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If there is one thing I have learnt with having kids at school it’s to get organised with stationary………….A word of advice to all of you who have kids starting school for the 1st time……..

1.Set aside a shelf/cupboard to store extra school stationary.

2.Buy extra stationary now,later on through the year it gets way expensive.

3.If you have little ones at school who need those MON AMI retractable pencil crayons buy at least 3 extra packs….they literally eat them up!

4.Buy Pritt……  lots of it…or the generic glue sticks if you have little ones,they go through them like crazy.

5.Buy those booklets of coloured paper and cardboard….nothing worse than being told at 19h00 they need it for a project in the morning…superettes NEVER STOCK THIS!

6.Buy big poster size cardboard….same reason as above.

7.If you have a kid going to High School buy an extra Maths Set….they can never find them the night before the big exam!

8.Cover text books in contact paper…last long and sticky fingers can be wiped off easily.

Most of all when they tell you to mark your kids things……MARK YOUR KIDS THINGS….ESPECIALLY SCHOOL SHOES(tippex works well to mark shoes on the inside)

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23 thoughts on “School supplies advice

  1. Oh yes all so true. Through the years I have bought so many xtra things that they lasted longer than the kids’ school years. Luckily my char now has school going children so I am giving it all to her.
    I remember the crazy mornings with “I need this or that” and I would calmly walk to the cupboard and produce!

  2. You know, every single year I ask the same question, why do they not supply books already covered? And I always say I will come up with such a book and have still not done so.

    How you Deblet, happy new year to you and your loved ones and all the best for this year!

  3. Nice one, thanks for reminding me of school. I am forcing myself to the beach each day this week. Sat Sun and Mon so, so far so good. Four more to go. Enjoy!!

  4. This is good stuff. Pritt is the mystery to me — what are they sticking all the time? I always suspect Joel is kindly supplying all his friends too.

  5. Tee hee! I wish you were my mommy! My father and I were waaay disorganised and always ran around in the dead of night looking for stuff for projects. Will remember this for when Thomas hits school.

  6. Wow! I am nowhere close to being this organized … luckily there is still a while before the munchkin goes to school … maybe i can work on my organizational skills :-)

  7. Wow Deb, thanks for this. My boy starts Gr1 next week. I have a question – they asked that we mark each and every single crayon, pencil, etc. Now how in this world do I do that? I thought of putting small sticker on, but knowing my son it will distract him and he will sit and pull all of them off….

  8. Excellent advice. I follow most of it except for the colour paper and cardboard. I will definitely be stocking up. And I also keep all stationary in a locked cupboard. Otherwise he is lazy to look for something if it appears to be lost and just takes. I’m going to be labeling tonight..xx

  9. Print a sheet of names out on the computer then you cut them up and use cellotape to stick them to the pencil crayons or if you are lucky to have a brother labeller use that

  10. Good luck on the labelling,our stationary arrives on Tuesday only….order through Waltons snd they deliver to school

  11. I usually take a sharp knife and shave off the painting of the pencils and colour pencils and use a permanent koki to mark them and use a nail to mark the pritt sticks and retractable crayons -it works better than labels as the kids just pulls it off

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