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November 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ohhh, my baby is getting too big, way too quickly!

So Stan just sent me a video, of LM rolling, from back, all the way to her stomach. Apparently that’s where she wants to stay, not liking lying on her back anymore. Right. don’t know how I’ll bath her tonight.

Both Stan and I are spotting little white areas in LM’s mouth, but we are waiting before we get too excited. The drool is getting worse though, and that can only mean one thing…

She is now eating twice a day. Cereal as her 9-10 o’clock meal, before bottle, then Purity fruit or veg for lunch at her 13-14:00 meal, before bottle.

She loves it, she is almost finishing off a whole jar of Purity at a time. I’ll have to go buy some more this afternoon.

She still loves the TV. Yesterday, when Stan walked in the door after work, LM was staring at the TV, when she heard the door, she briefly looked up, and then back toward the TV. No interest in Daddy whatsoever. He wasn’t very impressed of course.


Oh, and Stan and I decided last night that we are gonna stop smoking, and have now both been smoke free for the last 14 hours. I’ve been eating sweets like crazy this morning, but it’s getting better. I’m actually not missing it that much…yet.

Anywho, gotta go now.

Can’t wait for the upcoming MOB. Even if it’s just a small group. I’m sure it’s gonna be a lot of fun.

Have a lovely sunny Monday


4 responses to Milestones and other stuffs

  1. Can’t believe LM was born just the other day. Sounds like she is growing in leaps and bounds. Excellent
    YAY On the not smoking. They say you regain about 40% of your lung capacity in just 2 weeks. Or is that heart function, I don’t know. Either way, excellent and keep it up

    • i cant believe she’s growing so quick either. She is very eager to grow. It’s like she’s always trying to be a couple steps ahead. She loves “walking” instead of being carried around. “walking” being myself or Stan who would hold her hands, with her feet on our feet, and walk. She HATES being in the arms.
      The no-smoking thing is very hard, but Stan and I have made it to the 24 hour mark, and over it, we are quite chuffed. It’s going to be much easier because we are doing it together.

  2. Exciting times! I stopped smoking when my kids were babies, but then started again a few years later. It really saps your energy, so I think you’ve made an awesome choice. Guess I should, too… *guilty look*

    • It wasn’t like we really wanted to stop, it’s that we can’t afford to keep the habbit going… either way, it’s not as difficult as it feels it should be.

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