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June 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Goodness Grapejuice!  But this new system is quite weird, isn’t it?  S’pose we’ll get used to it. How’s the week treated everyone?  Got a few randoms for today:

  1. Because Jerry’s lunchbox often comes home with the fruit still in it we have now started eating a portion of fruit with each meal eaten at home, e.g. Jerry will eat a portion of paw paw or kiwi etc before her breakfast – works a treat and guarantees that she eats between 2 and 4 portions of fruit per day.
  2. My poor Gorgeous S has been a bit ill this week.  Stress took his blood pressure up a bitty (I monitor it daily with his blood sugar since the scare last year that landed him in hospital). Glad to advise that it’s back down to normal this morning. Sjoe! **sweat**
  3. Had my fabulous family around for lunch this past Saturday.  Huge fun, as usual.  And I’m awfully proud to say that, other than a little sugar in the ready-made pastry I bought for my pies, the whole meal: starter, main and pudding was all sugar free.
  4. Going to be teaching a friend of mine how to cut patterns off existing clothing next weekend – she came a bit unstuck when she tried to make her little boy some vests this week.  Then she’s begged me to teach her how to make patchwork next.  Think I should make a business out of this.
  5. My Bonnie-dog has been so good and has worn her cone for three weeks now after having had the cancerous growths removed from her stomach.  The Gorgeous S will take her back to the vet today to have the stitches out and the cone off – she’s going to be soooooo happy.
  6. Jerry and I went to the shop to replace her lost school pants … with her pocket money.  Let’s see if this works.

Ok, enough meandering.  Over and out.

Happy Day! (ok, pretend there’s a smily face here – don’t know how to insert one yet.)

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