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Deblet,that's me,married to Hubbie for 23 years. 3girls,BB Big Bird17 year old eldest daughter. MK 13 year 'our favorite middle kid drama queen' LO little one,our youngest last lammetjie and Daddys Princess.

LOs Birthday 20 April 2013

LO turned a whole whopping 8 on Saturday……the time has gone so fast with this little one of ours.

She had a lovely exciting weekend starting with cupcakes at school on Friday,BBs hockey team singing to her on Saturday at the hockey match,special Birthday supper with the family,presents galore and ending in brreakfast out with Granny and Oupa on Sunday.We are having her party on this Saturday.

School cupcakes

Birthday girl off to school-they get to wear civies

Birthday trifle -LOs request

Breakfast at Cafe Felix in Riebeek Wes

Cafe Felix

Gorgeous garden at Cafe Felix

Holidays and camping

We went camping for the last weekend of the holidays.

We found a lovely mountain biker/runner/kid friendly campsite.

View from the top of the farm

It is just before Greyton on a working farm and called Eikebos,so for all the CT lot it comes highly recommended.There are only 7 campsites so nice and small.The ablutions are great,clean and the cleaning lady comes twice a day to clean.

There are loads of dirt road to ride your mountain bike on or jog off into the farmlands if you desire to.

There is lots of shade from the big old oak trees and the grass is  thick and green.

Lots of place for the kids to run and play games.

Here are a few pics from our time there.

Chilly morning for breakfast outdoors

Girls all snuggling in our tent

Our campsite,No 7.

Playing ‘piggy in the middle’

Hope all the kids are safely back at school and you survived the holidays .Good luck for the 2nd Term of 2013

Dad vs Mom

I try as far as possible to attend all the girls school events…parent meetings,plays,sport,etc.

Hubbie does not often get to these events.

But when he does the girls are always so super excited that he attended.

Last night was a prime example…I had spent the entire afternoon since 13h30 with MK at her hockey tournament,we finally got home at 18h25.LO was exhausted ,so Hubbie and I had arranged that he would take MK back for the last hockey game at 21h00…well she was over the moon,so excited that Dad took her.

Told Hubbie later that it’s not fair….it’s almost like Mom is just expected to always be there but when Dad goes it’s like a party!

Do you find this with your kids?You attendance is just part of the routine,but Dads presence is so much more exciting!

Year is flying

Flip but this year is going by fast!It is almost Easter…so MKs birthday…she will be 14…bloody hell,already.

MK many moons ago

I am very glad for the long weekend…can do with a breather before the holidays.Kids need it too as it has been a busy school Term.

LO had to do an oral for school on our town.I am so used to the older girls format for assignments ,they get a rubri…a sheet of paper explaining the exact requirements  with mark allocation included,so it’s pretty easy to work out,follow the guide lines and you will be fine….LO not so much just…..”Do an oral about the Town”…….I was to say the least, a bit flustered……so we agreed on a Power Point presentation(LO suggested this)MK was to help create it as I am not too clued up on this.LO took all the pictures of the sights of the Town.This morning she went off to school clutching the memory stick…hope she mananged alright.

What do your kiddies do for oral s -posters,photos,Power Point?

Birthday and suprise weekend away

I had a quick Birthday last week and Hubbie surprised me with a weekend away…….such a lovely treat.We ended up in Gordons bay…just a quick half hour drive from our house,so close enough to dash home if there had been a problem.BB had offered to look after the younger 2,insisting she was old enough to manage without adult supervision.2 of my local friends were on stand by if she needed help(both stay 5 mins from my house).Hubbie and I had a great time,good to just spend time together,talk and relax.

Here are the photos from the weekend

View from our room

Landie takes to the ocean at Kleinmond

Holiday house in Rooi Els,just a meager R50mill!

Beautiful house,still not finished

Super at Ocean basket with amazing views of sea

How things change

It amazes me everyday how the BB and MKs relationship has changed this year with them both being in the same school.They have so much to talk about,they chat all the way home from school and even once they are home.

BB has also been super kind to her and makes a huge effort to make her feel welcome at High School.All BBs friends are also being very nice to her too.It sure makes the transition from Primary school to High School easier if you have a super cool big sister to hold your hand.

I am just sad that this is the one and only year that they are at school together.

LO says…..

I love it when LO tries to explain something very eloquently and then it gets messed up …….

She was watching Idols on Sunday evening with the 2 older girls when she said…”Look that gilr has an earing in her tongue!”

The big girls thought this was hilarious,but did go on to explain to her what the various piercings are called due to their positions.

Yah for Friday

This week has been crazzzzzy.

I am very happy that it is Friday.The girls I think are as happy ,they have had a busy schedule.

BB received her timetable for matric final exams….eeekkkk…..She starts on the 28 October with English paper1… it feels very real and very soon.We also received the count down timetable……with 115 teachings days left until Matric finals commence……115 days…flip!

Everytime Hubbie and I think about BB finishing school at the end of the year with both go….eekkk!…nooooooo….too soon……we are not ready for this!But BB is ready and she can’t wait.