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What would you do?

June 25, 2013 in Kidlet & Me

Holidays have begun and your kid is 13. She doesn’t want to be babysat anymore and you don’t have a play date lined up. She wants to stay home. All her friend’s moms let them stay home alone. Some even at night. I’m no where near ready but obviously she is.

We live in a secure apartment complex. My immediate neighbors are a retired lady and a nanny at home with a baby. The neighbor 2 doors down also has a nanny for her toddler. My upstairs neighbor works from home and has two kids, a teen and tween, the latter and Tash play well together.

It’s a tough place to be as a parent. How do you let go? I’ll tell you how, you don’t sleep the night before and you check your phone every 5min even mid conversation with your boss. Your day is semi productive in a disjointed kind of way.

I left strict instructions. She stuck to them. I survived, she thrived.

Maybe I will sleep tonight? Or that could be because I have a play date lined up for tomorrow?

What would you do?

She did ask me if she could bake, she wanted to make cupcakes. Knowing the limited resources we had at home I found this recipe on a kid friendly baking site. I would reference the site, but alas it is on my work PC but if you google cupcake recipes for kids it comes up in the top 5 searches.. I had to work out the conversions from grams to cups so here is our version.

Easy Peasy Holiday cupcakes

Preheat oven to 180 degrees

Cream together butter and sugar (2/3 of a cup each)
Once creamy and fluffy, beat in 3 eggs one at a time.
Sift 2/3 of a cup of self raising flour over the mixture and work in gently.

Spoon ingredients into cupcake holders (which we place in a muffin pan) and bake for 15min (20 min if cupcakes are big)

Once out cool before icing.
For icing she used about 50g of butter and mixed in icing sugar, just under a cup with a dash of vanilla essence and drop of blue coloring. (You may want to google exact ratios but for icing we go on taste)


April, May and almost June

May 30, 2013 in Kidlet & Me

Hello Sprogblogs

I have missed you. It’s been a while since my last confession…blog post.
In fact I think my last post was around Tash’s birthday at the end of March so long overdue.

Initially I stopped blogging as I didn’t trust myself not to share some happy family news as I was sworn to privacy. So I couldn’t gloat, celebrate or share it here or on FB. But I’ve moved on and respect my family member’s wishes.

Other happy family news is that my brother is getting married in September so really looking forward to that and my uncle had a successful op to remove cancer in is colon. He’s on the mend and my mom flew up to visit him this morning.

My other brother and his wife left last night for a holiday abroad. So jealous but will live vicariously through their FB photo updates.

Tash has embraced teenhood and is torn between wanting to be independent and still needing me. Wanting to be grown up and wanting still to be small. One moment she’s sullen and horrid, the next moment so loving and thoughtful. One night she wants me to tuck her in, the next I’m not allowed to . I’m going with the flow, picking my fights, fortifying the boundaries, working optimally in the shades of grey. I’m making it up as I go.

I had a good chuckle at my Mother’s Day gift. She made me one of her famous voucher booklets called Nacheques and I got 3, yes count them, 3 vouchers to kiss her in public. The only T’s and C’s is that it may not be in front of boys.

My friend joked that T’s and C’s Re for Tash’s and Camilla’s.

A few bits of news from the last few weeks:

Awesome school play, Rondevlei in 80 days in which Tash was a frog. We got to see her a few times as being in the chamber choir they joined in most of the songs of the various grades.

My dear friend Jette and her family visited Cape Town en route from Perth to Houston so we got to celebrate Greg’s 40th when he was here and she treated us to High Tea at the One and Only. And what a wonderful treat it was. Fantastic company, yummy food and a view.

We did the Bieber thing. Tash had said when I heard that he was coming that she didn’t want tickets. I told her that she mustn’t cry to me when she finds out all her friends are going and she’s the only one not going. Bless her, when she realized she should have taken me up on my offer it was sold out and she didn’t moan or complain. She told me I was right. The school ran a raffle for two tickets so I let her buy 2 raffle tickets. She didn’t win.

Then as luck would have it, at the school sports day one of her friends’ mom mentioned she had two tickets available and I snapped them up. It was a Kodak moment when I told her. And so she got to go with her BFF too! And I got to experience her experiencing her first concert. You wouldn’t say she was a second rate Bieber fan either judging by the way she boogied and was swallowed up by the sheer electricity of so many fans. She came home and created a Justin Bieber memory box with ticket stub, t-shirt and confetti from the concert. Oh and her BFF’s sister was in the Golden circle and he touched her hand so Tash got to touch her hand after. Great awe!

I’m sure there is tons of news I’ve forgotten but I had to start somewhere. Hope you are all well.


The frog make up after the concert


En route to the concert


Outside the stadium


Happy Believers

Where has time gone?

March 26, 2013 in Kidlet & Me

Happy birthday to my beautiful Tash. I can’t believe what a beautiful young lady you are becoming.
And it is officially that Eeeek moment when I realize I am officially a mom to a teenager!