My blog has moved…

After the big change from the Parents24 platform over to WordPress without all of the WordPress features things were strange here on the blogs… things just didn’t work the way it should and I didn’t enjoy my blog so much.

So at first I thought I will move over to Blogger when we decide to have baby number two, so that I can start afresh, although I didn’t like the idea of leaving 2 to 3 years of blog posts behind.  Then when I saw Rox and Nusha’s blogs being moved over to normal WordPress whilst being able to export/import all the blog posts from the Parent24 platform I decided to do the same.

This isn’t a goodbye, because I will surely add all your blogs to my blogroll.  I just need to find all the old bloggers again!


For those interested how my Life with Jamie develops, please come and say hello on my new blog I would love to see you there :-)


Two and a half!

There’s so little baby left in my boy.  Only the little dimples above his elbows and on his little hands… and of course when he sleeps he still looks like an angelic little baby.  So when I look at him, it’s not so hard to believe that he is well on his way to 3 now.  It’s a whole other story when I think back to his baby days, even my pregnancy and it feels like it just happened the other day, and I realise so much time has passed.

So my baby boy is 2 and a half now… WOW!!!  He amazes me these days at how quickly he learns.  My jaw dropped the other day when he started to sing the ABC song and nearly hit every single letter, only missing one here and there.  Guess I have to thank the iPad for that because he loves playing with it and he learns so much with the educational apps.  He also repeats words like a parrot after us.  I found it incredibly funny when I spoke to my hubby, calling him “Poekie” and then my little boy also chirped in “Poekie, Poekie!”.   Oh there’s so many times that he just puts a smile on my face regarding the way he talks or the things he say – like for instance he calls toilet paper “puppies” just because there’s pictures of puppies on it.  He also refuses to call bread just it, he insists on calling it “toastie” whether it’s toasted or not.  And Creme Soda is “groen” just because of the color of it, and Oros is Oh-oh-oh-oh-Oros.  Thomas also remains Teeeeet-teeet, because of the sound he makes, even though he says more complicated names like Gordon etc.

Physically, my boy is one active little dude.  He loves running, climbing, hop, skip and jumping, riding on his scooter or bike, and yes my Twinkle Toes still loves to dance.  It’s rare for him to sit still.  So taking him on a shopping trip is still rather daunting, even with both me and hubby around, because he’s all over the place.  Our favorite outings is either to the beach, or to Windsor where he can climb and run to his heart’s content, or African Sky’s where me and hubby can sit for a bit and he can run around as there’s no real danger for him there.  We all love the beach immensely, I’m just scared that Jamie is so fearless of the water, so either me or hubby has to be within his reach when he goes to close to the waves.

Since the beginning of the year, Jamie moved on to a bigger class which is hosted in the building next door to the daycare he was going to originally.  I knew he was going to have a hard time after the holidays, but I didn’t realise that it’s going to be so hard.  Today is the start of the 3rd week and he is still crying when hubby drops him off.  Granted it is new teachers, a new building, new activities and so on, but I think the hardest part is that he had to leave his best mate, Tristan behind because Tristan isn’t in the process of potty training yet.  In the afternoons when hubby fetches him he is perfectly fine, and it looks like he likes Marlene, the new teacher, so I hope he finds his groove there soon, because it breaks my heart when he cries for me or asks to stay home with me.

All in all, life is still good at 2 and a half!  I truly love life with my little boy – he is one amazing little person, a little person with a big heart who loves hugs, kisses and cuddles (when it suits him of course).

Jamie-Jame, Happy 30 Months my angel-child.  Love ya lots like jellytots ~ mwah ~


A Magical Christmas

It’s my favorite time of the year, and 2012 Jamie celebrated Christmas with us for the third time.  This Christmas he was able to participate more because he understood a bit more about the excitement of it, and those pressies under the tree were such a huge temptation to him!  I already can’t wait for next year when he will be able to understand even more, and I can tell him about Santa… his grandfather or one of his uncles should definitely do a bit of dress-up next year :-D

Jamie was so super spoiled by all his loved once – he received so many special gift.

