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How am I …

October 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

… going to survive three more days of work when they look like this??? AND NOTHING SOOTHES!!!

They look worse in real life…Red and swollen…

I am in so much pain right now… I’m thinking of asking to go on leave sooner… I’ve got two more days Cry


Thunderstorms… Oh divine!!

October 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

Sooooo…. on Friday afternoon we left home at 16:50 just in case there was traffic due to the roads only opening at 14:00 after the march. And we got to the hospital at 17:00 – the roads were deserted except for a lone car here and there… And then we got to the hospital and the parking lot was half empty. As we entered the rooms, there were a couple of people and after about 5 mins a lady came out, and two of the people waiting got up to leave with her. Then the next one went in, taking her entire entourage with her… so Hubby and I were sitting there all alone, wondering if someone else was coming. And the receptionist told us that we’re the last patients for the day! She was so happy that they were actually having an early night!

So in we went, right on schedule. And Doc was also in such a happy mood, chatting about the stupidity of the march (sorry) and the rugby and his hopes for the Lions to win (goooooo Lions!!!) and then off we went to check Caleb.

This little man picked up an entire kilo in two weeks – he went from 2.2kg to 3.2kg. He measured and weighed in at 38 weeks 3 days, and the Doc said he can make his appearance any time from the 10th of November. So it’s good that I’m going on leave on Thursday. And we were talking about labor options and he did this thing where he grabbed hold of Caleb’s head from the outside and started shaking us vigorously – it hurt so bad I swear I was going to effing kill that doctor! He apologized but said that Caleb’s head is still loose; not engaged yet so anything can still happen. When we left, the skies were so dark and ominous and just as we got home, the thunderstorm broke. And on Saturday night… and last night! It was wonderful! And so heavy that I even got scared Laughing

I’ve reached the point that I really DON’T want a c-section!!!! And I’ve been praying non-stop about it, but I finally realized that I need to stop obsessing about it and let it go! God knows my heart and I trust that everything will work out. Because the devil likes to play on people’s fears and seeing to it that you get exactly what you fear! So I’m chilling out now, and just concentrating on getting work done before end of the day Thursday.

My bag is finally packed with everything I need, except my toiletries and cellphone charger. I need to also get a book and stock up on puzzle books. I might not have time for them, but you never know!

Rape has become a national sport. The rape of a Tuks student in her own home where she was brutally stabbed and then raped for her cellphone and laptop. The brutal gang rape of a 17 year old girl in the North West, after which her throat was cut and she was tied naked to a tree. Louise De Waal, raped and then murdered and set alight in a field. I have no words. I am filled with horrible sadness when I think about the brutality of this, of how these women’s lives are ruined forever.

When it happened to me, at least it wasn’t brutal like these women had to go through… I was basically date-raped by a guy who thought waiting for me in the hall while in the bathroom and then grabbing me when I came out would be okay ‘because we know each other, right?’ … I won’t go into detail but I was in such shock of what was happening that the few times I said ‘no’ actually seems feeble and not really trying to protect myself… I didn’t realize for three years what actually happened to me. But afterwards I told my friend who was with me at the braai that we’ve got to leave. I didn’t feel right inside. My heart was heavy and I just wanted to flee. The guy went outside to his buddies and no doubt bragged about the score he just got. We just left. I didn’t tell her anything, just dropped her off and went home. That night I was home alone (my brother and I lived together then and he was at SIL’s) and for some reason the cats all went into one of those hair-rasing screaming fits at 02:00 – I woke up with such a horrible presence of fear and depression over me and the next morning I just couldn’t get up – I was crying uncontrollably and I didn’t know why. Finally I just took my bottle of calming pills and was sitting with them all in my hands, ready to take them when my brother sms’ed me. I told him to just get home, otherwise they will find me dead. I just couldn’t face what happened to me, and my mind blocked it out for three years. I somehow kept going, but changed forever.

