Battling a bit

Morning everyone,hope I am not the only only battling!

I am desperately trying to upload a background pic and a header….but without sucess.Keeps telling my media quota is full!So I have deleted photos like crazy out of the folder only to get the same response when i tried again…grr…anyone with ideas….please help.

On the home front,Hubbies trip went well….took some lovely pics,will put a few on once I figure it out.

BB is on the last stretch of her exmas,only a few left to do.

MK is in the first week of hers and it is going well,she is studying like crazy and seems to be coping well(not the usual stress ball)

LO is fine,supposed to receive her report today,will see if it comes home.

Have a good day and have fun ‘playing’


2 thoughts on “Battling a bit

  1. You’re not alone. I struggled for ages trying to get my header right but it just won’t work so I left it. This new platform is going to take some getting use to.

    Glad the girls are all doing well and coping with this stressful exam time.

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