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All hell just broke loose…

August 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

… deep within me…rising up to torture me…

And here I was laboring under the false security that this demon only visits me at night, after dinner!

Boy was I wrong! Just bit into my first mouthful of lunch (containing a bit of prego sauce on the chips) and all hell broke loose in my chest… it was so painful, I was so hungry and just continued eating, but I knew that I was going to have to do something very soon. So I ate as much as I needed, chomped a Rennie and swallowed a glass of milk… everything seems to be under control now! Thank goodness…

Now I’m sitting with a cup of tea and a doughnut right next to me, and it’s just begging to be eaten… what should I do???


This I like not so much…

Ouch, ouch, ouch!!

August 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

This was the first thing that came out of my mouth this morning… Was sleeping so soundly and Hubby patted me on the bum and told me that it’s quarter to six! And as I turned around, it snuck up on me, completely unprovoked, not a toe out of place… and the muscle cramp clamped onto my left calf muscle… HOLY MOTHER WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!! There’s nothing that hurts like THIS… Shot upright and went “Ouch ouch ouch!!!” Hubby shot up with a skrik and asked what’s wrong and quickly cottoned on, grabbed my leg and started rubbing it while I was rummaging for the Deep Heat in the dark! Eventually the demon calmed down and I hobbled to the bathroom to relieve my bladder, which was also spasming by itself, just begging to be emptied!

Not a good way to wake up, let me tell ya. But a good morning so far, anyway. Hubby didn’t read his letter yet because yesterday he was the old Hubby when he picked me up from work. Full of jokes, hugs and sweetness. I didn’t give it to him yesterday but did put it in his bag for today and asked him to please read it when he’s on lunch. He protested that there are always people around him and I said “this is important; please read it today!”

We did lightly touch on the subject last night, as I was sitting next to him with my feet up on his legs (swollen again). I can’t quite remember what started the conversation but he did say at one stage “This is marriage, welcome.” I responded with “this is hell, not marriage. It’s never been this bad before.” So he knows what the general gest of the letter will be, but I did tell him that it’s not a bad letter, it just explains my thinking and feeling better than I can. Because lately when I try to explain myself, I contradict myself and end up frustrated and taking this out on him.

Urgh, had another bout of heartburn last night – I know when it’s going to start – when my throat starts itching. Or it feels like it’s itching. Got out of the bath groaning and complaining about how kak it is and was told to eat a Rennie!! Then I started whining “but I don’t want to!” LOL don’t know what’s worse, the chalky Rennie or the heartburn. Anyhoo, Rennies work for now and I’m grateful.

Looking forward to Whacky Minxday today! My own kitties are very sweet at the moment, and I can just watch them stalk each other and play for hours. They also have this thing they do, when we close the door at night and it’s time to stay inside, they stretch out on the carpet and flirt with us to be let out again. Very sweet! But Hubby’s got to get the burglar bars up really soon, so that they can go out during the day. I hate to think of them all locked up inside the whole day with only a few hours to play outside when we get home. It’s very unfair.

I have a severe need to sleep – I’m guessing this is normal during the 3rd trimester? All of a sudden I’m tired again and want to go to bed earlier. Which will probably start happening soon. Hubby clutched out on the couch early last night, while we were watching ‘1000 ways to die’. Sounds very morbid, yes, but mostly it’s people that died when they did very stupid things. No disrespect towards them, but some of the deaths portrayed are REALLY dumb ideas that turn bad. Like the sex-addict whose boyfriend hates her smoking, so she decides she wants sex more than cigarettes and patches herself with I don’t know how many nicotine patches… she winded up dead very soon due to nicotine poisoning. Or you get the people who are just in the wrong place at the wrong time – the health-conscious lady who grew her own wheatgrass or something like that in her backyard and made a smoothie each morning with it… little did she know that her landlord sprayed all of her garden with RAT poison of all things… and she ingested this poison over a period of six weeks, feeling worse everytime until she finally died. The funniest and stupidest of them all was the guy in the Soviet union (I think it’s there) and two of his buds who were stationed to guard outside the Chernobyl area (lots of radiation everywhere!) and the two guys and girl were drinking vodka (ole!). Then the girl decided to get raunchy with the one guy and the other one was feeling very left out, so in his drunken stupor he saw a lonely raccoon and tried to have sex with it… needless to say, the raccoon defended itself, bit off the guy’s penis and that’s how he died… bleeding to death. People do stupid things.

