Blood pressure, and Family addition

November 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hi all

I’ve been ill the past couple of days, feeling lightheaded, dizzy, seeing spots, feeling as if there is water in my head, so I went to see a doctor yesterday. It seems my blood pressure is VERY low, and all we can do for now, is add salt to my diet, and drink caffeinated beverages, of which both are already a main factor to my diet. I’m retaining alot of water due to the salt intake, so I can’t even wear my wedding rings anymore. It sucks, and it also doesn’t seem to be helping. It’s been three days straight that I’ve been feeling like this. I don’t know how much longer I can stand this.


So I’m adding to my family. No, not another stray child who’s own parent can’t look after them, and I’m not pregnant again either (maybe next year). I am getting a kitten this afternoon. A beautiful black kitten. Don’t know what I’ll name her yet. The possibilities have been running through my head, but I cant decide on one. Help?


Not much else to say really.

Will do another post later this week for an update about the rest of the family.




11 responses to Blood pressure, and Family addition

  1. Shame man, hope you feel better soon.
    How about Azrial or Rasputen for the kitty-cat?

  2. Shame man, that’s not good, hope you feel better soon! My granny used to believe that liquirice was very good for that, and it worked when I was battling with that. Now my blood pressure is too high ;)

  3. Congrats on your new furbaby, may she bring you lots of joy! LOL, I’m useless at names, if hubby didn’t suggest a name for Minx, he would’ve been Sparty, short for Spartacus, named after the place he was born ;)

  4. I eat liquorice for low blood pressure. Hope you feel better soon.
    Yay for the kitty. Sometimes you need to see their personality to name them. Here are some ideas to get the juices going … Ebony, Google, Lexi, Abigail, Gem

  5. Caz hope it gets better soon. Hubby named our furbaby.
    Buttons, maybe something Egyptian,

  6. Shame Caz, I hope you feel better soon. Isn’t there any medication that you can take?? One of my colleagues has low blood pressure as well and she’s on meds. She passed out one day in our financial managers’ office!

    Name her Blackie :)

    • I can only be medicated, if we can find the source of the low blood pressure, and the clinic i go to wont go deep enough to check, but I’ll go to a clinic that does all the testing if it persists. until then, I have to suffer on. I almost passed out here in my office just now myself…

  7. Hi Caz,

    Hope you feel better soon. Yes, the liquorice has helped me. As for your furry bundle, we named ours Vixen and boy was she a little Vixen. Very feisty with a mind of her own. I’m hopeless at naming though.

    Take care dear ;)

  8. We got a black kitten this weekend too. We eventually named her Proxy.

    Other names we had were: Salem, Jinx, Sakura (cherry blossom in Japanese).

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