Don’t we all know this version of “Mommmeeeee?”

June 28, 2012 in A Splash of Pictures, Parenting


One more day to Friday, people!

Is anyone else feeling like this year is speeding by?

I’m looking forward to the weekend for some catching up and some quiet time. I have a 40th tomorrow eve, then a trip to the Biscuit Mill on Saturday morn with some friends and then my mom is coming to visit to see my flat and catch me up on her overseas trip. Then I’m planning to chill all day Sunday. I think a PJ day is in order.

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  1. YES! This year does seem to be speeding by. I have a feeling though this the 2nd half of this year is going to be EPIC in soooo many ways. For both of us.
    This weekend I’m having breakfast with a friend and the rest of the weekend is for hanging out with the boys who are coming home today!
    I think we’ll squeeze in a walk with them (weather permitting) and maybe go for coffee (baby chinos for them!)or something.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    • I love that you feel it will be EPIC. For us both nogal!
      Enjoy having the boys back. Tash is going to the farm for 3 nights next week so I’m also going to Do-a-Julia and have sarmie-style suppers ;) Guilt free too.

  2. Like a bullet train!!! That’s how it feels to me!

    LOL @ the pic! So very true hey :-D

    Have an awesome weekend … a PJ day sounds heavenly!

  3. Going so fast I’m getting whiplash
    I’m still looking for Liam’ Percy train. I can’t find it so it must truely be gone, fallen out the car or something.

  4. Have you discovered the market at The Palms in Woodstock yet? Every second Sat. Must do.

  5. This year is going way to fast for my liking, it was January a few weeks ago!

  6. Ja hey it’s almost July… the year just started the other day…

    Enjoy your PJ day!

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