Sad about happy things… and the MOB

November 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hi everyone.

As the title to this post says, I’m very sad, about something that should be an extremely happy event.

Yesterday, as I was scrolling around on Facebook, I see one of my brothers comments, “Yipee, ek kani wag ni, ek gaan weer oom word!”

Well, needless to say, it’s not by me, so it could only be my sister who has finally been blessed. The thing is, I burst into tears, because, no matter how much we fight, how bad things get between us, this is something I should have heard first hand from her, not through a FB post, right? I would have expected to be the first one to know. So when I finally got hold of her, she is like “well, things are like this, and it hurt me too not to be able to tell you…” I mean, she could have just picked up the phone. Yeah I know, I could have done the same and made peace with her a long time ago too, I’m not one to hold grudges, and she has been my best friend through everything, and this bit of news is absolutely great, so now I’m feeling guilty that she couldn’t come to me. At least we’re talking again, so we’ll see how it goes.


So just a reminder, the MOB is this Saturday, at the Botanical Gardens in Cussonia Avenue in Pretoria. Hubbies/Partners/BF’s aloud. I’m bringing mine.

I will be there from just before 10 am. Can’t wait to see everyone.



9 responses to Sad about happy things… and the MOB

  1. I agree, that’s the sort of news that should be shared in person or at least via a phone! I can understand that you’re hurt!

    I unfortunatley won’t make the MOB. We had to move Caleb’s party to this Saturday due to some unforseen circumstances last week. so sorry that I’m going to miss it!

  2. Funny enough I was reading something just yesterday about people announcing someone elses pregnancy via Facebook. Personally I think it’s only for the pregnant person to announce, but hey. I hope this happy news bring you and your sis together. I’m sure she could use you advise and expertise with the little one.
    Pls, pls take pics of the MOB. You can mail them to your favourites so that not all and sundry can have a look. I’m sure between us all we know each other’s addy’s
    Have fun!

    • Ne?
      I hope we can get over our sh!t too.
      I will take lots of pics, there will be no stopping me, (unless some of the parents would rather i not snap them, for anonimity purposes)

  3. Caz sorry that you had to find out like this, but at least you are talking now.
    I am looking forward to the MOB and we shall be there, Hubby, Honeybear and myself.

    • o ja, I said mine will be there, well apparently (I just found this out) hubby has to work a day shift for a change, on the one day that I wanted him to be with me in the morning!! but I do look forward to meeting yours

  4. I understand your feelings on hearing news like that on FB. I found out that one of me “best friends” and business partner at the time was pregnant when she wrote a cryptic message on FB and her sister-in-law commented on in. The thing was that we’d been having issues but I had spoken to her that morning. She could have told me before posting the FB message. I felt seriously hurt and the lack of openness was the “nail in the coffin” of our relationship. Years down the line, I miss my old friend and regret reacting as strongly to the hurt as I did, but truth be told, I would still be as devastated if a friend now does a FB message before dropping me a message. But at least you are talking now, so maybe something good can come from it!

  5. On the bright side, this news got you talking again. Sorry it made you sad too. Enjoy the MOB

  6. Bleh! facebook sometimes. I have a love / hate relationship with this one, because everyone and their dog feels that they are able to comment or share news that is not theirs to share.
    happy to hear about the silver lining though :-)

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