Al’s favourite new read – Book Review 2 year old

Wow, it’s been WAYYYYYYY too long since i did a post! I’m actually embarrassed! But i’ve been changing jobs and have finally settled at a fantastic place! Something that all mommies can make use of!

Anyhoo, this isn’t really as much a post for advertising the cool site, but more of a post for mommies with 2 year olds that love reading!

Giant Treasury for 3 Year Olds


I’ve been on the lookout for an awesome night time book for Alessandro. I’ve had this one book hidden away till he’s older, as it’s for 3 year olds. I found it while i was cleaning out the study this weekend and took a quick look at it. To my surprise this book is totally awesome! Alessandro LOVES it!

It takes about 2 minutes per story, if that? And the wording is so easy and very minimal. So for little monsters like mine that can’t sit still for long enough, this is perfect! It also teaches them about every day things… For example, the first story is about a hamster being “sick / fat” so they take her to the vet, only to find out she’s going to have babies. The second is about farm dogs, and how they herd sheep! It’s created such a great discussion time too, how i explain things to him. Especially now at this age where he’s so inquisitive!

So, i HIGHLY recommend this book for 2 year olds even. I’m going to order the next ones soon! PERFECT for Christmas.

And as a bonus, use this code – parent24 – for 10% discount on anything on the online store, specially for my fellow Parent24 blog readers!

(offer ends 14 December, as this is the last day we ship in time for Christmas deliveries)


There are other great books and educational products on the site for ages from 2 – 18! Dont miss this great opportunity for Christmas gifts!

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