The Famous Doorstep and ensuing Tashisms

July 23, 2013 in Tashism

For those of you that watched Sky news tonight, you will relate more to this than those that didn’t.

It was the Royal presentation of yet unnamed, Baby Cambridge tonight on the steps of St Mary’s.

Tash and I got home around 7 and I flipped to Sky news for an update. The cameraman was well positioned with a perfectly framed shot to the entrance of St Mary’s.


She went to bath after the first 2 minutes of watching the door. 20min later she was back. Same door.

Tash: I thought you said they were coming out in 10 min?
Me: That’s what they said when I turned the TV on, but now the reporter is saying a few moments.

5 min later

Tash: Can we change the channel
Me: Not yet
Tash: But they are just filming a door?!

Tash: They are still filming the door

Tash: I don’t think this reporter knows how long a moment is!

Tash: I don’t want to watch this.
Me: Then go do something else, you don’t need to stay here.
Tash: But I don’t want to miss it.

There were a few false alarms as staff left the hospital.

Tash: Seriously? All this build up and we get staff?

Then the cameraman zoomed in really close on the brass panels and out again.

Tash: Why did they do that if they are not coming out?
Me: the cameraman has been watching that door a lot longer than us and he’s probably more bored than you are.

That got her chuckling. And the moaning stopped in time for us to join a billion others watching him make his first public appearance.

I loved Will’s comment that his heir has more hair than him.

And here’s our first peek of the little guy.







It’s a boy

July 22, 2013 in Life etc

Is it weird that I’m really excited about a baby of people I’ve never met? I’ve spent part of my eve watching Sky news and loving all the ceremony stuff with the announcement of Will and Kate’s little Prince complete traditions like the formal announcement and the town crier.

I love historical novels and have read many on the English Monarchy and am imaging how messages would have been carried around London in much the same fashion, only with the official documentation riding via horse back way back then.

Now we wait for the name and first pictures. I wonder how traditional the name will be? James? George? Perhaps a Michael or Charles thrown in after the granddad’s? Maybe Spencer thrown in? Ahh well, we’ll have to wait and see.

Congrats to Will and Kate and welcome to the third in line to the throne.



Have you been on Royal Baby watch?


July 21, 2013 in Friday Funny