I won! Lucky me

August 2, 2012 in DUF's

What goes down must come up! Some overdue DUF’s


Six, yes count them, six days of awful flu and Tash is still not 100%. Sent her to school anyway on the 7th day, today. Wonkaman mailed us yesterday to say 6 kids were off and they were missing lots of work and could we please send them back. Okay he didn’t actually say they must come back, it was, however, implied.


I won a raffle! Lucky me. I’m to be the proud new owner of an @home leather couch – a swanky corner unit, with ottoman. Have no idea how I will fit it in my flat, it’s big? Will need to make a plan.

Friend F has been a godsend to this working mom and helped by looking after Tash yesterday and fetching her after school today. All 3 of her kids are off with this flu too.

She said to me yesterday eve, “I’m tired. Do I look tired?”
“I’ve seen you look tireder. I mean more tired.” I replied.
“No, I think “tireder” describes your brain right now” she laughed.

Yip, couldn’t even string a grammatically correct sentence yesterday.

Gold medals for SA. Makes me all proud and happy.


A family friend is on the Olympic marathon team and runs on Sunday. Join us cheering Tanith on.

We’ve orgainised a surprise baby shower for my boss tomorrow. Gosh I had forgotten how much fun it is to shop for baby girls clothes. Her wishlist is pampers, pampers, pampers so we did a collection and have made a dummy cheque for the “nappy and pamper fund”.

Getting my new lounge suite, of course!

Doing something fun with mom on Sunday – not decided what yet.

The long weekend (I took next Friday off) and going up to Swellendam for some R & R with dad.

Have an awesome weekend all

9 responses to I won! Lucky me

  1. Well done on the win and have a super time away :)

  2. Congratulations – I thought I was lucky because I won a pair of running shoes.

  3. Yay! It’s always lekker winning something, and your win is a nice huge one. :-D Sure you’ll be able to make space for it.
    Have a spiffingly splendiferous weekend.

  4. How very cool about winning the couch! Hope you manage to get it to fit in your lounge …
    Have an awesome weekend and fun day with your mum …
    Shopping for baby stuff is very fun :-)

  5. What an awesome prize to win!

    The latest flu doing the rounds is so nasty, I was also man down for well over a week, I hope Tash feels better soon, it is horrible to not feel yourself.

  6. Congrats on the raffle – sounds like a awesome prize!

    This flu is getting everyone down… hope it all goes away now!


  7. Such a lucky and blessed lady you are!
    Poor Tash. This flu is horrible. I hope she gets to rest up and recover fully this weekend.
    Enjoy your weekend and have a fantastic mini-break next week. Am signing off to watch Chad swim now. Btw did you see that clip of his Dad? I LOVED watching it. Made my heart swell – so awesome to see how proud he was of his son and that he was NOT shy to tell the world.

    Oh, and I LOVE shopping for girls. Pity I hardly get a chance to do this.

  8. My mum won some jumper cables on a raffle once. WTF?

  9. Cool on winning a corner unit….they are EXPENSIVE!!
    I have half a sickie house now too…including me… :-(

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