This year’s stash included:

From me and hubby:  A big blackboard, a huge art set, two magnetic drawing boards, Lollos 4 dvd, and then a little belated a little scooter he asked for so nicely.
From Aunty Berni: A cute little Rudolph
From Oupa & Ouma: A nice activity book about animals, Barney bubblebath and some sweets
From Oumie: A little gardening set and bubbles
From Tony & Kristal: Another art set (can never have enough), and a whistle which was probably Jamie’s favorite toy of Xmas eve.
From Leandra & Jaco: The sweetest little penguin that repeats everything you say
From Amanda & Andre: A Barney and Chipmunk dvds

We also had a wonderful holiday, jam packed full of precious quality time with each other.  During this time Jamie learned so much, and surprised us each day with new words… he was almost like a little parrot – a real little sponge absorbing so much.  It was 3 weeks of fun, fun, fun!

I’m so thankful for the special time I had with my hubby (and we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary too *love*) and Jamie.  They are two amazing blessings in my life and I love them stacks.

Jamie’s New Room

I’m so behind in updating my blog… I better start cracking, so much to post, so little time!


Last month we moved into our new home.  With the move we decided that we’ll redecorate Jamie’s room as it was still baby-themed with the underwater theme:







I was a bit sad to put all the “baby” stuff away, remembering how I did all the paintings while I was pregnant and how excited I was preparing his room for him, but it was definitely time for a change!  One of Jamie’s favorite characters is Thomas the Tank Engine. So after months of looking for Thomas bedding a friend found it in a shop and alerted me.  I also made prints of Jamie’s favorite engines – Thomas & Percy (of course), Hiro, James, Toby, Gordon (or Gordie as Jamie calls him) and Henry.  And he had already enough Thomas toys to complete the theme


The day we moved in we sent him to daycare as per usual so that me and hubby can power work to get the move done and when he got home I made sure his room was all finished.  When he entered the room he just stood there in silence, in complete wonder.  And then he started saying their names out loud; “Thomas!”, “Percy!”, Gordon!”  It was so worth it surprising him like that.  He loves his room so much.  He doesn’t want to sleep on the Thomas pillow because he wants to hold it :o)


Now I wonder how long it will be before he requests a room change….


29 Months

No my boy, I did not forget to do your monthly blog update.  Life has just been incredibly hectic, after two weeks of literal hell at work to get everything finished before my leave starts all whilst packing to get ready to move to our new home… and then the move last Tuesday and we’re still busy packing out plus getting ready for Christmas and all the family stuff. So this is the first chance mommy has to sit down and type for a bit.


So you’re 29 months old now, nearly two and a half and there’s lots of ups and downs.  I love singing with you and for some reason mommy started singing Kylie Minogue’s ancient old song “I shall be so lucky” to you and you decided you like it and started singing with me, belching out the “lucky lucky lucky” parts, while looking mommy in the eyes. After a bit even started prodding daddy to sing with us too and he did.  Yes, my boy, we’re all very lucky to have each other. Such special moments with you!


We also had our first “I love you” in the past month… except you say “I love you too” never mind if you are the first person saying it – I guess you just know how much we love you, so the “too” comes automatically.  So special, I love your little voice saying such powerful, meaningful words.  It means the world to everyone fortunate enough to hear you say those words.


You decided this past month that your favourite colour is “grrrrrroen” – you want to drink green cooldrink, you want to eat green nanas, you want to wear green clothes and the only shoes you are willing to wear is green.  Yesterday you also made sure that mommy and daddy wear green as well, you silly bunny!  I love your antics.


The only big problem at the moment is your tantrums when mommy and daddy needs to go buy something in the shops.  Looks like you don’t like shopping like your mommy does. You want to go your own way, you don’t want to be carried, you’re not happy sitting in the trolley, you don’t want to hold my hand – you want to dash off and we must run after you like lunatics, and if we pick you up or block you from running away you start crying and it looks like we are abducting you.  So no more shops for you, not this silly season in any way!  Although yesterday you were quite happy when you spotted Santa – very excited when you see the old guy!

Even though you are tantrummy some times, even though you refuse to go to sleep some times, even though you don’t always want to listen to us or do naughty things, we love you so much and there are so many great and special moments that outweighs the tough times.  We’re so looking forward to our third Christmas together and spoiling you as much we can.


Happy 29 Months my angel child. Love you more than you love grrrrrroen. Mwah xx

28 Months

I just had to count on my fingers to see how many months Jamie is today, because I have reverted to answer just “two” when someone asks me Jamie’s age and not the usual x months I used to.  It’s hard work keeping track with the days, weeks and months going by so fast and my boy growing up so quickly!


