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2014 – eish!

February 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

hallo julle :D


happy new year, haha!  jissie, this year started with a bang – and already we’re in february!


first, an update on little M:


1.) How old today?

he is nineteen months today….

2.) New milestones/ talents/ achievements?

haha, now i cant think of one!  lets see…

he holds his crayons – he is right handed.  and he scrabbles alot!

turns the pages of his boekies when ‘reading’.  also makes short sentences when reading.

he eats by himself (for a while now).  i only feed him when he stopped eating and i feel he hasnt eaten enough.  and no, i dont forcefeed – he usually shakes his head if he’s had enough.

he opens the fridge and takes out his cooldrink for us to pour :)  and he even brings his ‘glasie’! te oulik :)

he finally mastered the art of his little black scooter – although not as i would like.  we have a bit of a downhill outside the kitchen.  and he loves it!  even picks up his feet when he goes down ;)  and if there is a bump, he’ll pick up the front of the bike (like a wheelie) and move over it.

3.) Favourite toys & favourite things to do?

no favourite toys yet.  he loves soft teddies, but just for a bit and then he’ll move on.  still doesnt really play with toys.

he likes to play blokkies with his pappa, although pappa is the one doing all the building ;)

still runs around like a crazy person :D

he loves movies – on a cellphone or a tablet, not on the tv.  i can quote quite a few scenes from ‘finding nemo’ and ‘rio’.  haha, hubby as well ;)

4.) Current words?

lets see… there really isnt so much words, but he talks a LOT!  he can talk in sentences, and he says the same things.  like if i tell him not to do something, he’ll say ‘mamma,’ and say the exact same thing in his own little language, as if to bend me to his will. rite.  and if he says something, and i say it back and i ‘heard’ rite, he’ll say ‘JA’.

‘stout’ is also huge on his list.  everything is stout.  the dogs, the chairs, the ground he walks upon. ai.  and of course, it comes with a complimentary slap.

gogga (but it sounds more like ga-ga), lekker (or hmhmm!), and still on the ‘eina’.  he copies words alot, but his vocab hasnt really widened yet.  or that i can think of now ;)

o ja, a new one is ‘hum’ – indicating happie.  or slukkie.  or whatever you are having.

5.) Favourite food and snacks?

still eats about anything!  not big on cheese, though.  he is at the scrambled egg stage, i make two eggs and he eats it all.  and he absolutely loves danao (the yogurt fruit juice mix) – he’ll drink a whole glass at once.

6.) How is toddler sleeping at night?

still very iffy on the sleep!  some nites he’ll sleep through, only waking at about six.  other nites he’ll wake three times or so, but just to drink some water and then goes to sleep again.  still in his own bed.  these days he’ll mostly just fall asleep when lying down, not in the arms so much anymore.  that helps!

7.) Day naps?

over weekends, maybe one a day.  and usually late afternoon for a while.  not good, i know.  but he is not a child who can be forced to sleep.  unfortunately.

8.) How many teeth – and how are teething issues going?

he is sporting two new incisors, and sprouting two more.  then its only the back teeth. yay.  these were difficult, he got a hellish fever for two or three days (including kouekoors) and then the teeth were out.

9.) Weight and length?

i think its about 15kg’s now, or the high 14.somethings.  length i just tried to describe, but no exact measurements.  i just think he suddenly got very tall!

10.) Clothing size and shoe size?

still on the 12-18 shorts and 18-24 shirts.  although the shirts are a bit too tite around his tummy, but they fit everywhere else.  but 2-3 is way too big.  so ja… shoe size is an open question – he doesnt really wear shoes.

11.) Recent toddler ‘highs’?

jissie, the list goes on!

he is so excited about his newborn nephew (born 29/1), talking about him and touching him and pointing him out to everyone.

he moved to the pottytraining class last week, and its a big adjustment for both of us.  they started pottytraining, but i’m not really on board.  its too quick for me.  although i do like it that they do it with him, i dont do much about it when he’s home.  its more like a novelty now, anyways – just doing what the maatjies does.

12.) Recent toddler ‘lows’?

still have the separation anxiety thing going.  and it gets worse, i think.  we left him at the inlaws for saturday afternoon and evening, when we fetched him he didnt want to leave his ouma.  but sunday neither me nor hubby could even stand up from the couch without him starting to scream and run to us.  it bothers me, but not so much as well. we’ll see.

and he still bites, and now pinches as well. but i catch him, i smack him.  bloody hell.  and i figured it out this weekend – nowadays, he does it so he can make conversation about it.  he’ll bite or pinch, then show you the place he hurt you and say ‘pappa eina’ or ‘mamma eina’.  then i tell him its lelik or stout or whatever.  and he again points and eina’s and what not.

and the tantrums are still there as well.  but its going better.

