Oh, Helen, You Silly Plonker

21/08/2012 in Uncategorized

Do you ever catch yourself saying “Helen, what you are doing now is really stupid and you are going to hurt yourself”  This thought comes a split second before you actually succeed in cutting off a finger or something.  This morning I was holding half an avo, trying to stab a sharp knife into the pip to get it out.  Wham, the knife slips, missing the pip, goes through the avo and skin right into my middle finger.  Not cut, but stabbed.  Can’t move finger that well, but I think it’s just a little swollen.

Have been driving with DH since my trampolining accident.  Can’t wait to get in my own car again.  Talking about cars, I think the only way of “trading up” for space is to go the VW Caddy route.  DH won’t agree on getting a bigger Peugeot, which is a pity, because I really enjoy mine.  We just really need more space when the 3 of us are in there.  Now, what do we do with the trailer which we had sprayed silver and stuck Quiksilver stickers on to match the car?  Hmmmm.  Yes, we are anal and there is no way we would tow a white trailer with a silver car.  And now ask me how many times we have actually towed the trailer??  About twice and that was moving it from IL’s house to ours and then back again.

One thing with the blog platform bugger up, I’ve noticed I’ve got tickers!  DH was on about being addicted to it.  Well, you know what, I hardly read them anymore, just to keep the peace, and at least my addiction isn’t killing my lungs like his smoking.  Sorry, starting to get irritated.  I don’t want this to turn into a whiney post.

I can’t believe how well my friend across the road is doing with 3 kids.  I told her on Friday that I am really in awe of how she handles everything.  There is no way I could do that.  But I suppose if you have to, you have to, like her husband says.  I was telling DH that the baby will be 3 weeks old this Friday and already my friend has to drive the other 2 kids to school, pick them up, do homework and all that jazz.  When I had Liam I hardly went out at all I was so scared something would happen.  My friend is so confident about herself.  I’m a little blubbering mess.

Was in Builders Warehouse on Sunday, with a tantruming 3 year old.  He isn’t following instructions too well at the moment.  Anyway, so I was begging, practically on all fours, that we need to go and he was plain ignoring me.  Then this bloke walks past and said “Daai kind kort ‘n pak slae”.  Yes, I agree, he probably does, but I always try the more gentle approach first.  Needless to say that by the time we actually reached the till my nerves were frayed (?) and he was moaning about chippies from the vending machine, I just lost is and smacked his bum twice.  Is that behaviour acceptable?  I have to really control myself from beating the living daylights out of him sometimes.  Half the time I give him a smack and then just leave the room to take a deep breath.  Am I the only one?  Parenting seems to be really tough just lately.

DH hates change and so has little pots all over the place with change in.  Counted it yesterday and we have R1347.42 in small change!!  Must get it to the bank ASAP.  DH says we must put it in the safe for our “travel fund”  What?  When are we ever going to travel?  We are such homebodies.

I am so freaking bored at work.  I was done by 8.10am.  Now I just wait and do stuff as it comes in during the day.  I didn’t get either of the 2 jobs I interviewed for in July, but one of the agencies has my CV in for a buyer at an international company.  Whoop whoop.  As much as I love/don’t mind this place, I hate sitting here with F all to do.  I’ve asked for more work, but there isn’t any.  Things are just so quiet.

Got stuck watching “Russian Tractor in mud” on Youtube last night.  Don’t ask where the Russian bit comes in.  You end up watching the strangest things.  This morning we were watching some big green tractors and the next it’s some little girl going down a waterslide.  ???  This internet round-a-bout.

Liam has started singing.  It’s so cute.  We sing Thomas and he loves one which I learnt at Sumcay Camp.  It’s a christian camp we used to looooove going to.  Liam loves the actions.  I suppose unless you actually here how it goes it’s not as good.  Liam has the tone of voice down pat already.  It goes like this:-

Waaay up in the sky (crouch down and then jump up, stretching arms)

The big birdies fly (wave arms like wings)

While down in the nest (crouch down and be small)

The little ones rest (baby birds)

Shhhh, shhhh, they’re sleeping, they’re sleeping (finger on lips, then hands to the side of the head pretending to sleep.)

Thhheeee bright sun comes up (jump up and stretch arms again)

The moon goes away (push hands down)

Good morning, Good morning

The little ones say


Okay, that’s it, before I started getting really silly.

Have a blessed day.


6 responses to Oh, Helen, You Silly Plonker

  1. So nice to catch up again!
    Hope your finger isn’t too badly hurt? Sounds really eina!
    LOL at the Builders incident… I totally agree that parenting can be really difficult at times, but that’s when you know you need a break. Nothing like having a morning/ afternoon/ day to yourself to gather your thoughts & re-energise :-)
    Cute about the singing!!

  2. Doesn’t plonker mean poop?? Gotta love the british :)

    ouch you seem to be in the line of injury fire a lot lately eh?

    wish DH would just get over it… he can smoke, you can blog. and its not like you’re dishing out all your intimate secrets here.

    Discipline is important with little ones. Its harrowing in public though and people judge you instantly on your parenting.

    I’m also starting to look out for another job, need more money and I want to work somewhere that I feel needed.

    Cheers H, have a good one! Hugs!

  3. Mmm, exactly – like me last night with a full tray AND my new glass coffee pot in ONE hand, all the way to the kitchen muttering “you gonna drop this, you gonna drop this” and literally 1 step from the zink bang! – everything on the floor.:(

  4. DBK said on 21/08/2012

    One thing i hate is when people have the nerve to tell me that my child should get a hiding-cos I probably already came to that conclusion myself. What I hate even more is when I actually give a hiding(like 2 smacks on the bum) and strangers give you these stares like you are abusing you child! Pity you are only searching for a job now-had a vacancy as buyer 3 months ago…

  5. Ooh those shopping tantrums are the worst Helen! Lol @ the silver trailer – you must post a pic of that – must be cool! Why do we do stupid things like that – shame lucily it wasn’t a big cut.

    Such a nice update – take care!

    Big hugs xxx

  6. nusha said on 22/08/2012

    The finger stab sounds very sore :-( Hope it and your ankle heal up soon …

    I am finding the 3s much more challenging than the 2s I must say … now it’s attitude and defiance and somehow there’s a 13 year old girl living in my 3 year olds head! She goes from super sweet to angry and upset so fast it makes my head spin!

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