Here I’m babbling about a show!! Jeez…

Anyway, y’all have a lovely day, it’s Wednesday! My SIL is 34 weeks today, time is getting short! She’s going on maternity leave in just 4 weeks… And then we’ll meet little Jordan. Can’t wait!


Two down, one to go…

August 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Happy 3rd trimester to me, happy 3rd trimester to me… lalalala

And I say this not as a boast; just that I cannot believe how fast time has flown. I am now officially 28 weeks, can you believe it? I can’t. The past 5 months have passed in a blur of physical changes, hormonal waves, lots of drama and tears and more changes. Our lives have been changing slowly and irrevocably; and I still feel so very alone. Not here, in my marriage though. Typing this makes me want to cry.

Hubby is on the defense. It hit me last night that he’s permanently on his back paws and ready to defend himself. What did I do to cause this??? I can’t understand it. And so, in turn, he has me on the defense too. I’m just so tired of snapping at each other ALL the time. He wants his old wife back… I had to tell him the other night that it’s never going to happen. I AM still me, but he can’t see that. Told me again this morning that I’m a “baklei-gat” when he snapped at me for accidently touching his thumb, and I retaliated. Maybe I shouldn’t have. I’ve made a decision after church on Sunday to be slow to speak, slow to get angry and be quick to listen – this principle is set out in the Bible, in James. So I’ve been keeping my mouth shut a lot since then, but this morning I just couldn’t bite the retort back.

I also realized on Sunday at the braai that he minimizes everything to be a joke. You talk about your child – it’s a joke. You talk about raising him; it’s a joke. Any other topic of discussion is a effing joke. A joke for every occassion, whee! While this is one of the things I love about him, this is not the time for joking anymore. Anybody else feel like that? This is serious. And I’m waiting for the next time he tells me to relax, or not take things so seriously. Oh, I’m sorry – this is just our child we’re talking about and I want to give him EVERYTHING I’ve never had. So forgive me for being a maniac, and for caring.

I guess this is a symptom of having divorced parents and the consequences thereof. His parents are still together after thirty years of marriage. Mine couldn’t last 10. And I’ve always said that I never ever want to get divorced; I won’t put my kids through that one day. But this morning I had that impulse to just tell him you know what, do me a favor and get out of my life, I’ll handle all this by myself. But that’s just foolish, I know. Everybody tells me to hang on, it’ll get better and I’m gonna hold you to that :) It had better get better, otherwise I’m not going to make it.

Anyway, enough about that.

The eczema on my hands are getting really severe. I got a good cream for it – Quadriderm – but my hands look like they’re covered in hundreds of tiny boils, albeit flesh-colored. Just waiting for the cream to start doing its job. As for the heartburn – Hubby did manage to scrounge up some Rennies last night, and only one did the trick, halleluja. It tastes really kak though!! Yell I chomped it as quickly as I could just to get rid of it.

Caleb is really active; he’s never been this busy before. Yesterday was my first really uncomfortable day with my ribs being kicked and my belly being stretched and yanked. Turning over in the middle of the night is becoming kind of hard and my round ligaments somehow always protest the movement. But I’m sleeping well now again, I guess it just took me a while to get used to our new surroundings and bed.

Anyway, feeling slightly down today and I hope it will pick up… it’s all love-related Cry Hope y’all have a wonderful day!



August 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Does anyone who is currently pregnant, or has been pregnant, feel this way? This is about the only thing about pregnancy that I don’t like – feeling vulnerable. Maybe I’m paranoid, but I’ve been feeling physically vulnerable this past while, since my belly started really bulging. And not just physically, emotionally and spiritually as well. I feel like one giant, moving target – for anyone with hidden agendas, my Hubby with his incessant manner of hitting the soft spots (figuratively) and the devil, most of all – just waiting for a weak moment to pounce and deliver a blow to my faith.

