Why I don’t do things on impulse

April 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

My mom skyped me today; said that there’s a HR Assistant position open closer to home for more money. I figure, hey. They want someone who can work on VIP Payroll, which I can’t. But I’ll send in my cv and see what happens. After all, once they see that I don’t have experience on VIP, they’ll discard my cv, right?

Wrong. Fifteen minutes pass. Then the phone rings. They want to interview me tomorrow, regardless of the fact that I DON’T have VIP experience. No one has matched their criteria yet but my cv matches perfectly and they’re eager to fill the position.

I went into a complete frenzy. I was planning on finding other work after increase-time and only once CE came back from maternity leave. And on a whim I submitted my cv today, and there’s a good chance I might get this.

This is why I don’t do things on impulse. Or try not to. And of course everyone is clamoring for me to go check it out, what the perks are etc. It doesn’t mean I’ll get the job, right? And everyone’s main point is – why feel guilty about leaving them just before increase-time when you have your family and your survival to think about? When they probably won’t give you a decent increase in the first place. CE and I had a chat the other day about this; the increases had better be good this year, or we won’t be able to keep up. What do you do when your expenses are more than your income???

I have a loan that needs to be paid off… I won’t be able to leave unless they don’t pay me for my notice month. As Hubby says, it can be easily remedied, we have ‘collateral’.

I’m going to go check it out tomorrow; for all I know it might not be what I expect at all and I’d decide to rather stay where I am.

But the more I fall into my current position, the more ‘corruption’ I’m picking up, if you know what I mean. Special priviledges for managers, and such. But no, if you don’t have a qualification in that place, you’re nothing.

What do you reckon, guys? Is it worth staying loyal? Or should I start taking my family into consideration and do what I can to ensure a better future for us? Things aren’t great financially, and if I can get a better job WITHOUT a formal qualification, why not? When where I am right now, the only way I’ll get a decent pay raise is if I get a qualification, and that will take three years. Three more years for a maybe???

Caleb is much better, y’all were right. Ponstan works like a charm. Thanks for all the support!!!!



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  1. Sometimes these things happen for a reason. Check it out and see if they make you an offer.

  2. I would say go to the interview and see what happens, if they make you an offer , you can always take it to your boss and maybe they would meet the offer……you have to look out for yourself, no one else will….

  3. I say go for it, check it out, you have nothing to lose. And if it’s better pay, and closer to home, that’s already a gain. See what happens… And good luck!

    Yay for Caleb being better!

  4. Go for it! Your family has to come first. I’m also in HR and have worked my way up through sheer passion for it. I’ve heard VIP is really easy to learn so wouldn’t worry about that at all. Even if you had gone to university you will still need to learn it.

    We are waiting for our increase letters too. *taps fingers* I heard the blanket increase was going to be 6.5% which is slightly less than CPI. I hope that the person is misinformed and they at least match or better CPI.

  5. Go for it my friend, loyalty does not pay the bills and put food on your table. VIP is easy, they might even send you on a short course just to get you going. This might be a sign that you need to start looking for something else, so take the oppurtunity and grab it with both hands.

    Glad little Caleb is feeling better :)

    Good luck xx

  6. I always believe that things happen for a reason, the fact that your getting an interview may mean that it’s time you get out of this current position which doesn’t sound good for you and move on to bigger and better things.

    I learnt that loyalty doesn’t mean much when it comes to pay day!

  7. Rather be in a position to turn it down, than put yourself in a position where you regret not checking it out. Your family takes priority over a company, if youre feeling guilty just remember that their families would take priority over you! Good Luck, VIP is a breeze.

  8. Go for the interview, what can it hurt. From what I understand VIP basically runs itself, we have it here. And if they are willing to teach you, go for it.
    You know what, don’t worry about the place you work for now, because deep down, they don’t give a shit about you OR your family. If there is one thing I’ve learnt since becoming a mom is that you have to start looking after Number 1, because if you don’t, your whole family suffers.

    Yay for Caleb feeling better.

  9. Ek sĂȘ ook as iets oor jou pad kom gryp dit met altwee hande aan! Die dae van lojaal wees en om jare by een maatskappy te werk is lankal verby. As jy sien dis nie wat jy ingedagte gehad het nie kan jy altyd bly waar jy is maar as die geld meer is hoekom nie? Dit raak net al moeiliker om deesdae met ons geld uit te kom.

    Bly Caleb voel beter! Lekker dag vir jou!

  10. definitely go check it out and see what happens. you don’t HAVE to take it if they make you an offer but at least you’ll know what they are offering.

    your family comes first …

    Good luck :-)

  11. Gaan en check dit uit – jy het al self gese dinge gebeur met ‘n rede, dalk die Here hierdie oor jou pad gebring!
    Familie kom altyd eerste, by die werk is mens gewoonlik net ‘n nommer, en hulle sal vinnig genoeg ‘n replacement kan kry.
    (bly Caleb voel beter!)

  12. Go and get the job and then you can decide if you want it! I say get as much information as you can and then make an informed decision.

  13. I’d at least try instead of wonder

  14. Go check it out, you have nothing to lose.I agree with Helen.

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