13.) What are you looking forward to in the coming months?

i love to see how he grows, both physically and mentally.  i am at ease with his development, i think its on track, so i’m just going along.

14.) How are mommy and daddy doing?

is there a thing like ‘no comment’ on this lol!  ag, we’re still up and down.  i think we both need to make adjustments, and we’re not willing to or able to or lus for.  but we are still together, and that counts for something.


anyways, it seems a bit rambled and rushed, but i have to go again.  i really miss you guys, and i catch up everyday but i just read and move on.


hope you all have an awesome year ahead xxx


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first toddler update ;)

November 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

since little M has been a toddler for a while now (even though he’s had the tantrums WAY too early lol!), i thought it was time for our first update :D


1.) How old today?

little M turned sixteen months at the beginning of november…. cant believe.

2.) New milestones/ talents/ achievements?

since this is our first update, i’ll name a few things he already does:

hugging.  and sometimes kissing.

loves to run around in the house, or outside.

says a few words.

can trow a ball.

drinks out of a glasie and squeezebottles. (no bottle during the day, yay!)

copies me a lot – rubbing lotion, washing his feet, brushing his teeth.  even tries to brush his hair.

pushes toy cars around making ‘vrooom’ noises.  te oulik :)

‘vryf’ the cat.  not hitting like he does with the dogs, just rubs his hand over the cat’s back.

he loves animals and feeds his own fishies.  he sits and rocks our puppies ;)

he washes his hands, rubbing them together and then rinsing them.

new game is chewing something random, and waiting for us to say ‘spoeg’ with our hands in front of his mouth.

3.) Favourite toys & favourite things to do?

dancing – he loves music, and has such good rythm.  he even moves during ad breaks lol!

not really a favourite toy, plays a bit with everything.  loves his plushteddies, though – arranges them on the furniture, gives them ‘happie’.

he is an outside child – cries in front of the door, begging to go outside.  runs around on the farm, looks at the flowers and points at the ants.  haha, he’s a real ‘ant bully’ – he’ll sit and squish them with his finger.  till one bites him, then he’ll just hold out his finger and say ‘hhhmmm’ for us to take the ant off :)

loves to pick up shongololos, and even petted a frog last week.  ‘grilled’ himself into another state, but he cried for the froggy when we couldnt find it again.

loves water – to let it run between his hands, to drink, to swim, to play, to splash.

4.) Current words?

haha, just a few!  favourites are ‘mamma’ (said in a quick breathless excited voice, repeating it over and over – mamma,mamma,mamma,mamma!), eina (einnnnnnnaa), myne, pappa.  and of course ‘ta’ – with different meanings.

klaar…. said also, in a variety of meanings.  klaar when there is no water left in the glas, or when i say something is ‘leeg’, or when i close the door, or when i take him out of the bath.

those are all very clear, then there are a few which he’s trying, but it still doesnt come out right.

hitler (the dog), water, warm (ta! with a strange aftersound), lekker. haha, and poep. but said as follows: poe poe pappa!! hehe :D

5.) Favourite food and snacks?

he’ll eat anything, luckily. or at least try it.  he loves droewors, and mieliepap.  and noodles, of course.  (has anyone ever met a child who doesnt eat 2minute noodles??!! and wants to eat ONLY that…)

loves ice, will chew it up.

chippies – flings, cheese curls or niknaks and regular slapchips.

fishfingers – he’ll eat 4 and still want more!

cold water is another favourite (we had to go to the kitchen for him to drink, in the middle of the night, somewhere last week)

6.) How is toddler sleeping at night?

ja, rite.  didnt know they slept at nite..

since we’ve never really had a bedtime routine (he eats, baths, gets a bottle and thats it – no laying in bed or whatever) he’ll go to sleep anything from about eightoclock to half past ten. yes. you read rite.  and then he wakes up two or three times for a bottle. or because he’s fussy. or because its hot. or because his teething. or or or…

sleeps in his own bed, though, and after i stopped putting him in ours when he wakes up, its been going better, strangely.

7.) Day naps?

luckily that’s the school’s problem ;)

8.) How many teeth – and how are teething issues going?

i tried counting it but lets see – four top and bottom, and two ‘kiestande’ each side.  i think its 12, but i’m not putting my finger in his mouth – he clamps down like a hyena.

9.) Weight and length?

no idea.  last time i weighed him he was around 13kgs. length is also very iffy …

10.) Clothing size and shoe size?

shoe size 4 or five, shorts 12-18, long pants 18-24, shirts 18-24 but pep’s are too small – jet’s and cb stores’ fit him.

