We’re talking high school already!

June 13, 2012 in Kidlet & Me, School etc, Ten on Tuesday

I had a whole “Ten on Tuesday” post in my head last night and then tried to access my blog from my browser favourites only to realise the format was being changed over!  Hello WordPress!  Now to navigate and play here a bit to personalise it all. Change is as good as a holiday.

Tash has had quite a few exam marks back already.  She’s done great in Maths and Xhosa, in fact, she got 96% for the latter.  History was a little disappointing as I know she knew her work, but it didn’t translate in the exam.  Afrikaans was Hero & Zero.  She did really well in the “Taal” section and totally bombed in the “Begrip” so hopefully it evens out well to a good pass.  They still need to add all the term assessments and projects in but I feel she’s done well enough for her high school application.  Eeeep! Can you believe we are starting to talk high school already!

My friend F was fantastic in helping her prepare for all her exams, particularly Maths and I’m so grateful she was able to help out.  I can really see the difference it has made.  With me working full day, she usually only gets to study when we get home.  Considering she’s at school from just after 7am and we only get home around 6pm, sometimes 6.30pm, you can understand that more arguments than learning happen as she’s tired by then.  Being able to study in the afternoons has made a HUGE difference to both our lives.

We all need angels like this in our lives.









10 responses to We’re talking high school already!

  1. This new format and everything is going to confuse the heck out of me… I’m still trying to add a new post and I’m being boggled!!

    Sjo high school already, eh?? Wow how time flies!

  2. By the way, it’s me, Tourmaline!!

  3. Well done Tash!

  4. Hi Cams,glad you are done with exams,we just started.
    Yip high school sneaks up on you so fast.MK is in and accepted for next year

    • It does sneak up, even though she still has another year to go I thin we have to make the applications this year still.
      Good luck with your exam weeks

  5. Also had a 10 on Tuesday post for yesterday but I have just been so lazy these past few evenings.
    Child1 finished his exam on Friday. Eish. He was well prepared but just grunted every evening when I asked him how it went. Am sure it will be all fine though. Must also get that HS application rolling.
    I sincerely hope that my comment will publish!

  6. YES I see it!

  7. Homework time, especially in Maths, makes such a difference! I was way too busy playing sport to spend much time on my maths homework and it showed in high school…

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