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We’re talking high school already!

June 13, 2012 in Kidlet & Me, School etc, Ten on Tuesday

I had a whole “Ten on Tuesday” post in my head last night and then tried to access my blog from my browser favourites only to realise the format was being changed over!  Hello WordPress!  Now to navigate and play here a bit to personalise it all. Change is as good as a holiday.

Tash has had quite a few exam marks back already.  She’s done great in Maths and Xhosa, in fact, she got 96% for the latter.  History was a little disappointing as I know she knew her work, but it didn’t translate in the exam.  Afrikaans was Hero & Zero.  She did really well in the “Taal” section and totally bombed in the “Begrip” so hopefully it evens out well to a good pass.  They still need to add all the term assessments and projects in but I feel she’s done well enough for her high school application.  Eeeep! Can you believe we are starting to talk high school already!

My friend F was fantastic in helping her prepare for all her exams, particularly Maths and I’m so grateful she was able to help out.  I can really see the difference it has made.  With me working full day, she usually only gets to study when we get home.  Considering she’s at school from just after 7am and we only get home around 6pm, sometimes 6.30pm, you can understand that more arguments than learning happen as she’s tired by then.  Being able to study in the afternoons has made a HUGE difference to both our lives.

We all need angels like this in our lives.









Ten on Tuesday

June 5, 2012 in Kidlet & Me, Ten on Tuesday

1. I’m still standing, a little crooked and bent, but still standing.


2. The move is over and it seems like a blur of days of packing, moving and unpacking. I still have a way to go. Lots of sorting to do.


3. Two more days of exams and Tash is still standing. Some exams have gone well while others I get “I don’t want to talk about it.”


4. My friends have been a lifeline this past week. They really are angels.


5. I’m sad today. My guy BFF left this morning to start his new life in New Zeland. I’m going to miss him.


6. Work is busy, home is busy and I’m looking forward to some downtime. When? I don’t know.


7. The plumbing in my kitchen leaks everywhere. Need to get that seen to before I attempt using the washing machine.


8. Tash’s latest dream, she tells me, is that she is the President of Cape Town and even the toilet seats have her face on them. Anyone want to hazard a guess of where her subconscious mind is? Oh and I got a puppy and dyed it so it had polka dots. Blue ones if I recall.


9. I’ve not had time in this past week to read blogs so I’m rather in the dark with what’s happening with everyone. Hope you are all well.


10. I love my bath in my flat. It’s old, big and deep (and in need of re-enameling) and it heats up when you fill it and holds the heat for sometime. In fact, I’m off to run it now and have a good old soak until I’m a prune.


Have a great Wednesday!



Ten on Tuesday

May 29, 2012 in Ten on Tuesday

1. This should be interesting to write without formatting! The Safari browser on the iPad doesn’t like Letterdash. Bring on WordPress! Oh wait…they are :)

2. My iPad is finally linked up to our work wifi which means I can access it from any of our buildings (we have about 6 or 7!) helps productivity big time!

3. My friend that is immigrating asked me to stop past his house after work and he’s given me all his tea’s, coffee’s, cleaning stuff etc So cool!

4. Friend F collected Tash for me again today and they had done all their studying. Her mom was there and had made a lovely meal of Roti’s and Malay curried beans and chicken. It was delish!

5. Went past my old house and packed the DVD and video cupboard and finished up Tash’s room. Now I just have my bookshelf and desk to do. (oh and my things here at Renata’s)

6. Coffee has settled in really well at my brother and SiL. Makes my heart happy.

7. My mom and step-dad leave tomorrow to visit my other brother in the UK and then holiday together in France. I’m so excited for my mom, she’s only been overseas once before and she has been saving for ages for this trip.

8. We’re going to Robertson for the Wacky Wine festival and my dad and step-mom will come through and join us for the day.

9. Our company released their year end figures today and they are looking good considering the economic climate we’ve been through.

10. Looking forward to using the new WordPress blogging platform. A change is as good as a holiday.

How was your Tuesday?