I must be paranoid, but I don’t know about you – I HATE being stared at and I realized it this weekend. I popped down to the shop on Saturday afternoon for some snacks (Hubby and I were peckish but not so hungry to cook) and it just felt like every single eye was drawn to me. Of course, the stares went to the contents of my basket as well (salticracks, philadelphia cheese, mussels etc) and even though it’s as common as grass, all the stares said “mmmmm she’s pregnant, that’s why.” There is nothing wrong with this but it just feels like people are seeing me as someone or something to judge. Ag I’m probably over-sensitive.

We put up Caleb’s cot on Saturday! Had a laugh because Hubby struggled so much and he mumbles at one stage “Boilermaking is a lot easier than this! At least the instructions are complete!” I had to admit, the instructions and pictures were so unhelpful but I knew with his sharp mind and tendency to figure things out, he’d get it in the end. And so he did! It’s gorgeous, will try to post a pic.

We went to the CRC church in Pretoria East yesterday morning with my SIL and her boyfriend (Hubby’s sister) and then had a braai with them at the boyfriend’s mother’s house. I realized that I’m a little bit of a dog racist Embarassed The tannie has three humongous dogs who all drool and slobber and with their furryness, I couldn’t dare to touch them (dog hair gives me hayfever). The dogs have the run of the house and all the cats have to stay outside. You can’t move withouth being pummeled by a dog or having your food stolen out of your plate. You can’t reach out to touch them anyway as they will bite you. The cats all look at you imploringly to please just let them inside, and my heart just twisted. Poor kitties, the injustice of it all! While I love dogs too, I love cats more Laughing

What does heartburn feel like?? I think I had it last night – it felt like a burning bubble of hell in my chest cavity. Hubby told me to drink milk as there are no Rennies in the house but it didn’t really help. After a while it subsided, but it’s half ironic that tomorrow I’m officially in my third trimester and heartburn would make it’s appearance. It’s coupled with reflux too, so yuck! I can’t really hope that it’s a one-time thing, can I??

Hubby’s thumb is infected. Typical man he is, doesn’t do anything to keep the wound clean and by Saturday it was all red and gooey and he complained of an ache in the joint that was not the same as the ache he had of the impact between the hammer and his thumb. We made a turn at my MIL and she gave it one look and we immediately left to go get him some antibiotics. Getting him to take them though is another mission. I have to constantly remind him. Oy. Men. Anyway, on the way my MIL also stopped at a shoe store, looking for some comfy slip-ons (her feet also swell but for other reasons) and she insisted on buying me a comfy pair of Green Cross slip-ons too. I’m wearing them today and it’s like walking on air!

Seriously wondering what I’m going to do at work this next week…

Have to get my tail moving and go buy my SIL’s babyshower gift! Not saying when it is because she might just find this blog, but lets just say SOOOOOON. Her due date has been moved to the 25th of September as Jordan is growing so quickly. That’s a whole three weeks earlier. Time is getting short for them!

Anyway, y’all have a wonderful week!


Oh holy crap…

August 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

One of those days that I’m posting twice…

Just phoned Medihelp to get my hospital stay authorised and the hospital authorisation number… and the woman tells me that some board or another must authorise it because we’ve been members for less than 12 months… When Hubby’s work HR department assured us that there will be no exclusions, no problems… nothing!!

What the !@#$%^&* hell are we going to do if they decline it?? The approval can take anything to a day to 72 hours. We have our savings but it’s meant to sustain us for when I’m on maternity leave.

My SIL says I’m not allowed to panic until I get a definite answer but my thoughts and prayers are a real jumbled mess right now. Honeslty, what good does it do you to pay R 3000-00 for medical aid but they do absolutely fuckall to cover you????

Ohhhhmmmm… I will not panic yet… I will not panic yet…

Sacrifices – this post includes a lot of TMI – sorry

August 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

I chuckled out loud at Hubby’s stupidity this morning… sorry I don’t mean to be awful, but relating to yesterday’s post, he had a lot of nerve saying what he did…

Ideally, the desired area we would have wanted to live in would be Montana. Close to our parents, and the creche I wanted to put Caleb in is also close by, albeit in the opposite direction. He said this morning that he still wants to move there (what, and uproot us just when we’ve settled again??) and I told him (the money-saver that he is) that putting Caleb in that creche would mean a lot of driving around past the route we would take home, wherever home would be. The creche is in Sinoville.

He looks at me and in this superior tone of voice tells me that ”ja well, certain sacrifices must be made for our child.”