11.) Recent toddler ‘highs’?

there is so much!

i love his drukkies, and if i get one his little kisses – which usually includes a lick lol!

i love the way he’ll lay on hubby’s shoulder while sleeping, or when he’s excited he’ll call us.

he listens and understands what we tell and ask him – ‘gaan vra / gee vir pappa’ and he’ll go to hubby.  like he says ‘klaar’ when i say ‘leeg’.

the way he rubs the cat, but hits the dogs while petting them. dont understand that one…

the way he smiles when he’s sleeping and i lay him down, just before he turns around to sleep away.  those blue eyes of his opening and not even focussing, but still seeing us enough to recognise and acknowledge.

when i scold him (especially if he hit me or tried to bit me) when he’s in my arms, he’ll pull away and look at me quickly, then move in and put his head on my shoulder as if to say he’s sorry  but also that he doesnt understand why i’m mad.

he takes our hands and does things, like push buttons.  or he’ll pull you around to go show what he wants.

12.) Recent toddler ‘lows’?

he is extremely attached to me, and sometimes hubby.  but more me, especially if he wakes up and he doesnt see me.  poor thing, he’ll cry as if someone is cutting his throat.

and he sometimes cries so deeply he forgets to breathe.  rite.

the biting really bothers me, and i know its a stage but it also seems to be a schoolthing.  and he will make a game out of hitting – also a stage, i think. but ja.

and those tantrums!  jissie….

i also think he got hubby’s bleeding nose. his nose bled this weekend (well, he fell of the mattress he was jumping on, but not hard and not full on his face) and last weekend.  will keep an eye on that.

13.) What are you looking forward to in the coming months?

everyday there is something new with him, so not really something specific! cant wait for christmas holidays though, when i can spend the whole day all day with him and hubby.  and not be able to do anything else… ai.

14.) How are mommy and daddy doing?

ag, we’re still up and down.  but ja, such is life – good ones and bad ones.


and thats about all i can remember now lol!  each day really is such a blessing, and to spend time with a little person who looks at the world with awe and amazement, who sits down to play with a puppy or an ant, who runs after anybody he wants to play with… its undescribable.



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in two years…

November 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

So today, two years ago, we found out that our lives were going to change forever, that we were blessed with one of the most awesomest gifts ever… we found out that we were pregnant!

This morning, as I was delivering little M at school, he walked inside by himself, with his little bag trailing behind him, and as I was talking to one of the teachers he just went on… walked to his class by himself… I nearly cried. Cant believe that was such an emotional moment for me… just seeing our little boy being a big boy who really can do things for himself.

He has grown into such a loving toddler, with a mind and a will of his own. His personality has just popped and his blue eyes and blonde curls still steals everyones hearts.

Little M has, to date, had just two haircuts – by myself. His curls are too beautiful, but jissie when you straightened it his hair reached under his collar. I don’t like it when his hair is so short – he just looks all grown up, like ‘n regte stoutgat seuntjie – which he is! His hair is turning darkblonde, think he’ll probably end up with dark brown hair – like hubby.

He is turning sixteen months on Monday. And according to most people, he is very advanced for his age. But who cares? No child is the same as another.

He likes to eat by himself – pulls up his little chair at his table and eats. He still makes a mess, but he likes it so I leave it – as long as he loves to feed himself why not? His cousin is three years old and still doesn’t do it. Proud mommy :D

Bathtime is his favourite time of the day – except when he’s eating lol, or running around outside like a madman! He runs naked through the house (haha, two weeks ago ouma and oupa was there, and he climbed butt naked onto oupa’s lap!) and makes sure everyone knows he’s going to bath now. Even tries to climb in by himself.

Eating is going very well! He loves noodles, can eat a whole packet on his own. Not very big on vienna’s, for some reason, but polony he’ll eat as if he’s never eaten before. He eats most veggies, even spinach. And he loves ice. From the beginning, if you want to treat little M, just give him an icecube. He’ll sit in front of the freezer and take it out himself, even scratching the ice of the freezer walls.

A cellphone is no match for those little hands – he can unlock mine, and slides around the screens. He will sit still while he’s watching a movie on it, and that’s about the only time lol!

Little M has dancemoves that I don’t know where he gets it – as soon as he hears music, he’ll start moving. Even the songs on adverts or movies. Ai… he loves music, will dance to anything he hears and sometimes even dance without the music! Of course, we encourage it. Hubby and I both love music, so it kind of fits 

Haha, he has such a strong will! He will shake his head ‘Nee’ if you ask him something he doesn’t want (or wants to do! Like give you the screwdriver he just picked up. Ja.) and most of the times he’ll sommer start running away. And if he wants something, he wants Just that and he wants it NOW. En klaar. And if you ask him something, most of the time the reply is ‘Hm?’ haha, te oulik!

