Jammy Jam Sandwich (2nd try)

29/08/2012 in Uncategorized

So, it’s been a while.  I trust that everyone is keeping well?  Just a little catch up from my side.

The ankle is healing nicely, no more bruising and the swelling has gone down.  Almost looks like nothing ever happened.  It just hurts when I twist the ankle or point my toes, so I would rather keep the moon boot on a few more days.  It will be 3 weeks this coming Friday.

The stabbed finger has also healed nicely and no sign of any tendon damage.

I got the R1000 traffic fine squashed to R500.  Haha, DH says it’s funny how we think we are still saving, but truth is, we are still giving away R500 unnecessarily.  For those how want to know, some sour old crout (?) decided to park his camera at a 3-way stop and catch all us “non-stoppers” and hand the film to the cops.  I know I’ve said in a previous blog that I always stop dead, just not at this particular intersection.  Now I’m on the lookout for that bored bastard (oops, sorry) so I can show him just how nicely my above-mentioned stabbed middle finger has healed.

Liam has had a snotty nose for going on 2 weeks now.  No other symptoms and it seems to be better during the day.  Hmmmm, will continue Demazin treatment and Karvol drops on bedding at night.

You know my neighbour across the road who has just had the 3rd kid?  Yes, we were discussing her and I said how amazing she is, how she copes with everything on her plate.  Then someone mentioned a valid point.  Perhaps she wants to do everything herself so that she can have complete control over everything.  She doesn’t strike me as the “control freak” type, but in truth, no one actually knows what goes on in someone else’s household.

Saw my Mom (and Louse) on Sunday for a potjie.  I sommer got a bit miffed when she mentioned that Liam was putting on weight.  We have cut his portions down and he now also says when he is full and leaves food he doesn’t want.  I don’t know what to do about it.  He’s over 30kg now, and while I agree that is heavy for a 3 year old, if you look at him there is no way that little body can lose 15kg.  Does bone weight really differ from person to person?  Ag well, for the time being I’m not worried.  He is happy and healthy and I hope that him going to school next year will improve matters.  Then he won’t be going to the local coffee shop with the IL’s 3 times a week.

DH was on about my blogging again the other day.  My need to tell absolute strangers about what is going on in my life.  It was more really about do we actually know the person to whom we are chatting on the other side.  Are what they painting a true picture?  Is it all just lies to interest and “catch” someone out?   I don’t bother with a response anymore, but deep down I know the people frequenting the P24 website are just a bunch of Mums, telling our stories, hoping for a sympathetic ear, some advise and sometimes a virtual hug.

Got a jam sandwich for lunch, can’t wait to tuck in.

Can summer get here already?  The nights are still chilly enough for a heater for Liam and the mornings warrant a long sleeved shirt.  I can’t wait for the warm weather to arrive.

* Sigh * Let me be off now.  Word has gone over to the next page and that’s a sign that I’m rambling on about k@k.

Have a blessed day


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  1. Wow, 30 kgs? I wish Michael would pick up some weight, at 8 he’s just over 25, and the times the nurses come to school, they are always telling me he’s underweight… I say, feed the kids until they aren’t hungry anymore! Stan is quite supportive of my blogging, never feels the need to see what I’m blogging about, sometimes comes to see if I’d like to blog before he starts an online game. Have a lekka day

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