I looked at him, rather stunned. “Sacrifices? What kind of sacrifices do you mean?”

That superior look and tone of voice again. “A little extra time and petrol!” And this is where I laughed and shook my head.

“What?” he asked.

“No comment.” I said.

Silence for a few minutes.

“You know what, ‘a little extra time and petrol is the least of what we would have to sacrifice for this child.” I said just as we got to my workplace. “Go think about that.”

He gives me a quizzical look. “What do you mean?”

And I did the thing he hates the most – I left him to ponder.

“Go think about ‘sacrifices’, Honey, and we’ll talk later.” I said, kissed him and got out of the car.

Now I laughed because after yesterday’s post, he has the nerve to say something like this when he hasn’t even dealt with the reality of a baby entering our lives. I’ve already sacrificed so many things (and I’m not referring to stupid things like my body, or my vagina which will be completely mutilated after Caleb’s birth Laughing – sorry, a little TMI here). I’m talking about friends I never see, things I never do, or do less lately. And while the Bible speaks about sacrificing with an open heart, I think Hubby needs a good lesson. Because there are somethings he won’t sacrifice, not even for his child. Like his precious boozing rugby buddy with the kid from hell. The things he loves to do and usually does while I give up the things I love. I am prepared to give everything up for this child, not just ‘extra time and petrol’. I am prepared to sit up nights with Caleb, to spend each and every single day with him for four months and thereafter as much as I can – to be his mother. And Hubby… pfffft, I know after two nights of a niggly baby and sleeping very little, things are going to get rough for him. He’s going to get difficult and crabby, and then we’ll talk about the sacrifices thing again.

And I will remind him that he’s the one who loves sex so much. He’s the one who impregnated ME. HE wanted to do the baby dance, and it worked. He can’t expect to come inside me and expect nothing to happen. Eventually we would have gotten it right. What did he expect?? The key principle in having sex is reproduction, and today I’m feeling that he’s got to suck up whatever comes. And I will fuck him up should he even dare to turn his back. This child is his responsibility too, and heaven help me he will live up to his responsibility if I have to threaten him with a shotgun.

And one thing I must still prepare him for… Caleb will under NO circumstances be taken anywhere near a place where people smoke excessively. So unfortunately for Hubby, he will from now on be braaing and watching the rugby with Friend alone, because they smoke that place up so much that no one can breathe. Their child is already an asthmatic, ADD-riddled little nightmare because his mother smoked like a chimney all through her pregnancy. I don’t care what anyone says – second-hand smoke is worse than first-hand and I will NOT expose my child to that. I do not care for their offense ( I seem to offend a lot of people lately Yell) but my priorities are changing and I am morphing into a mother, and my child will come first. Now, and then.

So that’s my rant for today Laughing in this regard, however.

So anyway, y’all have a great day. It’s Thursday, only one more day til Friday and weekend! Whoop!


At odds with myself

August 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Either I have evolved into a hectic nagging bitch with absolutely no control over my emotions, or Hubby is an emotionless troll who actually really doesn’t give a shit about anything…

I’m feeling that he loves other, materialistic things more than he loves me (either that or he’s so desperate to escape from his reality that he’s prioritizing these things above me)

He would rather watch TV than spend time with me, because the TV is his new toy and oh so big. Asking him to do anything results in a “not-again” sigh and trudging to do whatever I ask him to with heavy, plodding feet and hanging shoulders. There’s a lot of sighing going on lately, but still he won’t ever tell me what he’s actually thinking and feeling. The only thing he can tell me is that he feels like he’s always in trouble with me.

Which is not the case. I am emotional right now, yes. I’m pregnant, you dim-witted nit! I have a need to be near him; for hugs and just a little bit of support when I’m feeling down.