I only realized what truly happened last year November. And since then I’m able to talk about it, because it set me free, acknowledging that I got hurt and knowing that the bastard who did it will forever be responsible and will be held accountable one day. And it turns out I wasn’t the only one. He’s raped a litany of girls who thought that he was their friend.

I know this doesn’t even comes close to the horror those girls faced… But it did affect me in ways I can’t describe, and it’s also affected my sex life with my husband. He knows about it and he understands but I know it’s difficult for him. I try in my own way to give him what he needs but it’s a struggle.

Regardless, my heart bleeds for the girls and their horror… and the tough road that lies ahead for them Cry May God keep them close to His heart. I’m sure His heart is just as broken as mine. But I’m a survivor and God is helping me every single day with my issues.

I’m praying for each and every woman out there today, for safety. May the angels cue formation behind you, in front of you and may each and every piece of scum out there be struck by blindness.

My fourth last day at work – what a morbid post. Sorry guys. And what a way to start this week – our office is flooded and it smells horrible in here. And our desks got the worst of it. Luckily I can sit in Manager Lady’s office and work.

Have a good day ladies! Be safe, please.


Gum assault and diarrhoea…

October 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Remember a couple of months ago I severed an offending little piece of gum meat in my mouth with a carrot? I was bleeding and looking like Dracula’s pregnant girlfriend and scared the hell out of the girls in the bathroom who wanted to know if I was alright…

Memory refreshed? Good… last night the effing piece of sensitive gum got in the damn way again… bleeding commences and doesn’t stop… And this time it’s not severed, it’s still there but it’s kind of loose and just looks gross… Hubby brings me salt water and this helps to stop the bleeding at least. But this morning I’m reluctant to smile because of this little stupid piece of gum…

So much for the heavy rains they promised… I was looking forward to waking up for my midnight wee and hearing thunder and rain… nothing but the fan keeping us cool. I had a bit of a skrik last night – when I got up to go pee, my underwear and boxer was feeling rather damp – not wet but enough to make a person worry… I tried to see in the dark whether maybe the mucous plug have started coming out and maybe my water was starting to break or someting but it turns out it was just wee. One of those cases of waking up just in time before you wet your bed… and lately I’m dreaming about peeing a lot, so it’s touch and go most nights.

Worried about Hubby, think he might have a bit of food poisoning or something. At work they’ve got a canteen and their main and only dish is chicken and rice. Some days he eats there, other days he doesn’t because we pack lunch. Not packing lunch now cos the cupboards are bordering on empty. So he got his R10 special of chicken and rice and ate only the rice… warming up the chicken and remaining rice later. I don’t think he warmed it up enough. I don’t even think he put the chicken in the fridge until later! So all of a sudden last night he’s stuck in the loo with diarrhoea. Got up through the night with cramps. Luckily he’s not throwing up. But he’s dehydrated by now so I asked him to please drink flat Coke and water and get to his mom’s for some Loperamide or Immodium or something. And Scopex.

Caleb is at this point where he’s stretching… maaaan it’s uncomfortable. And sometimes it’s like he’s burrowing against my bladder – it stops me in my tracks if I’m walking somewhere! And Hubby can officially fit his hand underneath my breasts and Caleb – he’s now so low that his bum (I think) is in line with my navel. Definitely dropped. I don’t think he can go any further, he’ll fall out. LOL

Hopefully day 2 of the economic freedom march will also pass peacefully and quickly and that the crowd will disperse and go home – so that we can make our appointment this afternoon.

Manager Lady also has her 14 week appointment today – shame they’re really hopeful that they might see early signs of the sex. Everybody is convinced its a girl, I really hope so! We’re carrying a horrendous record of boys only over here ;)

Anyway, it’s Fridaaaaaay! Weekend baby! Y’all must enjoy your weekend!



October 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Just got back to my desk… after just having my work baby shower!!

I was completely surprised, I thought it would only happen either tomorrow or next week Thursday!

