the opposite side floor – SweetyPie Watson top of me. I don’t remember much of what happened. We were unstrapped as I was planning on feeding SweetyPie & I was in the process of getting us comfortable whilst DH drove slowly. So many what ifs, should haves. We are VERY strict about carseat normally but in 1 moment of what we felt was a good reason to keep SweetyPie in my arms we almost lost him :'(……but most importantly our lives were saved. What followed the accident is a long and traumatic experience of waiting in the rain for help, ambulance taking us to nearest hospital, SweetyPie needing extensive x-rays and neural observation, being admitted to hospital,our families driving to us in torrential downpour across the country…whilst we just waded through the aftermath in a shell shocked state. My car has been written off :(…I am obviously most grateful that someone material has been our biggest loss but now we have a lot to deal with without a car and a pitiful insurance payout.

2 months since that day … I am the only 1 that was injured with a compressed fracture on my spine that was only picked up a month after the accident. Suffice to say – the pain was unbearable and made me realize something more than whiplash was the problem and till now I am going for various therapies but struggle with pain, moreso cos I am not ale to take the rest I need for fill recovery…how can I? A toddler and a newborn + very unfortunate circumstances to get through – resting comes last if at all. There’s been improvement but a lot of regression too. I’m trying my best and can only hope it’s enough but I fear this pain may last lifelong.

On the kids development front:
BebeLuv: ever so the most amazing lil girl. I cant believe how grown up she is now – a loving, overprotective and a lil too hands-y big sister. She has started swimming lessons and is so great at it and loving it. I feel guilty as she’s been through a lot and we have not managed to be there for her like she needed, to help her adjust to her to her lil brother. It’s brought out an aggressive and obstinate side. It’s so hard to know how to deal with this.we do try our best to remain calm & remember she’s dealing with a lot but we also fail, as anyone with a toddler knows that they can push u over the edge eventually.

We started toilet training today – kinda cold turkey approach and I was unprepared. She wet thru her nappy last night, DH put her on the toilet this morn, she made a wee and so we put panties we bought for her and we going with no more nappies at all approach. We had 3 accidents today but she is also telling us when she needs to go. I plan on waking up hourly at night for a few days. Finds of mines claim this approach is best.

SweetyPie: my boy is exactly 3 months old today and is growing beautifully. He is our miracle lil guy getting out of the accident completely unharmed, thank GOD. He is growing and developing amazingly – more than double his birth weight at 10 weeks. Prattling away all day-with a gorgeous smile and music to my ears laugh. He’s still a agent sleeper – 8-9hrs stretch at night for the last week. He a placid lil guy. I’ve just heard him laugh in his sleep as I type away – oohhh to cute.

…well this is ALOT of reading I’ve given you all.

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  1. This post gave me chills… thank goodness you guys are ok! I am so sorry about your back, I can’t imagine having to deal with that as well as two kids. I did the same thing with BM when we were driving back from dbn at the beginning of the year…. scary!

    • Tnx M…it is terrifying what coul be but really not practical to make stops for every feed on a long journey & more so harder when traveling with a toddler

  2. Oh my word, Aydee… thank God you’re alright, all of you. Thank God!!

  3. Oh Aydee! What a frightfull experience. I’m so glad you all made it through and I sincerely hope that you will be able to recover fully.

    Life is tough with two little ones and I can only imagine that the pain is making everything worse. But people keep on promising me that it will get better and before you know it, they will be off playing together etc.

    I’m so glad you decided to blog, we lost so many nice ladies and to tell the truth, we are almost baby blog sisters having had our first babies almost on the same day (if they came on their due dates ;-)) and our second babies in the same year at least.

    Keep strong!

    • Thanks Pizzicato.

      :) I like the sound of that term ‘baby blog sisters’ ;). I am always eager for your posts as I’ve followed u since I’ve been here :D

  4. Oh gosh Aydee, what a horrible, horrible experience for you all! :-( I’m so so sorry, but so glad you’re all OK! Ouch @ your pain.
    Big hugs!
    Ooooh, good luck with potty training, hope it’s quick.

    • Thanks Jess. I’ve popped in on your new blog a few times. Mia Mooi is growing more gorgeous by the day and the joy in her lil face is always so awesome to see

      I am most proud of BebeLuv with the potty training – no accidents today & it’s only day 3. We have had dry nights with us waking her up. She’s tellin us when he needs to go and yesterday even made a poo in the toilet. Only a fellow mum would understand these joys lol

  5. Oh my goodness, thank God you are all alright. What a horrifying thing to go through.
    Great update on the kids. I’ve successfully potty trained Liam in 2 weeks! Yes, only 2 weeks and he goes off to the loo on his own now, yay.
    Please pop in more often, would like to here your progress.
    Again, Phew, the Lord has plans for your family

    • The whole accident trauma all feels so surreal. Some days it smacks me like a ton of bricks & I feel so motional & most days it’s more like an out of body experience…Liam’s done SO well. We need to run with BebeLuv for every false alarm as well lol

  6. Oh my gosh I sat here with a heart beating like it wants to get out of my chest while reading about your accident :-( So sorry to hear about the traumatic experience, but thank God all your lives were spared! Thinking of you in the recovery process, I hope you will recover quickly! Big hugs

    • Tnx Debs. Amen to your prayer. I’ve been catching up on ur posts – da lil man is grooOOwing quickly and ever so adorable with that infectious smile

  7. Oh my hat Aydee, you are a superstar. Such a scary experience and I’m so over the moon that you all survived. I hope that your pain subsides with each passing day. Glad you are back here.

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