My priorities have changed completely and he’s still hanging back with how our lives used to be before I fell pregnant. He’s still very keen on kuiering as much as possible, doing the braai and drinking and smoking thing with his friends and just having a merry jol and forgetting about reality. He just wants to have friends over so that everyone can watch rugby on his TV, for once. That’s perfectly fine; we all need a form of escapism from reality every now and again. But he’s hammering on it so bad that I’m feeling like I’m completely alone in this reality that we’re facing. We’re having a baby. We’re becoming parents. For instance, he wants to invite his friend and friend’s wife over for a braai – they are clamouring and demanding to come and braai by us! WHY??? They have their own bloody 42 inch TV and braai area. And their cretin of a naughty child just loves touching everything that doesn’t belong to him with his dirty little hands, breaks stuff as far as he goes and terrorizes my cats, and doesn’t react to any form of discipline – I don’t want them there but they’re Hubby’s friends and he feels that I’m isolating him from them. They are totally blind to their child’s bad behaviour and think that because he’s an only child, he’s entitled to being spoiled to death.

When will his priorities change? When will he actually man up and realize that things will never be the same? It’s a scary thought, yes but I’ve dealt with it. Why can’t he? And why must I keep talking to him in pshyciatrist tones and encourage him to deal with reality, accept the changes and to please talk to me about whatever’s bothering him? He just shuts me out.

I am so tired of this. Last night I entertained fantasies of packing a bag and leaving, to my mom’s. The only reason why I won’t go is because of the cats. How sad is that? I’m more concerned for their well-being than Hubby’s. It pisses him off that I’m so protective of them, but I know he won’t care for them when I’m not there. He won’t give them fresh water, nor will he give them fresh food. He won’t think of things such as pulling open the bedroom curtains so that they can at least have a nice spot of sunshine to doze in. After all, they’re cooped up inside the whole day because of his paranoia. Once again – there’s too big a risk that there can be a break-in if a window is left open and the TV stolen. THE TV!! Oh my word, grow a fucking backbone, won’t you?

He’s just completely focused on himself and doesn’t give any thought of any of the things I do to accommodate and please him. Small things, like giving up the show I really wanted to watch so that he can watch the selection and announcement of the Springboks. How I don’t bath too long so that he can come lounge in nice warm water for as long as he wants. How I see to his needs the best I can. How I give everything of myself each and every day and try to do as much as I can, pregnant and all!

I have no strength left to keep fighting… Right now I just really want to give up. To leave him to his perfect little life with his TV and his friends and fucking braai, take my cats and go somewhere else where I can have my child and raise him with the support of the other people in my life who will love him. Unfortunately I am dependent on him, my salary covers a smidge compared to his. I can’t go. I really want to.

This scares the hell out of me. I just admitted that I want to leave my husband.

Things I knew VS things I didn’t…

August 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

The purpose of this post is to highlight people like myself’s ignorance about a universal, life-changing event like pregnancy.

Things I knew about pregnancy before it happened:

  • You will miss your period
  • Your boobs will get sore
  • You will get moody
  • You will get tired
  • Your body will change / get fat
  • Cravings happen and food you loved will make you run for the closest loo or bush depending on where you are

Things I didn’t know and ironically is quite logical:

  • Round ligament stretching – the first time it happened I thought I was being cursed with ass cramps from my colleagues the whole day. Turns out that these ligaments range from your bum to your tummy and can act up anywhere when it’s time for baby to grow!
  • Incontinence – I hate this with everything in me! No pun intended. Having to bounce up and down on the toilet just to ensure everything is out, and wiping three times to also ensure that everything is out and that no suspicious puddles appear on the back of your jeans. Quite hilarious though, especially when a surprise gas makes its appearance and your colleagues are in earshot! Cool
  • Reflux / heartburn – Not so much heartburn for me but reflux yes! Throwing up in your mouth a little at a time is the most disgusting thing ever. I nearly wrote off my car last Monday on my way to work (before leaving again to go to the doctor) as a surprise reflux snuck up on me and grossed me out beyond belief.
  • Your breasts can become as large as your head! LOL my one friend’s boobs were so big after she gave birth to her son that they matched her head size perfectly…
  • Things that never swell, suddenly poof out. Feet, fingers, face… As it happens, I’m sitting with my feet up and it’s heavenly.
  • Not all pregnant women pick up weight. Or so much of it, at least. My SIL has been picking up only her baby’s weight and of course the placenta and whatnot. Me… I pick up everybody else’s, it would seem. I’ve picked it up everywhere. My ass is the size of the Titanic. My hips are broader. I look like a hour glass turned inside out with the thin part being my head and ankles, and the rest of me bulging outwards Laughing
  • The inability to move even a box 5 meters – everybody yells at you to LEAVE IT!!

