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Yoh! Friday

March 1, 2013 in Kidlet & Me

If you’ve been holding your breathe for the weekend, you can slowly let it out as we are a few hours away from it.

Weekly DUF’s (even though it’s been about 2 weeks since my last DUF’S confession)


I need an electrical compliance certificate for our body corporate for insurance and the electrician is giving me the run about. Cancelled the meeting at the last minute and now can’t commit to a new time. He’s wasting my time.

A friend has been diagnosed with Breast cancer this week is taking the journey I’ve taken. It’s bringing up many emotions for me, not all bad. I’m just feeling really sad that she has to go through this treatment. I’ve no doubt she will be fine. She is a survivor. I just wouldn’t wish it on anyone.


I’ve survived a week of first term grade 7 assessments? Well 6 days of them to be exact.

Got some awesome compliments this week. Who doesn’t love a good compliment?

Got some pretty tops at the Woolies sale for Tash and me. Happy retail therapy.


4 giggling girls sleeping over tonight. Maybe I should be scared?

Seeing mom on Sunday for yummy lunch



Friday Funny – can’t make this up!

October 19, 2012 in Friday Funny



Today is the 4th term news quiz, which Tash was still practising over breakfast this morning. Much frustration and biting my tongue went into this one, well from me any way. For her it was much eye rolling and lashing out at mom.

We, I chose the bid for the Cape Town Grand Prix. After about 10 other vetoed suggestions. Initially she thought it was cool to do until she got into it. Then she decided it was boring.

“Mom, I have to give my opinion, what do I say?”
“Tash it’s your opinion, I can’t give it to you.”
“But it’s boring” she whined
“We’ll that’s your opinion sorted then!”

She’s gone to school in a bit of a huff. Let’s hold thumbs it all comes together nicely for her.

Have not slept we’ll this week so feeling rather tired

My dad won a weber and donated it to me! Just in time for summer
Tash’s drama play
They found a rabbit for Nic story here

The weekend!
Going for a family tea at my great great grandfather’s old house, which is now a hotel