Happy Days!!!

September 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

Good Morning All,

I trust everyone is doing good or ok at least. I know I’ve said it before, but allow me to say it again: This weather is really driving me crazy. I just don’t like the rain. I suppose if it is raining and you are home not having to go anywhere, snug in bed with some company and a movie, then it would be great.

Yes, I know, I was meant to be home today, but came in to the office as my manager literally begged me yesterday to come and just sort out a few essential things for him today. I think it is so weird. With my operation happening on Monday, I made sure that I complete all my current work and I informed him well in advance as well as train/ show another lady what I am doing. But yesterday he calls, almost sobbing, she has no idea what the hell she is doing. So here I am today. Have no idea what will happen when I have the op and there is no way I can come to the rescue because of being hospitalised or the pain and recovery period. Yip, I foresee it, I will probably end up coming to work sooner than what the doctor says. But we will deal with that when we get there. I first want to get the op done on Monday.

I saw the doc yesterday for a final check up before Monday. I have to be at hospital at 10H00. Boyfriend insists on taking the day off and accompanying me. Which does not make sense as they will do the op and I’ll probably be groogy anyway afterwards, but he wants to be there, so I will be a grateful girlfriend and accept.

My boy went to write his entrance exam at college yesterday. I think I was more nervous than him. Now I know he’s filled with so much smarts, but he is still just my lil boy. And to me it’s like such a grown up experience…going to write and entrance exam at college!!! Anyhow, there was loads of kids and anxious parents like myself. The parents were all allowed to wait in a seperate room and inevitably parents started making conversation with one another. One particular lady irked me. She was shouting at her son before they went in to write, giving last minute instuctions and going on about how he better do well in the test and not waste her hard earned money as the test is non refundable. Other parents naturally like myself just kept away from her. How can she put that kind of pressure on the poor kid and then still attach a prizetag to his education. Maybe I’m being judgy, but if you are going to do the college thing yopu should be prepared to spend money. The poor kid did not make it and she was shouting and swearing at him so bad to a point that he actually cried.

So there we are waiting. They started at 12H30 and were set to finish at 15H30, but could leave once they’re done. I told my boy to relax and not rush. So around 14H00 kids start to file out and I’m like, where’s my angel? Serious worry. Needless to say, he did exceptionally well….87%. We then immediately proceeded to do the registration. So, my baby is off to college next year. 

We are having a big lunch at boyfriends moms place on Sunday, complete with my mum and siblings :) . I hope it goes well. For some reason the moms are always in competition with one another…weird. I get along well with bf’s mom and they have really accepted me into their little fold. Although I wish otherwise, I cannot say the same for bf and my family. They are all waiting for him to mess up. Why I have no idea.

I hope you guys all have a super weekend. Tomorrow sees me and boyfriend on the rugby field as my son is playing in a tournament so we will go and cheer along. I hope the weather is not too bad though.

Take care you’ll. Happy Friday :)

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  1. Lots and lots of strongs for Monday!!! Will be thinking of you!! And bah to your boss, he must just suck it up and respect that you have to take your time to recover. It’s great that your boyfriend is going to take the day to be with you, shame what a gesture! :)

    Well done to your boy for succeeding so well in his entrance test!!

    Enjoy your weekend!!