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Where to from here?

August 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hi Everyone,

Just to let you know what is happening with the blogs:

  • Our design team removed the 2011 theme without telling us this was going to happen.
  • Those of you using that theme lost some of your customised headers and back grounds.
  • We asked the design team to sort that out, and they have reinstalled the 2011 theme, so your blogs should all be back to normal.

Obviously we don’t want to have anything like that happen again, so we asked why they’d removed the theme. The main issue is that:

  • Parent24 blogs are built using Buddy Press, a slightly adapted version of WordPress.
  • The 2011 theme doesn’t support the mass messaging plugin option available on BuddyPress.
  • Also, on the 2011 theme, the drop down menu runs behind the header image.

The designers have spent time developing the Parent24 BuddyPress theme, so they are able to deal with issues with that one if they arise, but they haven’t explored the 2011 theme in detail.

All of you are welcome to use the 2011 theme as it will be kept available.

It has been horribly embarrassing for us, and frustrating for you, so, again, we apologise. We’ll make sure that we know of any changes in the future and tell you all about it first (although none are planned!).

Phew. That was a bumpy week here. Let’s get back to blogging!

Thanks for your patience,

The Parent24 Team.

Blogger Apology and UPDATE

August 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hi everyone,

We’ve obviously come across the fact that many blogs have been affected by some unscheduled changes, including the removal of customised themes.

We had no idea that work was taking place on the templates, or we’d have let you all know. At the moment we’re busy finding out what the reasons are for the changes, and if they’ll be corrected.

In the meantime, HUUUUUUUGE apologies to all of you affected by this.

We’ll update you with answers as soon as we have them.

Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!



According to the developers, there was only meant to be one theme available, and the theme which has been removed had compatability issues.

Unfortunately, all of the time you spent creating those amazing banners, backgrounds and headers has been lost.

We’ve asked that in future we’ll know well in advance of any changes to be made so that we can tell all of you, too.

Thanks for being patient with us,