Of course he is his ouma and oupa’s sweetheart. I know he is the only grandchild, but in our family it doesn’t really work like that. The other three cousins is just as good as their own, but he has a special place. Even with the cousins’s ouma and oupa. All four of the ‘grandparents’ will go out of their way for the kids.

Little M loves to drive, and ride. If he can just get his hands on the steering wheel, he’s in heaven. He’ll turn, and make as if he shifts gears, turn the keys (haha, luckily I drive an old car – he has pulled the key out of the ignition while driving (on the farm) and then I can just put it back lol) and the wipers and all.

He still loves animals, and will pet and hug and squeeze everything that he sees. He even sits and stands on our dogs… rite. He can fall asleep in a minute or so while petting the cat, and then he’ll leave his hand in the fur. Oupa’s birds are amazing to him, and he’s even tried to pet their african grey. It bit him, but still he goes back.

And he feeds his own fishes. We have two tanks, and he will take his pappa each nite and stand in front of the tanks, point to the fishfood and then he feeds them. Takes the flakes and throw it in the tank.

Of course his pappa is the most awesomest thing he’s ever seen. Sometimes lol! Hubby can do anything with little M, and I am so lucky to have him! If little M is niggly, I can ask hubby to help and he gets little M in a good mood in no time. Dankie tog!

We are doing okay. Hubby and me have our moments, sometimes good and sometimes bad, but we get there. I really think that little M (or rather, a child) puts a lot of strain on our (any) marriage, because we really don’t have so much time for each other anymore. And sometimes I feel that I advanced more as a parent than hubby has, and that also causes a lot of friction. Sometimes he feels that I am too much of a parent, and that also doesn’t go down very well. So ja… but we are still together, and we still love each other, and we have our gorgeous little M.

Anyways, I know it’s a long update but jissie, time goes by so fast and everyday I think that I’ll have time to quickly do a blog, then I’m laying in bed and the day is over.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!!


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two days to go….

August 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

and then i wouldve been here exactly a month ago! eish…


there is so much going on with our little M(onster!), its hard to keep track.  funny thing is, thats why i started this blog… but now i cant keep up anymore.  and the ‘lus to blog’ has totally escaped me.


little M is about thirteen kg’s now, a kg for each month lol!  full blown toddler mode is turned on, with tantrums and yelling and screeching and running…


everyday he amazes me more and more.  those little eyes miss nothing, the hands are always exploring.  everything needs to be touched, and tasted, and discussed in length.  if only i could understand what exactly he was saying…


he has been sleeping in his own bed (still in our room, not in the cot anymore) since lastweek sunday. he loves it, been waking about once a nite for a bottle and then drifts off to sleep again. bliss :)  feels strange, though, not having him right beside and less than an arm’s length away from me, but its good for him.  so ja.


hide and seek with his pappa is still his favourite game, especially since he can now also ‘hide’ (basically just turning around and running away lol!) and pappa must chase him.  little M really adores hubby, he is always looking for him and chatting to him.  last nite, little M fell asleep holding his pappa’s arm, both just lying there all peaceful.  thats the moments that i hope i will always remember!


and of course he is such a little chancer!  knows just what to do to get attention.  for instance, sticking his fingers in the speakers.  as soon as i stand up to take him away, he starts running lol.  o jissie, and if i’ve slapped his hand (yes i do, and i will) he starts crying ‘unconsoleably’ and looking for his pappa and then runs to him, climbing on hubby and looking at me with a deathstare.  too cute, eintlik! and of course i get the deathstare from hubby too.  i see i am going to be the one doing the disciplining in our house.


we had little M’s first haircut last nite, did it while he was in the bath.  such a shame, actually, but those blond curls can be a bit unruly! he sommer looked all grown up when i was finished, and i only trimmed the ends by less than an inch.  ai.  then, for the second time in little M’s short life, hubby told me ‘hy lyk fokken mooi’ – just like he did on the day little M was born. almost cried then…


little M took to strolling.  rite.  this weekend he decided he wants to stroll out on the farm, lekker on a sunday stroll… with me and hubby in tow of course. and then i had to get my camera, they looked so peacefull walking along our little paadjie, between the trees and the flowers.  little M stopping now and then to look at nature, plucking a leaf or two.   oh my soul and the chatting!  he will talk our ears off that one, telling his pappa (cos i was behind them taking piccies) about everything he sees, and pointing at the flowers and the leaves rustling in the wind… ai.