Things I’ve realized since falling pregnant:

  • You really REALLY realize that what’s coming is permanent and life-long. Reality hits you like waves and it took me at least three weeks to get over the shock and fear of what was happening to me, my Hubby and our marriage.
  • I realized that after all we’ve been through in the past year and a half has made us stronger and that our fears are normal. I realized that the Devil is like a prowling lion looking for a bite to eat and has picked us because he wants to destroy us. When thinking back to the poorer times when things looked impossible and I realized that he’s still there with me, through thick and thin – just like he promised.
  • My husband is supposed to be my pillar of strength and will gladly carry me if I’d let him, and so is my family.
  • Birth is inevitable. Many have done it before me and have survived to tell the tale. I will just be another one of them who survive the experience, no matter how I do it.
  • Things I never would have thought of now crosses my mind. Daycare etc. When a couple of months ago it never crossed  my mind. Thinking about having a baby was very surfaced; I always imagined the baby but never actively picture him or her in my life. I thought of always wanting kids but not really having them.
  • As my pregnancy progresses, I realize all the more how much I want this kid. To give him a chance. To better myself so that he can be the best Innocent LOL seriously, we will try our best to be good parents and will do our best to keep to it.

And this is the end of this random rumble. Thanks for reading it, if you managed to last all the way without falling asleep and whacking your head on your desk!

Out with the old and in with the new…

August 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Kind of sad that today’s head topic of my blog is… a washing machine. Whee.

After we got back from Nelspruit Sunday, Hubby fixed the tumbledryer (it was making an unholy clattering sound – turned out to be a fan somewhere at the back that have gone loose) and then I put in a fresh load of washing into the washing machine. Shortly afterward I heard Hubby vloeking like a sailor and went downstairs to investigate – the machine overflowed again and I mopped up the floor while he tried to see what’s going on with it. Called in my Cousin to come have a look and it was then that we realized that the old fossil’s (the machine, not my cousin Laughing) is completely deurmekaar. It spins when it should be tapping water, washes when it should spin etc. And we came to the dire conclusion that it is time for a new one. Whee X2! Had to dip into our Caleb/Maternity leave savings to buy the new bloody thing yesterday afternoon, but at least it wasn’t too expensive and Hubby will be picking it up this afternoon so that we can wash clothes tonight. We are in dire need of clothes!!!

My feet started swelling hectically yesterday afternoon – my toes looked like red sausages by the time Hubby picked me up. Every step I had to take in the Kolonnade on the way to Game was painful – for my toes, mind you. I was wearing black flats with those peepholes for my toes. To my relief, one of the shoes tore at the peephole and we had to make a quick detour into Ackermans for new ones! So this morning I asked Skapie (the young dude here in the office next to me) to please push out the backboard of my desk so that I can put my feet up.

My stork tea must be really soon, because all my family members in Nelspruit are constantly promising to see us again really soon… oh well, I don’t mind surprises and I’m definitely not trying to find out when it is, like my SIL! Speaking of which, Jordan weighs 2.2 kg at 33 weeks and the doctor said if she keeps growing like this, normal birth will be out of the question. SIL is disappointed in a way, but also relieved. She told the doc that if Jordan is bigger than 3.5 kg when she goes into labour, there is no way she’s going to do it normally.

I’ve got eczema on my hands – again. It’s really bad, it starts on my fingers and spreads to the rest of my hands and looks like hundreds of very small warts. I last had this in January for some reason, and now it’s back. Must get me some Quadriderm, it worked like a charm last time.

Caleb seems to think that sleeptime is playtime Cool Last night Hubby clutched out really quickly and I was still lying awake, praying a bit and thinking about things and he was moving around so much, it felt like he was doing the twist. But shortly after, as I started getting sleepy, so did he and I didn’t feel him until this morning again. Also speaking of Hubby, he’s working in really bad safety conditions. They have to use worn-out equipment; don’t have proper protection for their hearing and he comes home numerous times a week all tanned from welding without a helmet. He’s got a helmet, but it’s in such a bad condition that he can do without it, which is a big problem. He can sue that place for his hearing and vision; should it detereorate. And he whacked his thumb with a hammer yesterday (the punch he was supposed to use crumbled from beneath the hammer and his thumb got in the way instead) and it looks horrible. Blue, swollen and it burst from the impact. He can hardly move it. He says that the boss doesn’t want Health & Safety reps there because they interfere with work, but I think they should be called in. I’m a H&S myself, so I know! They will shut that place down. While we don’t want that because of Hubby’s stellar income, I do want him to be safe.