I work with truly wonderful people, they made such an effort! And lunch was pizza, yum!!

I’ve never blushed so badly in my life like I did now Embarassed It was truly awesome!!

Thanks to Manager Lady and all the other girls in the office! LOL and K-guy!! Wink The rest of the men got fed and then fled LOL

Moody rambles…

October 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Feeling slightly moody today Undecided Combination of niggles, fatigue, aches and the world and it’s k@k in general.

Loving the weather, it suits my mood – nice and cloudy and I was hoping it would thunder, hail and rain in Gauteng today. Wash away all the bad things that causes sleepless nights.

I got such a pampering from Hubby last night. At one stage I asked him ‘okay, what do you want?’ and he just smiled. He was giving Caleb a whooooole lot of attention, talking to him and kissing and stroking my belly and just surprising me completely Embarassed It was quite cute, actually. He gave me a footrub although I nearly wanted to kick him or something because even the swelling gets sore. LOL I kept begging him not to rub so hard and it turns out he was hardly putting any pressure on my feet! Just shows ya…But I definitely realized that I don’t tell him enough how much I appreciate him, and he said the same thing to me. He said that he doesn’t show me enough how he feels and that he’s sorry. An ‘aaaaaaaw’ moment for me Embarassed He took care of me so gently last night, I slept like a baby.

The kitchen is piling with dishes again just cos of my feet Yell Normally I do the dishes; I don’t mind – it’s conductive to thinking and in a way therapeutic to me. I’m weird, okay. I’ve made peace with myself LOOOOOOOONG ago Wink It’s just soooo hard to stand for long periods of time right now.

There was a guy from Practica at the ante-natal class the other night and he played us sounds from inside the womb. Some or other doctor apparently inserted a small microphone into a woman in labor’s womb (she was still in early labor) and he played us the sounds from how it sounds outside, and then from inside. Quite amazing how clearly you can hear voices and other sounds. He strongly advised AGAINST playing rock music to your baby… um, too late?? Not that I’m bombarding Caleb with it, but when we put on Dire Straits, Bon Jovi or AC/DC, he comes alive and jigs a bit. I don’t think by playing it he’s going to turn out a criminal or have ADD or something?? Who says only Bach or Mozart WILL stimulate your kid? Am I wrong here??

Is it normal to start itching? I’m itching randomly…Not a lot, just enough to be noticed and VERY irritating.

T- 6 days until I go on leave… and I can’t wait anymore Yell Every day at work is torture right now. There is no way to sit to spare my lower back and coccyx. There is no way to sit to spare my swollen feet. I have to get up and walk somewhere at least every hour and do army marching with my legs just to keep the circulation going (looks funny when I’m ‘marching’ to the bathroom!) I pray for the end of each day so that I can just go home and rest. There isn’t much left for me to do here anyway…

Work is also insisting on a baby shower but I told Manager Lady it’s REALLY not necessary… we got so much stuff last weekend, but I was told very firmly that ‘you don’t have a say in the matter’. LOL oi vey… so now I’m being asked what else do we need and I honestly can’t answer people… The only two things I still need I’m going to buy myself because it’s expensive and I won’t ask other people to buy it – it’s the Tommee Tippee manual breast pump, and the diaper bin… okay still debating on the bin – maybe y’all can advise on this one. To bin or not to bin? Hubby thinks it’s a waste of money. I see a whole bag full of dirty diapers as a bio-hazard; the bin at least incinerates them. I have an inkling the baby shower might be tomorrow; they usually reserve these things for Fridays so I will deftly and dutifully get out of their way and go take SIL’s last outstanding documents to the UIF assistance place for her UIF. I offered graciously two weeks ago and have been regretting it; driving by myself is now VERY uncomfortable, maar nou ja. I will prevail!

I received a gift basket from a very good friend – you know who you are, friend! :) Means so much to Hubby and me! :) Thank you!

Tomorrow I will come to work on my own for the very last time this year… scary thought!!

