“Pregnant” dads strike a pose

If beer and sausage sandwiches were babies

If beer and sausage sandwiches were babies

This is probably one of the most hilarious and disturbing images I’ve ever seen. I can’t help but love what these guys have done though.

Look at their faces and the “gentle” poses! It’s fantastic how they’ve mimicked the popular mommy-to-be photo shoot poses.

I can’t find where this originally came from but apparently it had something to do with Australia Day. The image is called “If beer and sausage sandwiches were babies” which is even funnier.

I have to wonder, would you dads-to-be do something like this?

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  1. Kelly-Ann:

    This is hillarious!!

  2. Tourmaline:

    Classic! :D

  3. helen_77:

    Haha, this is soooooooo funny. I think my DH is 11 months pregnant. Mind you, the guys in our factory all say they are pregnant with elephants and that the trunk is already coming out. Is that a bit rude for P24? LOL

  4. c.boshoff:

    bwahaha, that’s really funny!

  5. c.boshoff:

    Note how they “tuck the jewels”…

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