Out with the new in with the old

December 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

It might come as a shock to many of the Parent24 bloggers, but it wasn’t actually The Poppet who penned The Poppet Chronicles blog during the first two years of his life – it was actually me.  (So another fairytale illusion has been shattered… and just in time for the white bearded fat man in his red suit and similarly hue nosed reindeer to make their appearance.)

As Poppet’s dad I loved writing a blog that looked at the world through his eyes and to put what I believed were his words onto “paper”.  However, as Poppet’s grasp of the English language has grown and as his sense of humour has developed, I have come to the realisation that he is way funnier than I ever imagined him to be and that I was actually doing him a disservice by blogging on his behalf.

Since the Poppet Chronicles was first published, the Poppet’s baby sister, Petal, joined our family and completed my perfect pigeon pair.  It amazes me everyday how two children from the same parents can be so equally gorgeous (they get that from their mom), yet so completely different in character.

So while The Poppet has given up his blogging habit for now, I hope to keep the Parent24 community updated on Poppet and Petal’s progress as a daddy blogger.

Until next time

Quaserdad (aka Michael)

8 responses to Out with the new in with the old

  1. So good to see you here! Welcome back :)

    Gorgeous photo, Petal has grown so much :)

    • Thanks Nats. Petal has grown a lot since Poppet last blogged about her. She turned 1 two weeks ago, has a mouth full of teeth and has been walking for just over a week. You can read about her progress on a Parent24 blog, Petal’s Perspective.

  2. Aww, gorgeous Poppet and Petal, have missed you. It’s ok Dad, you are forgiven, you introduced us to your lovely boy and his sister in a unique way. Look forward to more adventures with you all. xx hugs xx

    • Thanks M&M. It really has been 6 months of turmoil since I last blogged as The Poppet. He is just so entertaining and it felt like plagiarism if I was to just repeat what he said. At least now I can take the role of “reporter” although I can’t guarantee that he won’t be “mis-quoted” or “taken out of context”.

  3. OMG!! You mean you’ve been tricking us all this time. I feel so faint.
    Actually, I really did think it was Poppets & Petals Mum blogging on their behalf, never thought is was Dad

    • Hello Helen. Nope it was their dad all along. Interestingly enough, my wife has a degree in English literature, so is far more qualified to be writing as I am just an accountant in denial.

  4. Ooh a new perspective on Poppet (and Petal). Looking forward to the continuing adventure

  5. I loved the Poppet blogs!!! It was such fun to read about things from a different perspective. I’m looking forward to the new blog from Daddy’s perspective. ;-)

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