Anyway, enough complaining… sorry you guys… thanks for reading though, and I hope you have a great day!


What to take along …

October 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

…to the hospital in a couple of weeks time – another thing Midwife told us last night:

Of course my bag, Caleb’s bag and then the following… which I think is the MOST important for both Hubby and me…

SNACKS. What kind of snacks, we asked Midwife. I’ve been really curious cos all the articles say that you can drink isotonic drinks and that you should try to eat and drink while in labor.

So her advice on snacks and drinks to keep up both parties’ energy levels are the following:

  • Coke (woohoo!!)
  • Ice water (bigger woohoo!!)
  • Green or yellow Energade
  • Ice
  • Salticracks
  • Mini cheddar bites
  • Wine gums
  • Jelly babies
  • Biltong
  • Ice chips/blocks (SIL swore that this helped her, I can believe it!)

What NOT to eat or drink:

  • Milkies like Steri Stumpie
  • Yogi-sip
  • Blue or red Energade
  • Rich foods

All of these above will make you throw up. Apparently. Luckily the only time I drink a melkie is when I eat a garage pie… which I’m not planning to do that day. Nor will I have Yogi-sip. I can barely finish a blue or red Energade anyway cos it’s so damn sweet. And we’re not going to pack tarts and pies and heaven alone knows what else.

I can just imagine the scene – walking into the hospital, in labor with me carrying Caleb’s bag, and Hubby carrying my bag and a cooler Cool I wonder what on earth the nurses will think!

I don’t care, as long as there’s a couple of cans of Coke and lots of ice water, I will, can, want to and am going to do this, because I’m blerrie oulik!!!

It’s Midwife’s motto… it’s about time that instead of telling people I’m going to try for vaginal and say yes I am going to succeed, come hell or high water.

Pre-natal class update

October 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Had class last night! Yay! We were joined by a new couple, a girl of 24 and her hubby. She’s 35 weeks now, just one week behind me and I’m soooooo jealous of her ankles!! They don’t swell up at all!

We laughed a lot, as always, and learned a lot. We got homework. The men were shown how to rub our feet and where the spot is to stimulate the cervix into softening (they shouldn’t over-stimulate, we don’t wanna go into labor too soon, do we??) and then Midwife also showed the men how to massage our feet to stimulate blood flow and circulation, and to get rid of the swelling. Then came the hilarious part – she showed us how to exercise our pelvis. Can you imagine two pregnant ladies shaking their hips left, right, left, right, forward, back, forward and back while keeping their upper bodies still? It was so funny. And then we did the ‘knyp’ exercises – exercising the Kegel muscles while breathing in through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. It’s actually quite tricky, to concentrate on breathing and knyping altogether!

She handed us a pamphlet that showed perineum massaging… and she gave us strict orders to let whatever happens because of it be. She encouraged us to have sex (especially from about four days before our due dates) and reminded us that a baby puts strain on a marriage and that sex is very important. Hubby asked me in the car on the way home why does it seem like I’m not looking forward to it… cos honestly I’m not. But yes, it’s important and we should never stop having sex, ever. I feel so guilty. I know he yearns for it but I keep blocking. I have a serious mental block and sex only happens when it’s built up to the point of just happening. It was easier when I was able to drink… yes, how sad that alcohol relaxed me enough to be able to sleep with my husband. I have a problem and I have no idea how I’m going to fix it. 

Anyway, she then discussed the danger signs of labor with us – things like pre-eclampsia and the other things that warn you that labor is imminent, and next week we’re moving on to labor itself. She’s going to show us how to push… THAT’S gonna be awkward!!