and no, he doesnt talk yet lol!  just babychatting the whole day.  from morning to nite. his juffrou even commented on it in his schoolbook :)


everyday his love for animals amazes me even more.  yesterday we were at the inlaws, and he was pointing and chatting about the chickens.  so naturally we caught one (a very mak kapokkie) and let him pet it and feel the texture of the feathers and whatnot.  little M nearly pulled the poor thing’s neck off in an attempt to hug it and taste it (ai…) and stroke it and just have it in his hands!  and yes, we let our little M(onster) hug animals and stroke them and pet them and be in their general vicinity.


hehe, he’s newest trick is to pull the cat and dog’s tails!  shame, the poor things.  luckily they are very calm, no scratching or biting, just deathstares.  and yes, we rescue the poor pets before they get hurt and as soon as we see it, and little M gets a raas. but sometimes they are too quick. little M bumped the table last weekend, because he had the cat at the tail and the cat was running away and little M thought it was awesome so the cat started pulling him around.  and went under the table, which is lower than little M’s head.  rite.  at least he thought it was cute, and duck under the table to catch the poor thing again.  who, luckily, escaped lol!


he really has the running thing under control as well, especially when he’s playing with his pappa.  or he wants to go outside and the door is open.


they really do grow up too fast… thirteen months already. eish…


anyways, thats most of my catch-up, hope everything is still well at your sides.


good week xxx

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done and dusted…

July 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

so we said fairwell to our little M’s first year as a baby, and hello to toddlerworld last week.  yes, our little M turned one year old (already?!) and me and hubby hosted our first ever child’s birthday party :D


during last week, i felt such sadness when i thought of the passed year.  time flies, people, and we can not stop it.  before we know, our children are all grown up with families of their own.  jissie…


but the sadness didnt last long, then it made way for joy, happiness and proudness.  yes, i am happy our boy turned one year old.  and yes, i am proud of the parents me and hubby are.  and yes, i am proud of us for having our little boy, and raising him like we want to.  and yes, i am proud that me and hubby and our marriage made it through the first year lol!


little M had such a good time at his party (even though there was only seven maatjies), he only fell asleep well after five oclock.  party started at eleven…  he was such a busybody, between the jumping castle and his ooms and tannies and ouma and oupa we barely had a chance!  he wasnt very interested in his cake, though.  ai.  and his party lasted till last nite, when the last people left us at about 20.30.  yes, he had a whole birthday weekend!! so we are two extremely tired parents lol :D


last nite, when little M and i lay in front of the telly trying to get him to sleep (he really didnt do much sleeping this weekend – too much excitement!!) i felt so blessed with that little body next to me, and hubby on his chair next to us.  such a lovely family moment…  and then i realized we still didnt have one pic with us 3 for his bday… ai…


anyways, i’ll do a big catchup with you soon – have a few thoughts on my mind but not enough time lol!


i have a bit of good news, though!  dont know how many of you remember fellowblogger Mama SNich – i did a bit of a catchup with her last week, and she and J2 are now the proud parents of another little girl!  Little Girl is now big sister to baby R, who is seven weeks old.  such a blessing for them :)


chat soon, hope you all have a good week xx

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such a big fuss…

June 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

and so much to tell!


so its been a while since i’ve been here – blame it on the job lol!  and our little M, being a job by himself ;)


we are now in possession of a full blown toddler – even though little M’s first bday is only next week.


he’s been walking full steam now for about three weeks, so he can run as well.  jissie, he can be quick!


OMW, and the tantrum season has begun – he sits on the floor, then go lies down face first.  we just leave him, soon enough he’ll realise it doesnt help.  and he’s not big enough for a hiding yet.  although i have been giving him some smacks on the bum already, and his hand when he doesnt ‘understand’ that he cant touch something.  after being told NO a few times, one would think he’d understand. ai.


and he is SUCH a babbelbek!  jissie, he can babble on and on and on.  and he can be kwaai – genugtig!  he’ll sommer start ranting and raving, complete with the arms swinging and the facial expression – especially if you close a door in front of him.


he LOVES to be outside, especially if there is water nearby.  his dogs are his favourite toys, and one of them is extremely patient – little M can roll over him and sit on him and pull his ears, and he’ll just get up and walk away if it gets too sore.  such a sweet soul :D


nowadays our cat and little M also have a love/hate relationship.  since little M started walking, the cat started running lol!  but when its naptime and little M is on my lap, the cat will jump up as well.  just sitting there, while little M strokes his fur and plays with his ears, till little M gets tired.  then he holds his little hand still, just feeling the fur and the fall asleep like that – with one hand on the cat’s back.  its too precious!


