Asking permission and technology

June 26, 2012 in Kidlet & Me

BBM: Mom, can I see Snow White and the Huntsmen even though it is 13?

I love that she asked my permission. Tash spent the day with my friend and her son who is 15 so I’m sure my friend poured over the movie selection trying to find something suitable to them both.  No mean feat I’m sure.

I considered this before answering and replied: You are in your 13th year :)

Quick as beat she came back with: I’m going anyway.

Followed my kisses and ‘I love you’ messages.

Then the realisation: This IS my 13th year!

My Kidlet is just growing up so quickly.


My friend who moved to New Zealand gave me an almost brand new hob and oven, as in one plate has been used once or twice. The oven still had polystyrene in place.

The old one the tenants totally messed up so he organised for his friend to get it out of storage and deliver it to me.  As this happened after he left I had to get it installed myself and my brother offered to help. Of course this eve, when we pulled the old one out to put the new one in, the wires and fittings looked a little different so I BBM’d my friend asking him to let me know when he was awake to ask his advice on the installation.

My message woke him at 5am and he Skyped me back immediately! How cool is that?! Then with the help of Skype video we could show him the wires and he directed my brother to complete the installation! I just love technology!

My ex-step-mom also came around to visit and see the flat with my brother and his girlfriend and she treated us all to pizza. Very yummy indeed and such a treat.  Tx so much D.

 I’m feeling so very blessed and loved right now. Love u all xxx





2 responses to Asking permission and technology

  1. Your page is so cool Cams! I am still busy with my header…the graphic might never be finished if I continue int his slow manner. You raise Tash like a super mom, this is why you can rely on her to be sensible and respectful.
    So what are you baking in your new oven?

  2. Thanks so much. My header didn’t quite turn out as I imagined as I had to adjust it to fit in the space so also want to play around with it a bit more.

    Isn’t funny, when I lived in a house and had space to entertain I had no oven. Now that I have an oven I don’t have much space to entertain. I’m looking forward to making a big tray of lasagne or leg of lamb :)

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