I’m still very intrigued by the birth unit but Midwife assured me that if I rather want her to help me deliver in hospital, it can be arranged. She knows my gynae very well and said that he’s great at c-sections because it’s fast and he’s swift with his hands. But apparently there have been complaints that he’s too hasty when it comes to natural deliveries and a few women have torn badly because of it. I told Hubby that he must save her number, that he can phone her the day I go into labor, to find out if she’s available. She’s got a good understanding with the staff of the labor wards at Femina, let’s just hope they let her in to help me! She IS pro-natural birth though and prefers that women give birth without pain stuff, but hopefully she’ll be just as helpful if I’ve had an epidural.

During the class she said something about men losing all their cool and crying when they see that head coming through. She said it in such a comical way and I told her that it won’t be bloody likely with Hubby; and I don’t think he’ll be watching the whole birth happening and she asked why. He’s very good at keeping his emotions tightly locked up, the whole DT family is like that. He told me that I’ve got no faith in him. Of course he saw it as another blow to his ego – that I think he can’t handle blood and all that. We talked about it when we left and I said that it’s not that I think he can’t handle it! Jeez, he’s been hunting with his father for years and has cut up more than one bok in his lifetime, so the fact that he can handle gore and blood isn’t even questionable. I told him that I don’t think he’ll like seeing that (same with the administering of the epidural); and he’s not really the type to hang over my legs and see what’s going on. He’ll be by my side or my head, encouraging me so he won’t actually SEE the birth. I laughingly told him that we can take a bet to see how he reacts when Caleb is born – I say he’s going to remain stone cold, and he says we’ll see… Cool LOL he said that I might be right with the adminstering of the epidural, he’s not looking forward to that but he’s going to stay with me no matter what, just as long as he doesn’t have to see it. Shame my poor hubby Smile Him and his sister both can’t handle needles at all and it’s always a battle of wills if tetanus shots or flu shots or voltaren needs to be administered.

Apparently the warm period-ache I’m experiencing every now and again is NOT braxton hicks – the other girl gets them too. Neither of us feel a tightening in our bellies, so we might not get them at all. Midwife reckons that it’s just the ligaments stretching, and we both feel it the most in our backs, with our babies growing so rapidly now. Midwife also felt our bellies and told me that Caleb is definitely descending, and she was able to pinpoint how he’s lying Laughing Time is short, indeed.

Anyway, enough rambling… they said there might be some rain today, let’s hope so!

Have a great day!


Lost zzzz’s…

October 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’m sommer vies this morning. The ANCYL and all their bullshit are keeping me awake – either I’m having nightmares of their protesting and attacking hospitals, or things that go bump in the night wake me up and keep me awake for an hour with my ears open for any sound of a break-in.

Yeah, I’m paranoid. I’m upset by Clown Malema’s plans for a revolution after everything Mandela’s built up – after peace, after 17 years of a rainbow nation. I wonder what Mandela thinks of Malema.

I dreamt that I’m in a hospital on the ground floor with two other laboring women – all three of us are and I remember the contractions being so painful – and all of a sudden a movement outside caught my eye. A car full of vigilantes were flinging objects at the hospital; you could hear it hit the skirting on the roof outside… and then the objects exploded and there was mayhem everywhere. They were nail grenades and everywhere people were being impaled by flying nails, while the bombs did so much damage to the hospital. People lost eyes, got nails in the most peculiar places and while I’m trying to help one of the women while being in labor myself, I realized that I had a 10 cm long nail in my chest. Somehow I ended up outside where these barbarians were looking for people to shoot and I pretended to be dead. When the person standing over me walked away, I scampered into the hospital where it was chaos.

Yes, I am being haunted by my fear of what these protests will entail… will they stay where they say they’re going to be, especially the night vigil in Pretoria at the Union Buildings? Or will they pour into the residential areas and make mayhem?? Break in, hurt animals and attack anyone they can find because they’re ‘protesting economic freedom’? How do they count economic freedom and ‘shoot the boer’ together, I ask you…

I don’t have a lot of hope for this country, honestly. People can vilify me, or judge me all they like. I don’t have hope anymore. We are sinking into deterioration; mayhem and headed towards a civil war. Are we supposed to just hang around and wait to be murdered in our beds just because it’ll make the poor feel better and because Malema promises them they’ll feel better after shooting a boer? Or shoot the whites, as the latest has it. They are now singing shoot the whites, yes.