little M is such a daddy’s boy – he loves playing with hubby!  he has a special name for his pappa as well, but i cant really figure it out yet.  he’ll walk the whole day saying “pappa pappa pappa” but then he makes another sound (almost like dadda) and start looking for his pappa.  completely weird.  but ja.  their favourite game at this stage, is hide and seek – hubby hides behind the doorframe and corner, and little M walks around looking for him.  te oulik!  there’s also this thing little M does with the curtains – he’ll pull it over his face trying to hide.  also stops breathing then, to be completely still.  silly thing :D


their favourite activity is 4×4’ing. rite.  we have an old nissan safari 4×4, which we use for such purpose as entertaining the little ones.  little M will sommer go bonkers if he gets in the bakkie, jumping up and down and laughing and chatting nonstop.  loves to drive as well, he stands behind the steering wheel, turning the key first (really!) and then turning the wheel.  then as soon as the bakkie started (not by him!), he gets all glowy with excitement! (and yes, we strap him in his carseat during such excursions.  jissie.)  he laughs and giggles all the while, looking at his pappa when the road is ‘normal’ again as if to say NOG PAPPA!!  love it :D


haha, and he dances!!  turning around and around, shaking his little booty and his arms up in the air.  or just standing and squatting up and down – works as well.  loves his music still – thank goodness!


and thats about it – so much more to tell, but as usual i cant remember everything lol!


except that next week, our little M will be turning one year old – oh my word… its difficult to think about, all it does is just show you how quickly time flies.


hope you all have a good week xxx

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and so it begins…

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the endless party-planning and -concocting and -shopping and -what not.  yes, i’ve started planning little M’s first birthday party.  cant believe, he’ll be turning one in little less than six weeks.  eish!


thanks for all the messages, we’ve been to the doc’s and what a waste it was.  didnt tell me anything i didnt know (that there’s a problem somewhere and i need to go for a MR scan) and was so mislik and unhelpful, cant believe he’s still practicing.  so no, i didnt go for the scan because my medical aid doesnt cover it out of hospital and we dont have r6500 to pay for it.  or rather, hubby said we must make a plan, and i know most doc’s have a pay-off policy but it is against my grain to pay that type of money for ‘nothing’.  yes, i know.  so we decided to buy an orthopedic bed instead (which we must still do) and i’m changing the way i move and sit and drive and all and all, and thats the end.  en klaar.


our boy is getting so big, so fast, its unbelievable.  he amazes me more and more each day, with the little things he does!


he started waving tata.  takes a while, but once he starts he doesnt stop till he cant see the person he’s waving to anymore.  he’s clapping hands, especially when eating and more if its noodles!  he squats and stands up without support.  he stands on tippytoes, especially when checking his bathwater.  two weeks ago he even screwed together his milkpowder cups! THREE of it.  yesterday he carried his own things, without trying to chew on it.


speaking of teeth, he’s popping three at once.  luckily he wont look like a onetoothed vampire anymore :)  both top front teeth and left eyetooth is out, since saturday last week.  sommer net so.


he is such a good eater, loves his pap (regular old mieliepap!) and kookkos.  haha, and because of his love for food, he skipped 12-18mths clothing and went straight to 18-24.  rite.  he weighed in at 12kg’s on the 18th, about 1.5kg’s lighter than his cuzzy – who is turning 3.  and no, he is not ‘fat’ or overweight (i’ve seen children that’s much worse!), he is BIG.  he is tall for his size (just about a head shorter than same cuzzy) and just mollig.


loves his school, is so at ease even the owner tells me he feels as if the owns them ;)


oe, and he started giving hugs – its the best thing ever!  kisses, he does for a while now, making little sounds as he’s doing it (mostly just slobbering everywhere!) but the hugs are special.  and he only gives one a day, it seems.  rite.


and thats about it for the time i have!  would love to tell you more about how awesome our boy is, but that would just be bragging ;)


have a wonderful rest of the week xxx

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if wishing helped…

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dont you just sometimes wish, think or hope that you could still believe in wishes that can come true?  or that it helps to wish cos maybe it will make a difference?  or that you could still believe in the power of a wish like a child.  or something like such.


today is one of the days i so wish that my mom was still here, that i could just pick up a phone and tell her stuff.  in this case, some important stuff, but still.  or my dad, for that matter.


although i really dont know if i wouldve told them, if they were still here.  i know i can phone my mil or fil, they mean the world to me but some things are better left unsaid sometimes.  and now i feel as if there is no one to talk to except hubby.  who is telling me that i’m full of shite.  rite ;)


going to see the orthopeadic surgeon on friday, my back is giving me trouble.  and i’m scared.  and full of ‘what if’s?’.


and i dont know how i’m going to handle it if i have to go for a back-op.  at 27.  with a 10month old.


and that’s why hubby says i’m full of crap – because it probably isnt as bad as i feel it is.  which is why we are going to the docs anycase, so he can decide what is what.  doesnt really help, but ja.


so how’s your life ;)

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Ai, how I miss the days I had enough time on my hands to do everything! It seems, these days, as if I’m on a kind of slowstrike, as if I work and work and nothing gets done. Or better. Or finished. Or whatever. Ja tog!

