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quick update!

July 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

hallo julle!


jissie, things are going hectic hey!  still trying to find a routine, but little M is making it a bit difficult :)


things are going well, actually, but there is a thing or two i can complain about!


the breastfeeding is going much better, i started using nipple shields (cant believe that i didnt use it from the start, my poor nipples wouldve looked SO much better!) so little M is not swallowing so much winds anymore.  it really does regulate how much they swallow, and my nipples’ cracks and bruises are almost healed.  it really is such a special thing between a mother and child :)


in some weird way, he still gets a lot of wind and cramps.  took him to the doc’s today to check if everything is okay, and doc gave a stropie to help with the cramps and winds.  it is keeping little M for such weird hours!  last nite he woke at ten-ish, only went to bed again at 7.15 after hubby put him in the bed with me.  woke at eleven-ish, only went down again at five.  as soon as he sleeps dead, he gets a cramp and we start all over again. oh, and crampwater and colic drops doesnt help.  full stop.


he doesnt like his dummy at all, i try to give it to him after feeds (if he stopped drinking by himself) to keep from overfilling him, and it actually helps with the cramps, but he doesnt want to play that way.  so he actually gets more agitated while i try to get him to suck the dummy, but when he takes it he calms down immediately.


hubby and i had a bit of a tiff this weekend (yes, about him kuiering and going on and me sitting in our bedroom with a child screaming blue murder) but he listened to what i had to say.  and he really helps me a lot, we bath little M together and he chats to him, tries to console him and let me sleep when i need to.  makes me tea and dinner, lunch as well.


shame, i really felt bad today.  i think i had a bit of the ‘baby blues’, i havent slept with little M being sickish and i havent had time to eat or drink anything today until hubby came home at one and he fixed me a cuppa tea, a sarmie and some cold meats.  i phoned hubby to ask if he’s coming, and when he said he’s on his way i started crying till he got here.  then i was in trouble because i didnt phone him sooner, telling me that he doesnt care if i dont want to phone cos he’s busy working, where it concerns ‘us two’ i must phone and he’ll come straight away.  which made me feel even worse!  i actually told him that i feel like a failure as a mom, my child is sick and i dont know whats wrong or how to fix it.  he told me off quite quickly, gave me a hug and brought my tea.  then all’s well with the world again :)


anyways, just wanted to pop in quickly while the little man’s sleeping.  will do a more ‘informed’ post when i have a chance.


hope you all have an awesome week xxx

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  1. Emve, you are a great Mommy. I bought a pair of nipple shields 2 weeks after starting breastfeeding. I sent hubby out at 8pm because I was in tears and could take it no more. He came back with these things, and neither one of us could work out how to use it.
    You get so busy with baby there is no time to eat. What worked for me: When hubby made his lunch in the morning, he made me sandwiches too….for breakfast and lunch and a cup of milo. He would leave it on the kitchen counter for me to eat. This way I actually did eat breakfast before 12pm.
    He is a bit young for routine just yet, and he will settle down soon. Try different dummies? Honeybear would not take the Tommy Tippee dummies but he would take the Avent and Mam. Which is how we worked out which bottle he would take.
    Baby blues are natural, the hormones are all over the place. Accept the feelings you have and know that you are a great Mom.

  2. You are a fab mom, remember that. It will take time to adjust and find your own routine. Remember though that you need to look after yourself too. You need to remember to eat and keep yourself hydrated because baby is getting all his nutrients from you. I know it’s hard, believe me.
    I also remember feeling a bit down and crying alot. I think it was from just suddenly being alone, with this tiny person. Just please, if you think you are getting worse, call out to someone, even if it is just us. You need to talk about how you are feeling.
    About the cramps, you can try rubbing some baby oil on baby’s tummy, in a clockwise direction because that’s the way the tummy movements flow (intestines, etc) I used to do that each evening after bath time and sometimes while L was feeding.
    Good luck Emve, remember, we are hear for you and like I said, there is no such thing as a stupid question.

  3. Bly dit gaan goed – en met die borsvoeding ook! Ek kon dit glad nie met die eerste keer regkry nie en wou nie eers weer probeer het met my 2de nie – maar ek is so bly ek het want ek het elke oomblik geniet! Kayla het eers op omtrent 3 maande van haar dummy begin hou – so moenie nou te veel worry daaroor nie. As hy homself troos is dit goed so – hoop die krampe is sommer gou iets van die verlede! Sterkte daar!

  4. Can’t be easy to figure everything out but that’s why we have each other. I can’t offer any advice but taking a lot of tips from everyone else’s. Good luck and thinking of you!

  5. Moenie jouself so onder druk plaas nie, E. Vat elke dag soos hy kom en rus as Baba rus. Die krampies sal beter word, ek weet dit voel nog lank maar dit sal. Ek’s jammer dat die koliek druppels nie werk nie :( Het soos n bom gewerk vir Caleb. Wees net rustig en leer jou baba ken, aan die ou einde gaan niemand hom so goed ken soos jy nie! Baie sterkte en ja, jou manlief is daar om jou te help, moenie te bang of trots wees om hom te bel nie! Hy sorg so mooi vir jou en klein M, dis wonderlik om te hoor :)

  6. DBK said on July 17, 2012

    Awe, hubby sounds so sweet:-) You know the age old saying-it will get better with time.

  7. I also had the blues like that and got cr*pped on for not calling for help but you can’t do it all the time! You are a great mommy because you care about being a good mommy (if that makes sense). Things get easier and you feel much better after a few weeks. Glad to hear the nipple shields are helping :)

  8. Nipple shields were my saving grace too!
    Good luck there, remember you ARE a wonderful mommy!

  9. Ag siestog, I always feel so helpless when my little ones are in pain, but you are doing great. Best of luck.

    P.S. No amount of trying got either of mine to use a dummy, so in the end, I decided to let it be. My fingers did nearly get sucked off though :)

  10. I’ve never heard of nipple shields. They sound like a godsend.
    I used Telament T drops with Tash and they helped with the winds.
    Baby blues is normal, feeling like we don’t know what we are doing is normal, crying is normal – just know that you are fab! And we mom’s do all this fab-ness on very little sleep. Your hubby sounds like a great support.

  11. I feel sorry to hear this bad news. My hubby was retrenched once too, and I pfleectry understand how that felt. Nevertheless, oddly it does seem, when one door closes, another opens. It’s true, so just hang in there, and don’t let the negative energy overcomes both of you. When you keep filling your mind with positive energy, positive things come your way. Wish you guys luck.

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