Return to blogging, catch up and the MOB

November 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hello everyone!

As some of you will know, I deleted my blog a while back. I was swamped with the things happening here and felt that I didn’t have the time or the energy to blog (all the new changes on the blogs didn’t help!). I feel alot better now and things have calmed down a bit so I decided to create a new blog from scratch and try this platform again.

Firstly let me say that the MOB was great! It was lovely to meet Tourmaline, Caz and Mama-cat and their little ones in person. I had a great time and hope we can do it again soon!

Now for the catch up, its really long so I will do my best to summarise:

  • My Ouma passed away in September. She had been in a nursing home for the last 4 years and was admitted to hospital with a chest infection. As my mom and I were the closest family, we were at the hospital every day and it was dreadful seeing her like that. For a while we were hoping she would pass away quietly but she was such a fighter she kept surprising us! She then took a turn for the worse and we had to get all the family in from other provinces to see her quickly. We made several midnight and early morning panic runs to the hospital only to have her rally again the next day. Eventually she couldn’t fight anymore though and I was the first one to get there one night and missed her by 5 minutes. It was the most dreadful thing to see all the monitors showing flat lines and to have to phone everyone at 10:30 at night to tell them. My only consolation is that she is in a better place now. Then we had to do the funeral and I even managed to say a few words. The minister didn’t do a good service but some of the family said a few things that were really beautiful. I miss her so much :(
  • BM started creche just after his birthday (his birthday party went off OK, despite bad weather!). He loves his teachers and the school and only cries in the morning when he is teething or fell asleep in the car. The only bad thing is that he has been sick quite a bit. He has had bronchitis, an ear infection, two throat infections and then a reaction to his antibiotics. We had to go to the hospital on a Sunday night at 21:30 for the last ear/throat infection he had as his temperature was really high and we couldn’t get it down. The dr prescribed Augmentin for 10 days because he felt that he hadn’t gotten over the last throat infection and needed something really strong. We argued that it was excessive but he was adamant that this was necessary. BM got better very quickly but on the 11th day he broke out in a terrible red, raised and itchy rash all over his face, arms, back and body. I rushed him to our regular dr who was horrified at the 10 day course of augmentin should have been 5 maximum) and is of the opinion that BM is allergic to penicillin. At least we know now but really, how could he give a 13 month old such a hectic antibiotic regimen?!
  • BM is walking! He is so cute! He also saying “oopsy” and “oh dear” when something falls and runs around shouting “yummy yummy”. He also picks up my cell phone, puts it to his ear and says “awo?” (hello). I can’t believe how quickly he learns new things now. Its true, they get better and better!
  • I have almost finished writing exams and have 1 left next week. They have been a huge stuff up as I wasn’t nearly prepared enough and was exhausted due to BM being sick all the time. I missed one exam due to his penicillin reaction and I know that I definitely failed another one. So of the 6 I took I hope to pass 4 (holding thumbs!!!!) and 2 I will have to repeat. I am so upset with myself because I felt like this is a waste of time and money. Anyways I will have to graft next year even though….
  • … I am going back to work early next year. Finances are in a state and there is no possibility of me staying at home to study for another year like we originally planned. I am still looking for job and have been going for interviews but nothing yet. I turned one down because it involved quite a bit of travelling (overnight stays) at short notice and I can’t do that with BM. I have an interview today but I am concerned that it is too specialised in the one area of HR so we will see. I want to make sure that I get the right position for my career goals and because I want a stable position that I can stay in for a while. I doubt that I will get anything before next year, this country closes down over december! I am looking forward to going back to work, but dreading it at the same time…. I can only start in January though cos BM’s creche is closed until the 7th.

Thats about it for now, otherwise this post is going to get way too long. Thanks for reading all of it!

9 responses to Return to blogging, catch up and the MOB

  1. Glad to see you again! Sorry to hear about your gran. That must be difficult.
    We’re quite envious down here in the Cape of your Mob!

  2. Welcome back! Sorry about your Ouma. Lots of happy milestones with BM :)
    All the best on the job front. Are you looking for a generalist position?

    • Yup, I was in a generalist position before so looking to get into that. The interview was a flop anyway, didn’t like the place!

  3. It’s great to see you back here! Meeting you and little BM was awesome :)

    so sorry to hear about your Gran :(

    Can’t believe that doctor prescribed such a strong dosage of antibiotics, poor little BM :( Glad he’s better now though!

    Strongs with the exams, trust that the last one will go well as well as your re-writes!!

    Will keep my eyes and ears on the ground for a job for you :) Sometimes we hear whispers and pounce to get our friends helped :)

  4. It was great to meet you and little BM.
    Things happen and you deal with…another 2 exams next year and then you have your qualification?
    I think they sticka big ornage sticker on your file (if you go to the same doc it helps) that says you are allergic to something. hubby has one on his for some tummy medicine.
    Good Luck with the job hunting.

    • Thanks :) With these 2 subjects I still have 10 subjects to go so will be another 18 months of studying!

  5. You made me think of my Nan, who passed away in March. I always wished I had woken her in the hospital when I went to see her. She passed the following day.
    Liam had the same allergic reaction to Augmentin. It’s worth a mention to his doc so they don’t prescribe it again.
    Can’t believe BM is walking, already, is that possible? He was only born the other day.
    Blegh to creche illnesses. I’ll have to deal with that next year, but L’s school has a strict “No sick kids” policy.
    Phew on the exams, you are so brave studying and parenting.
    Good luck with the job search. Mum’s need to find a job that is flexible, especially with a little one.
    Hugs Marmalade, great update.

    • I also can’t believe he is walking! He started at just over 13 months… I will definitely tell every dr I ever come into contact with about that reaction, I got such a fright!