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How can it be Friday already?

March 7, 2013 in DUF's, Friday Funny

How can it be Friday already? Where did this week go? I have so much going on at the moment, I’m not sure if I’m coming or going.

Feel like this some days. Replace baby in the picture with teen.



Tash got some of her marks back from her assessments and she did really badly in two of them and not so well in the others. She was really disappointed. It’s been a bit of an Eeyore cloud hanging about us.

I’ve been bringing work home this week so haven’t had much me time. Or actually I have had some but it’s at 11 at night when I’m feeling all wired from working so can’t sleep straight away, which means I’m tired. I think I need a weekend to sleep. (Not going to happen this weekend)


I requested that Tash see the remedial teacher (Mrs G) at school to test her comprehension to see if we can establish why when she knows her work it doesn’t translate in the exams. She called today to say she did really well in the standard reading, listening and comprehension tests. (Tash told me she got 47 out of 50). We spoke about my concern about a comment that Tash made – she said the teachers say if a question is worth 3 marks then they only mark the 1st 3 sentences. I was appalled!
Tash told me she battles to get her words out on paper. I told Mrs G that she’s and extrovert, she speaks to think so I’m guessing the same happens when she writes, so Mrs G has offered to take her for a few sessions and help her with this. She is also going to review some of her assessments to see if she can pick up anything that could help us help her. I feel a great sense of relief.


I’m working in Jozi next week so flying up Saturday to spend some time with one of my best friends, my god son and my aunt. Tash is really excited to stay with her school friend J for 3 school nights!

And another UP
I’m really grateful to my special friends that are helping me out while I’m away. I’m feeling really blessed.

Here’s some Friday Funnies to kick start your weekend



A change is as good as a holiday

January 31, 2013 in DUF's, Friday Funny

February already!


My interwebz have been on a go-slow for some reason. Well either slow or non existent.
I’ve been feeling unsettled (see Forward’s)


Tash was super excited to audition for the school concert and got a call back. She was hoping she would be asked to audition for a singing part as well but wasn’t called too. That said, I reckon she was half relieved as she was nervous to sing solo. She seems to doubt her own ability and she really does have a great ear and sings pitch perfect so I had hoped she would just have a chance to get over her fear at least.

My boss who has been on maternity returns to work. I can’t wait to have an extra pair of hands and a good head back in the fold. And to hand her back the department budget! I’ve been honoured to be entrusted with the responsibility of running the department but to run 3 portfolio’s is exhausting. I’m happy to go back to looking after my own area and back to my creative space for a while.


I mentioned I’ve been a little unsettled and this is mostly due to rumours of restructures at work. Well today we received some clarity and I’m feeling positive about our year ahead. Time to haul out our innovative hats. This will be fun. Fun change!

Renata is back from her work trip abroad and have plans for lots of catching up this weekend.

We also have 2 birthday parties. One for Nadia, a Hello Kitty party and she’s super excited. The second is a 40th for one of old ex Sprogbloggers, Tania. Both had birthday’s in early Jan and have been thoughtful enough to celebrate with us post all the festive holidays.

We also got high school application forms for Tash. Eeeep! Can’t believe this time has arrived!

Hope you all have a fab weekend but before I go, here are some Friday Funnies




I won! Lucky me

August 2, 2012 in DUF's

What goes down must come up! Some overdue DUF’s


Six, yes count them, six days of awful flu and Tash is still not 100%. Sent her to school anyway on the 7th day, today. Wonkaman mailed us yesterday to say 6 kids were off and they were missing lots of work and could we please send them back. Okay he didn’t actually say they must come back, it was, however, implied.


I won a raffle! Lucky me. I’m to be the proud new owner of an @home leather couch – a swanky corner unit, with ottoman. Have no idea how I will fit it in my flat, it’s big? Will need to make a plan.

Friend F has been a godsend to this working mom and helped by looking after Tash yesterday and fetching her after school today. All 3 of her kids are off with this flu too.

She said to me yesterday eve, “I’m tired. Do I look tired?”
“I’ve seen you look tireder. I mean more tired.” I replied.
“No, I think “tireder” describes your brain right now” she laughed.

Yip, couldn’t even string a grammatically correct sentence yesterday.

Gold medals for SA. Makes me all proud and happy.


A family friend is on the Olympic marathon team and runs on Sunday. Join us cheering Tanith on.

We’ve orgainised a surprise baby shower for my boss tomorrow. Gosh I had forgotten how much fun it is to shop for baby girls clothes. Her wishlist is pampers, pampers, pampers so we did a collection and have made a dummy cheque for the “nappy and pamper fund”.

Getting my new lounge suite, of course!

Doing something fun with mom on Sunday – not decided what yet.

The long weekend (I took next Friday off) and going up to Swellendam for some R & R with dad.

Have an awesome weekend all