We are STILL busy moving – today marks the two week mark. Yes, you’ve read rite. Two weeks. Last weekend we took the last things out of our old house to the new house, but our dogs are still at the old house. All our outside stuff’s still there as well. We just don’t have time! Our weekends are full, its dark so early now in the afternoons. Ai.

But we are enjoying the new house so far, there is a lot of work still to be done and everything still needs to find its place. Its lekker for little M to wander on his own, without having to worry about the steps or the glass door or the whatever. Cant wait for him to start enjoying the garden, havent spent too much time there yet as we’ve been busy inside the house. Our room is just exceptionally cold! Luckily there is a mounted panelheater and an aircon, so that helps. But now little M’s nose and throat dries out during the nite, we put out a bit of water but it doesn’t help. The humidifier (that was accidentally broken by hubby) would’ve been awesome now. Will see to get another one soon.

On little M’s front, he is getting SO big! I swear, I cant believe how he’s grown. Last week (and it had to be, cos it was in the new house!) I tried on 12-18mth pajamas, and it was too big. Last nite, it fit! MIL commented (they’ve last seen him on sunday) last nite that she cant believe how much he’s grown in this week. So I went shopping today (EEK!!) for 12-18 clothes, MIL bought him a few things (including said nities) so he’s waxed for a bit. Wearing a size 2 shoe (or bootie, rather, at ten months!) which JUST fits. He really is a big boy :D He is starting to make a lot of sounds, some of it even sounds like words lol! No talking yet, and I cant quite figure out how he calls his pappa, but he’s getting there. Jissie, he’s a real babbelbekkie – always talking. Just like his mamma ;)

Those two are making me jealous ;) They bonded so tightly (suddenly too, it feels!) that some days little M just wants his pappa. Suits me fine, but still… makes me feel as if he’s growing up too fast – not needing me anymore. Ai.

Little M is also cruising along nicely, he is standing by himself for long lengths of time now as well – especially if he can touch something, like the table or the wall. Not holding on, just touching. But as soon as he remembers he’s standing, he sits down. Last nite he was standing up by himself as well, not needing to hold on to something. Did give a little ‘trippel’ while he was standing, and fell quickly after that, but no walking yet! Although I really think it is very close. He can walk holding on to my hand with one of his, or taking my leg and walking along. Haha, last weekend he was standing by himself, ‘holding on’ to our friends’ dog’s hair. Rite. Totally happy with himself for standing while touching something, although I don’t really know how doghair (it’s a sheepdog) will stop him from falling.

And now for a drum roll – we had our first shoptantrum this week! He is TEN MONTHS. Rite. Over a packet of sultanas. He was playing with it, and the till lady wanted to scan it but he wouldn’t let go. He makes this little ‘uh uh’ sound out of the back of this throat (sounds like a growl!) and he’ll keep his treasure closer. Then the lady wanted to take his hand away, which was over the barcode, and he slapped her! Luckily, our crowd (cos there was about five employees standing around – little M is quite a hit in that specific shop! They love him, alwas comments on his growth and how big he’s getting and how cute he is.) thought it was quite funny (although I didn’t – no manners, this little man!) and we succeeded in ringing up the packet without too much tears. He slept on the way home, and then I put him in his cot when we got home – all the while clutching his little bag of sultanas. Ai tog. Makes me want to run for the hills when I think about the terrible Two’s to come!

He is SO happy at the new school, with his teacher. Although he is kind of a bully (in my opinion, she thinks its just cos he’s a boy – “ ‘n lekker rowwe mannetjie! ”) – he rolls his classmates, causing scrapes and bruisesand all round unhappiness. But they retaliate, and they will stand up for themselves if its too much, so I really don’t mind at this stage. I just hope he outgrows it! Although, cuzzie’s little boy was like that too – so much so that the school moved him out of the babyclass to the bigger class cos they said he’s bored with the babies, being used to the older cousins. So I hope that is also the case here. And of course, he has the whole school wrapped around his little pudgy finger!

And other than that, we have a beautiful little (haha!) babyboy, who is too big for his shoes, too cute for himself and who makes our lives so much more than we are used to.

And now, I am going to fetch him from said school – miss him too much today! The colleagues are also moaning cos they havent seen him in a while soooo….

Lovely weekend, and an awesome mother’s day filled with slobbery wet chocoalety little mouth kisses and sticky hands hugs!