Is it too much to hope that this whole thing will be a dud, for everyone’s safety’s sake? And are there any black people out there who care about what happens to the whites?Do any of you have compassion for us, or do you feel we deserve it, after Apartheid? Even when the young generation had NOTHING to do with it?

The most important question of all being – why can’t we all just get along and put the past behind us? That’s what Mandela fought for, what he spent 22 years in jail for. He’s a world-renowned hero.

Is the UN only going to step in when mass genocide of the whites have occurred?

I want to flee… I want to get out of here and give my child a chance at life.

I’m not hanging around for possibilities that could have been prevented – losing my family, being brutally murdered because Malema said so… sounds like Simon says…

Sorry about this post. If I incite any offense, I’m sorry. But I’m scared. I blame FW De Klerk, and all his cronies who suppressed the blacks and now they’re coming for us… now they’re retaliating and it’s our turn.

My heart is heavy and I’m afraid… what have they done to us all?


Preggy update – almost 36 weeks

October 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

1) How far along are you now? Almost 36 weeks


2) When is your due date? Original: 24 November 2011 ; due to Caleb’s size on 34 weeks: 18 November 2011


3) What has been your preggy high this week? Realizing that there are only 9 work days until I go on maternity leave


4) What has been your preggy low this week? Very tender pubic bone – difficult to walk!!


5) How are you sleeping? Some nights I sleep well, other nights not so much – we have to employ the fan because it’s so damn hot, I won’t be able to sleep without it! Always thirsty at night too…


6) What is on your list of things to do in the next month re prep for baby? Our bags are packed (mine still needs a few stuff but I’ll pack it on the day) and everything else is in order! Still have a couple of antenatal classes to attend though…


7) When is your next appointment? 28 October 2011


8) What is your current craving? Ice water – if it’s not icy cold, I ain’t drinkin’ it…


9) How are you feeling physically? Sore… pelvic region taking a fair amount of pressure due to Caleb descending and suffering from reflux… constantly! But otherwise I’m good…


10) How are you feeling emotionally? Happy! :) Nervous about his birth, excited about his birth! lol all in one!


11) How is your partner dealing with the pregnancy at this stage? After Saturday, he’s got that blazing look on his face and he told me that he can’t wait; he’s like a little boy before x-mas but he’s still scared though.


12) Do you know the sex of your baby yet? And do you have a name finalised? Caleb Bartho Du Toit


13) Will you be trying for Natural or Caesar?  Had a nightmare about a c-section so I want to go normal (with epidural!)


14) Which hospital will you be having your baby at?  Femina Clinic


15) Wearing maternity clothes?  Yeah… only have four pants and 6 tops that fit, and four of the 6 tops have been stained by … Stasoft!! Argh!!


16) What is your Tummy measurement?  109 cm


17) How much does baby weigh/ measure at the moment? (Or at last scan)  He weighed in at 2.2 kg on 24 weeks, so he should be round about 2.4 kg’s on Friday.


18) How much weight have you gained to date?  All in all, 15.2 kg’s.


19) Having baby-related dreams?  Had my first birth-related nightmare… I guess I’m more afraid of a c-section than I thought…


20) Stretchmarks? Sigh… yes, thighs, hips but none on my tummy yet! Yay!!


21) What is your nursery room theme? No theme, just enough boy-ish stuff!

22) Next milestone due? Next appointment – Doc will probably just check his size again and if everything is fine!

23) What do you miss? Alcohol!!

24) What are you looking forward to? Resting and not nesting when on maternity leave!!

25) What is the best preggy advice you have been given? Sleep when your baby sleeps!!

