My child who loses things

June 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

My child is a serial loser. And I don’t mean she can’t find her breakfast and I don’t mean she’s not going to amount to anything. She’s going to go far. Heed my words. ……………….. as long as she doesn’t leave something vital behind.


Ever since she’s been responsible for her own stuff she’s managed to systematically lose things. Maybe she just doesn’t like the stuff I buy and/or make her??? In Grade R she was losing up to three things a week including clothing, lunch boxes, stationery, extramural bags/clothes/goodies. Her record was a hand-made denim tennis racquet bag with her name embroidered on the side in bright orange thread (that I was mighty proud of, I can tell you). She managed to hang on to that for two and a half weeks before it wandered off into the netherworld of Jerry’s Lost Stuff.


And because she is heeltemal tweetalig (totally bilingual) she appears to be both loskop AND ditsy. Sjoe! Yesterday evening she was playing with the dogs in her new “character shoes” that I was required to buy for her upcoming ballet exam. I instructed her to take them off immediately because they cost me an arm, a leg and a small left bollock, and this morning – less than 12 hours later – she could only find one. SIGH!!! Confronted by her mother’s purple face (whilst I blew steam out of my ears) she quickly remembered where the other one was. This obviously works but my blood pressure just won’t cope with prolonged purple-facedness.


I’ve tried talking nicely, I’ve tried yelling, I’ve tried a tear or two, I’ve tried removing privileges, I’ve tried grounding, I’ve tried a smacked bottom and now I’ve decided to go hard core. This term, i.e. since 10th April, i.e. within the last 56 days, she has managed to lose BOTH pairs of her winter school trousers. Today I informed her that I’m not buying more. She can wear her gym slip and tights. And if her tights get holes she can mend them. And if she gets cold well that’s just tough.


So there we were this morning. I was being peered at by a pale face. She’d pulled her jersey sleeves down over her hands and she is wearing an old pyjama top as a vest ………. because she LOST the one I made her last weekend ………. “Ek is baie koud, Mamma.” ………. doing her best puppy-dog impression and you know what? This Mamma doesn’t even feel guilty. Ok, well maybe a little, OK I FEEL BLOODY DREADFUL. But do you think this is going to work? Well do ya?


Happy Day …… or should that read Exasperated Day!!! Cool

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  1. And here I thought it’s only my child who is a loskop of note! Lynda – I’m really beginning to lose it with Clareze! On Saturday we had a sport day in Brits so we left very early Saturday morning and guess who couldn’t find her school jacket. I lost it! So it was forgotten at aftercare on Friday afternoon – and at R300 it was not going to be replaced – that I can tell you! Luckily it was found yesterday! She also lost a brand new school dress (also at R300) and we still haven’t found it. I’m slowly going grey here lol! I can just wish us both good luck!

  2. OH gosh, I can’t wait for this to start happening. I think the only reason why L knows where to find things is because I keep picking up after him and putting them where they belong

  3. Sheesh Michelle – do these little beings realise they’re aging us before our time?!?!? :-D Was thinking this morning that I’m going to have to wear a sergeant major face for the next little while. No fun :-( Hang in there.

  4. Oooh! I have the same problems with Michael! He can never find ANYTHING!!! He’ll even be busy with a pencil one minute, and it will completely disappear the next… Please tell me if you find the CURE…

  5. I’m thinking its OUR fault. We’re clearly not showing them properly or something. Sjoe!

  6. oh my!
    being a fairly absent-minded person myself, i’m now very afraid of whats going to happen with my kids when they get to this age!

  7. Oh good luck! Hope going hard core works for her and you.

  8. Now that must be extremely frustrating, but you will find the right approach to get her to remember. I don’t remember who, but someone I know took away their childs tv priviledges when they forgot something and rewarded them when they actually didn’t forget. If I remember correctly it did work, but for how long I’m not sure. Think it has to be something they really love, but I know one day of being cold will have me moving mountains to make sure I don’t have to feel like that again lol.

  9. Shame! I’m sorry I smiled at your first line- it seems like you’ve kept your sense of humour even though it must have been quite trying.

  10. You’re MORE than welcome to smile. If I lose my ability to make others giggle then I’ve got nothing left. :-) It makes me feel better too when I try and find the humour in a situation.

  11. LOL shame poor girl… although I can understand your frustration. Honestly, how does she lose school pants?? Where did she lose them??

  12. Good luck.
    We tried with one of the older two(can’t remember which one)to get the message of if you loose it you will pay for it……they obviously didn’t have hundeds of rands to buy the expensive items,but coughing up all their saved money did have the desired effect.
    LO is very good with her things and touch wood hasn’t lost anything at school yet.

  13. Lynda I used to be your daughter. It used to drive my mother insane. I remember the times I lost something and I would get into a cold sweat about what I was going to say to my mother. I don’t remember anything working to make me stop, but it does get better the older you get. Now I only lose shoes and spectacles.

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