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Back to school, back to reality

January 16, 2013 in School etc

Back to school reality = early mornings, lunch boxes, homework, projects, camps, fundraising, extra mural activities, in other words mounds of routine.

It means negotiating to go to bed on time, nagging for homework to be done not forgetting those last minute pleas at 20h00 at night, “mom I have an oral tomorrow.” Or “I need a gazillion Rand for this or that fundraiser.” Or my favourite at bed time, “Mom, it’s civvies day tomorrow and our class needs to bring cat/dog food for the Animal shelter/bath pack for the girls shelter.” Or such like contributions.

Julia wrote in her blog yesterday about setting goals for her kids and I thought I’d jot down some for Tash too.

For 2013 we are going to work on:

Good planning for homework and projects I.e completing school homework at school before I fetch her and only bringing project work home
Healthy eating
Early nights on Sundays to Thursdays without complaint
Restricting TV to an hour a day max on week days
Continuing drama and tennis classes and picking up a winter sport
Prepping for exams 6 weeks before they start and keeping all her study notes and mind maps in one place for ease of reference.

Someone shared this pic on Facebook earlier today and I had to share it with you all. Thought it would make you smile too.


Tash seems happy enough with the teacher she got this year but the best part of her day I think was finding out more than one of her best friends are in the same class. Looking forward to a great year ahead.

My 2013 work year starts tomorrow so I’m off to chillax a little bit more before wrapping books in plastic. (Yip, my little negotiator asked me to wrap them in exchange for a massage :D )

Then and now

January 15, 2013 in School etc

Seven years ago we were prepping to start grade 1. Eight years ago, it was the start of grade R, which was even more exciting as it was the official move to ‘big school’.

Sorting through some files of mine I found this pic taken of Tash in Grade R.


Cute as a button!

Tomorrow she begins her final journey of junior school and is most excited that she gets to have break time in the grade 7 playground. It’s been pointed out to me since Nov last year whenever we pass the school.

Today we bought the last pair of junior school shoes, the last costume and a school lanyard for the grade 7 locker key. A major perk I am told. And Tash thanked me for them and the lady in the shop was gobsmacked, “That’s lovely” she said, “wonderful to hear a child thank their parent for school things. You’ve made my day!” She smiled at Tash.

I was gushing in the school shop, (as emo mom’s tend to do when their babies grow up) on how quickly it has all gone and that I remember that first day as if it was yesterday.

“Geez mom!” Tash clipped in embarrassed, “if you are like this now, what will you be like when I get married!?”

Jelly, I thought. I huge big blubbering bowl of jelly.

The meaning of the stationery box

November 27, 2012 in School etc, Tashism

I left work a little earlier today as I have been fighting off a bug, I think, and no amount of weekend rest seems to have thwarted its wish to ground me. Weird thing is, I can’t say that I’m sick or what is wrong other than I am unbelievably tired and started not flushes today. So I left at 3 to fetch Tash and get a head start on resting up some more.

When I arrived at school, Tash was in her element that I was early. Such a treat for her. Secondly she had her Walton’s stationery box for next year.

“Mom, do you know what this means?”

“Yeah,” I sighed, “books to cover.”

“Nooooo! It means I have passed! I’m going to Grade 7!”

I smiled, “I never doubted it for a second.”


One of my doodles in my art journal