Caleb update and some other ramblings

October 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

I cannot believe that it’s going to be 36 degrees in Pretoria today!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!Yell While it’s the weather and no one can control it, I’m actually (probably irrationally) angry at the weather! They said on the radio that it’s officially a heatwave… how long is it going to last? Cos I’m already feeling very sorry for myself and all the other pregnant women… Hopefully when this mofo heatwave breaks… we’re going to have a moerse thunderstorm!!

The baby shower was absolutely wonderful, fantastic, name it what you will. So many people turned up and we got three washing baskets full of gifts!! It was amazing to open each one and look at the little clothes, baby products, and everything else that people could contribute. It was truly wonderful of them… and as we were in the middle of the gift-opening, in walks my Stepmom and Friend J… needless to say I gasped and jumped up and nearly crushed her in a hug, I was so glad to see them!! I had a feeling something like that may happen but it was the most wonderful surprise. Not even my Mom knew she was coming! Stepmom then immediately rushed to SIL and Jordan and started crying the moment she saw them. She plonked her bum down right next to Jordan’s carry cot and there she stayed until all the formalities were over and done with. There were also some old friends from school; it was wonderful catching up with them! And my other SIL did so much to make the day special. All I can say is that it was truly wonderful. She’s in possession of the pics, I will email her for them and post as soon as I get them. We got everthing we needed except dummies Laughing

I’ve picked up 15.2 kg all in all and my belly measurement is 109 cm. Mom thinks I’m going to stop at 20 kg’s… oh my word help me… Luckily I’m determined to breastfeed Caleb so I’m counting on losing all the weight.

Only 9 days and then I go on maternity leave. I can’t wait… I am now in week 36 and according to my MIL and a couple of other ou kokkedore in the industry says that Caleb is descending. Honestly, I can feel it. My pelvic region is now so sore that I’m really uncomfortable. Climbing or descending stairs are torture.  Turning over in bed is even worse than normal and the braxton hicks are becoming regular now. Still not changing in intensity and length, but more regular.

Hubby and Brother Dear moved our room on Saturday – there is now ample space for Caleb’s cot. His room now looks like a baby’s room should – baby products everwhere and everything has a place! His bag is fully packed (and a second one with nappies for backup) and mine is also packed – halfway. The other stuff will be packed when I’ve started going into early labour and need to wile away the time. I mean, I can’t pack my toothbrush and hair brush now, nor can I pack my cellphone charger. So I’ve left the list with the bag so that when the day comes, I can just grab what I need and pack it. They always say that while you wait for your contractions to progress, you should keep busy, right? Also packed the folder with the proof of payment for my bed, Mommy pack and hospital authorization docs.

Had my first birth-related dream last night. I dreamt that I woke up and suddenly Caleb was there, weighing just over 1 kg and being very tiny, but healthy! I asked Hubby in the dream what happened, I couldn’t remember anything and he said that they did a c-section to get him out, even though I didn’t go into labor. He then handed me Caleb, dressed in a little blue baby grow and a light blue beanie on his head, so very small. I then felt the sharp stab of pain that goes with an operation wound and woke up frantically at that point, clutching at my belly. I was relieved that it was just a dream, but it felt like a nightmare to me.

Pay day tomorrow! Yay! Going shopping for dummies, disposable panties and some Bepanthen asap. Then the inventory is complete! Still need a breast pump as well Foot in mouth Manager Lady said she saw the one that I want for half the price at a shop in Centurion, so I’m going to give her the money and ask her to buy it for me.

So this post was mainly about only pregnancy-related stuff Innocent In other news, I wish the French won the World Cup; so sad about Simoncelli dying after his accident on the second lap of the Malaysian Grand Prix, and not looking forward to Friday when Clown Malema and his cronies will be protesting close to the hospital where I need to go for my 36 week checkup. You’re a damn inconvenience to the world, you clown!!

Have a wonderful week, y’all… I’m counting down the days. Manager Lady and I now have to pinpoint my duties and responsibilities so that we can sit with CFO to determine what I can do while on maternity leave.

Have a great day!