Anyway, have a great day y’all! Can’t wait for Whacky Minxday tomorrow! :D Oh, and I’m on the blogs of note section! Wow!!


Preggy update – 27 weeks

August 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

1) How far along are you now? Tomorrow will be 27 weeks!


2) When is your due date? 24 November 2011


3) What has been your preggy high this week? Didn’t really have a high as I’ve been feeling so low but Caleb was 820 grams last Monday at our gynae appointment! He’s starting to stretch his legs and I can see the little bulges it makes – it’s also pronounced enough now that sometimes he kicks and stretches quite sore!


4) What has been your preggy low this week? Having bronchitis and being off for a whole week… the off part being nice, but the hacking coughing and drama resulting from illegal access to my pc not so much…


5) How are you sleeping? Not well, actually – don’t know if it’s the new bed or the new house but Hubby and I both sleep lightly lately…


6) What is on your list of things to do in the next month re prep for baby? Starting to get his room settled – set up the camping cot and unpacking the stuff we have so long – we also really need to start buying clothes for Caleb! We have very little babygrows and stuff, but seeing as though it’s technically still winter there aren’t summer babygrows… guess we’ll have to wait some more.


7) When is your next appointment? 22 September ( it was supposed to be a week sooner but the receptionist didn’t get the part where I said we were there last week and due to illness I couldn’t phone for the next appointment right away- so instead of 3 weeks away, it’s still four weeks!! ARGH!)


8) What is your current craving? Not really craving anything except substantial food – stuff like sarmies are too light in the pants…


9) How are you feeling physically? Snotty, and not in the arrogant way. My round ligaments are taking a double whammy with the coughing and Caleb growing, so that’s quite ouch.


10) How are you feeling emotionally? Normally very good but today I’m bedonnerd at certain people’s insecurity and jealousy.


11) How is your partner dealing with the pregnancy at this stage? He could be a little more supportive (preparing himself for his role in all this and the birth) but he’s enjoying playing You Nudge, I Nudge with Caleb! He’s also fiercely protective of all his stuff and his room (always chasing the cats away if they even get near the door!!)


12) Do you know the sex of your baby yet? And do you have a name finalised? Thinking about Joshua as his second name.


13) Will you be trying for Natural or Caesar?  Whichever one comes first or is necessary.


14) Which hospital will you be having your baby at?  Femina Clinic


15) Wearing maternity clothes?  Yup… at least my pants still fit!


16) What is your Tummy measurement?  No idea! But it’s getting very round and actually looks cute to me :D


17) How much does baby weigh/ measure at the moment? (Or at last scan)  Caleb weighed in at 820 g last Monday. Bit small says the Doc but nothing to be worried about.


18) How much weight have you gained to date?  Last Wednesday, up until 8.4 kg’s… yikes!! I’ve been picking up weight everywhere, my hands and feet, my arms, hips, bum, face… some say it’s water retention but I dunno… hopefully I’ll lose it all quickly!


19) Having baby-related dreams?  No, I’m starting to dream about the discomforts of the 3rd trimester – dreamt last night that I was lying om my back cos my hips ached and I was still uncomfy and someone in the dream told me to turn slightly to the side and stuff a pillow under my hip… which actually worked! I slept much better afterward!


20) Stretchmarks? New ones on my hips… argh


21) What is your nursery room theme? No theme but we changed the colors – actually exchanged the camp cot for a dark choc brown, light beige and avo green, as well as the stroller!

22) Next milestone due? Bed is booked and our 4D scan is scheduled for the 9th of September! Can’t wait!!

23) What do you miss? The death-like state that I slept in during my first trimester and the first part of the second… and I miss coffee! Was tortured this weekend by Wimpy’s coffee, it smelled heavenly! But coffee is taboo, gives me migraines… :(

24) What are you looking forward to? Going home this afternoon and getting away from this place.

25) What is the best preggy advice you have been given? Everything everyone has told me so far!