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November 6, 2012 in Kidlet & Me, Life etc

As we gallop to the end of yet another year in the hope that things are winding down I find my heart quickens and my breathing shallows as I realise just what I need to get through before I’m officially on leave. I realise that Tash has her Grade 6 exams ahead and these exam results will be counted and considered for her high school application and I find myself holding my breath. It gets a little uncomfortable and I have to tell myself – breathe.

Just breathe.

This weekend I had some moments of joy and on reflection I realise that when we take the time to reflect on them, they are happening all the time. We just need to be open to seeing them.

Here are some of my weekend moments of joy:

1. Watching a butterfly dry her wings and take her first maiden flight
2. Words from Tash, “Mom, I need more hugs.”
3. Biting into a chilli popper
4. Watching Tash and her friend get ready for their first ever double date at the movies with two boys from Youth group.
5. Watching Tash at a birthday party making up a mocktail and seeing the guy judges ask for another sip as it tasted good
6. Watching Tash and her friends in a little play they put together – her character Mr FlutterButter had everyone in stitches
7. Attempting to make myself up into a She-Devil for a Halloween party and really laughing at myself in the mirror
8. Waking up without an alarm on Sunday morning and stretching cat-like from my sleep
9. Reading in bed for an hour uninterrupted

And then this morning when I got to work I found a little Tupperware with a square of chocolate and a note from Tash. Totally heart melting.

Here’s Mr Flutterbutter and bride




The butterfly, she was on a leaf on my windscreen wiper


What are some of your recent moments of joy?

13 responses to Moments of Joy

  1. Tash is grand.
    That butterfly on your wipers kinda wants you to say that it’s okay if you’re going to be late for work, I’m watching nature.
    Strangely the thing bringing jot to me most nowadays is watching Liam whip down his pants to have a wee. Haha, the joys of parenting.

  2. Sleeping in only a t-shirt – no more layers and layers of clothes.
    Watching Zoe play wit the 2 new dogs.
    The first sip of coffee in the morning.
    Anticipation of trying a new ice cream recipe this afternoon.
    Maybe this is a whole blog on it’s own.

  3. My moments of joy:

    Butterfly kisses with my son
    Seeing the numbers on the scale drop at my last weigh in
    The unexpected text message from boyfriend saying he loves me

    • Oh yay, I see you have done one too. But then I realized I didn’t get N email to say you had posted like I did when I first subscribed to you. I wonder why?

  4. I always think you and your daughter have so much fun

    • We do and we also butt heads, disagree and negotiate a lot. I choose to capture more of the good here as those are the parts I want Tash to be able to look back at. Also, when I’m really angry or upset or stressed I tend to withdraw and by the time I come out I’m over it and moved on so somehow the words don’t need to be written anymore.

  5. I absolutely love your list of joys from the weekend! So important to stop and smell the roses :-D Love the pics!

  6. Your girl is just FABULOUS. Recent moments of joy? Meeting up with good friends to connect, reading really nice books on Kindle, Child2 – listening to him sing and talk and watching him make significant developmental strides just makes my heart SOAR.

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