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dear blog…

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its been almost a month since my last post, and there is SO much to tell!  please forgive me for ignoring you, but time is not on my side these days…


so lets start lol!


little M is such a big boy, turned nine months last thursday already!  cant believe, already started planning his first birthday.  rite.  he has three teeth now – two fronts on the bottom, and one canine on top right.  yes, a canine.  and the left side is also sprouting.  no teeth inbetween though.  eish.


he is trying to walk with a passion – pushing around everything in the house and walking behind it, he can go for lengths at a time without an interruption.  he crawls ‘right’ now, on both knees. but when he wants to move quickly, still uses only one knee.  te oulik!


think he’s allergic to banana – gave him some mashed up twice, and he threw up.  gave him pap with banana – no sleep for almost a week.  changed the pap – blissfull sleep!  haha, takes after his mommy with that one – i really hate banana.  dont even eat a banana sweetie.


on the allergies front, we are back where we started it would seem.  according to the doc, he has ‘allergic rhinitus’ – because of allergies (to goodness knows what!) his ‘snotkliere’ are packing up, giving him a type of sinus drip and making his chest wheezy and scratchy, making him bark cough like mad and then throw up.  so he’s on telfast syrup now, for two weeks (started on monday) to see if it makes a difference.  if not, he’s back to the doc’s cos he doesnt want little M starting out the winter like this.  i felt so sorry for our boy, i cried my eyes out while he was screaming and there was nothing i gave him that made him feel better.  three nites in a row.  even hubby had a hard time keeping his composure!  but  little M will grow up, and this too shall pass.  i believe, in any case!


on easter weekend he fell over hubby’s welder – HUGE bruise on his thigh!  a bloukol almost as big and long as my index finger.  i was in another room, and just heard the ‘bang’ and then that deadquiet before he started screaming his lungs out – more of a fright as well, he fell over the welder face first.  never knew i could run so fast or our house seemed so big!  hubby was there with him, and as little M is standing against everything he thought nothing of it.  then little M started swinging the welder back and forth, and that’s when it happened.  ai.


haha, little M started shaking his head – for no apparent reason.  he’ll just sit and watch you, and then start moving his head from side to side.  when he does it, i say ‘nee nee nee’ while shaking my head as well, making it a speletjie, and he loves it!  has got such a beautiful laugh, our little one :)


so we moved him to the new school, and he loves it!  was supposed to still be two weeks at the old school (month’s notice and all) but i talked to the owner and she said its fine, we can move.  ‘she has a waiting list’, so it wont bother if he’s not there.  real nice about the whole thing, actually.  little M just couldnt get hold on his new juffrou, although she is lovely with the kids.  four days i had to give him to the help, and once she moved into another room with him so that i could leave.  so we changed and i’m so glad!  i wasnt sure, cried when i dropped him off the first day but when i went to fetch him, i felt relieved and at peace.  it was the right decision.  his old juffrou sent me a sms at about 11am to say that he watches her like a hawk – if she moves, he moves as well!  checking to see if she’ll leave him again.  heartmelting.


and now, when he was so sick since last thursday, over the weekend until yesterday, it was proven again that we did the rite thing.  on monday he cried for his juffrou, i couldnt take him from her.  didnt want me at all – got mil in the pharmacy, and when little M saw her it was tickets – just wanted his ouma.  funny thing is, his juffrou is actually not his – she is in another class, but since she is so good with him he has ‘special privileges’ ;)


so i’m fine now with the school.  cuzzie’s little boy also moved there (he got hidings TWICE at the old school, which no one told them about – he came home two days in a row telling them ‘die skool het my gefoeter’.  jissie!) so now little M thinks its christmas.


he loves playing outside, in the sand or mud or water or anything that isnt the house!  and now at school they have a lot of outside play, which i am very grateful for!  i know they have to have ‘school’ but he just blossoms when he is outside, touching everything and putting everything in his mouth.  he can sit in the sand and rub his hand over it for long, moving the sand about till it suites him.


and thats what i can think of now :)


we are moving house end of the month, and i am SO not lus!  i just want to go live in the new house, not do the moving thing.  but ja, it must be done.  ai.  hubby is busy fixing up the house now while we dont live there yet, and its going a bit slower than i hoped.  but we dont really have money now, so its understandable.


haha, i think i gave him a heartattack earlier today!  phoned him and told him i want another baby lol :)  i was holding a little boy, eight days old and 3kgs, and it felt SO good!  on the one hand.  on the other, i was gone already for about ten minutes and my hands were still shaking – he is SO tiny!  it felt strange, though, to think that nine months ago our little one was also so small – newborn clothes hanging like bags, newborn diapers that needed to be folded over to fit, those tiny little tiny hands clutching at everything.  ag, it was nice.  but i wont trade our little M for him ;)


anyways, i hope you all have a good time ahead – will (hopefully, no promises!) talk to you soon!!