I am proud to say that Jamie had his first dry bottom day yesterday at school!  So from today he’ll be wearing the cutest little boy briefs (is that even what you call it lol?)!  It took a while for my boy to get used to the kiddy toilets they have at school, but at last he took to it, and I can almost see the end of nappies in our future!  Yay!


Speech development is also on the go, even more rapid than before with sentences pouring out of my boy like you wouldn’t believe.  I absolutely love his cute little voice and the things he says.  He is still speaking both English and Afrikaans, leaning a tiny bit more towards English.  I had quite a laugh the other day when we were watching “My stepmother is an alien” and the two characters kissed and Jamie was pointing to the television saying “Eina! He’s got eina!”, so used to us kissing his eina :-D


Next month we’ll be moving into our new home, our own home!  So looking forward to it!  I can’t wait for Jamie to have a bigger room.  I desperately want to change his room’s theme to his beloved Thomas and Friends as a surprise for him in the new house, but Thomas bedding is nowhere to be found… and what I can find online is R550 + postage for a single duvet cover and pillow case… a bit mad in my opinion.


I can’t believe Jamie is going to experience his 3rd Christmas next month!  I can’t wait to see his face when he sees the Christmas tree and lights.  We still need to start our Christmas shopping, I wanted to do it early this year, but never got to it.  To top it all my leave starts in 3 weeks, so much looking forward to the quality time with my little family and just to rest after this hectic year!



Happy 28 Months my most precious little angel!  I love you so much MWAH MWAH MWAH


Two and a Quarter!

Two and a quarter!  Yes a quarter of a year has already passed since Jamie celebrated his second birthday.  There’s absolutely no more baby in sight… well okay, maybe a little bit when he wants to cuddle in his mommy’s arms, or when he wants to cry out his little heart because of an eina, but overall he is so much a little boy now.  A cute little boy!  He stole my heart when he was still a little tadpole growing inside of me, and he stole it a bit more when he was born, and since then every single day he is taking some more… actually by now my heart is 110% owned by Jamie and his dad. They took over my life in such a good way, every day I live only for them.


In regards to Jamie’s development, all I can say is “WOW!”.  More words, and sentences at last! I’m having the most fab conversations with my little dude.  He still loves Thomas & Friends, and has recently took a liking in Gordon for some or other reason – Gordien as he calls him.  I love the way he pronounce some words, it’s so cute :-)  The other cute thing he does is tickling me, he loves to tickle! But then instead of saying “kielie, kielie, kielie”, he goes “tiekie-tiekie-tiekie-tiekie” in the cutest little voice and then he has this little naughty look on his face while tickling you.  His favourite game with his dad is when his dad nuzzles his ear and the pretends to bite a piece off and chewing it.  Jamie will then say in an angry little voice “Pappppa!” and then hubby has to pretend spit it out and put it back. It has Jamie laughing every time, and he has now started to do it back to his dad, but instead of spitting it out he will swallow it animatedly and then give a satisfied “ah” afterwards.


Jamie also started to sing along with me.  His favourites is Eendjies, eendjies stap in ‘n ry, Twinkle, Twinkle little star, Incy wincy spider and then Barney’s Silly Hat. We have loads of fun singing and doing the moves together.  I love how he requests which song we should sing.


My little guy has such a strong will. He will insist doing something his own way, he wants to put on his own shoes, or want to wipe his own bum when going a nappy change, and he wants to dress himself, which is all good, it teaches him so much – he sure is a little Mister Independent when he wants to.  He also resorted  to trying to put me or his dad in the naughty corner when he doesn’t approve of our behaviour, shame his dad has spent so many minutes in the naughty corner already, because we play along with him.  When he thinks you’ve spent enough time in time-out, he will come and take you by the hand, and give you a little hug, just like we do with him.  He is such a little sponge!


His most favourite thing to say these days is “uh-oh”, and that sure gets said quite a lot these days.  Like the other day he was playing with my pots and tubes of lotions in the bathroom, then I heard the toilet flush and a loud “uh-oh!”… I still don’t know what went down the toilet, but I’m sure I’ll miss something in the next few days.   The other thing he says quite a lot is “Uh-uh Pappa”, or “Uh-uh Mamma” when we do something he is in disagreement with, and that’s usually in a very reprimanding voice.

Oh life is still so much fun in the Aukett household! Fun, fun, fun!  We love our little Jamie-jame so very much!