Egg Donation…. the pick – up

So, there was no post yesterday, because i needed some rest after the pick-up.

I woke up yesterday morning, eager to have the eggs removed because i felt more bloated than a pregnant woman, plus I dont normally get period pain, but this felt like period pain. So I was really keen to get the show on the road.

We got to the Fertility Clinic early, I was taken through to get ready (and i had a rumbly in my tumbly just like Pooh Bear) and had not eaten anything since the previous evening, as I would be under general aneasthetic for the procedure. I must say, I do enjoy the feeling of drifting off like that, i actually try to fight the feeling, but to no avail, it gets you before you know it, and then before i know it, I wake up in the recovery room and everything is done.

You get a cup of tea and a muffin, they check your heart rate and blood pressure and you are good to go. Just feels like you have extreme period pain for the rest of the day. I took a bunch of pain killers and got aquinted with my couch again. Rest is all you need for the rest of the day.

The FS told me that they got 5 eggs, which is good. But now the hard part starts. The eggs were fertilised yesterday, as the father would have been there in the morning to make his donation  as well, since they need fresh sperm.

I hope everything works out well for them. And that they get to have a succesfull pregnancy and their own healthy baby/ babies.

I sometimes wonder who they are. The couples that i have donated to. Do I know them? Do they know me? Have I ever seen them before in my life? But, that is not how it is supposed to be. I actually think it would be harder for them, if they knew they know who the eggs belonged to in the beginning. And I say in the beginning, because once the eggs are removed i dont see them as my own anymore. I gave them away, donated them to someone who needed them more than i did at that time, so they are hers now. NOT mine, and that is what many people dont see.

next time i will tell you about the responses i got when i told people about my decision to donate the first time, which is why i decided not to tell family members about this round. Just my partner, and my work colleagues.






5 thoughts on “Egg Donation…. the pick – up

  1. I really really hope that the couple that received the eggs will have a healthy successful pregnancy!

    You’re really making me think a lot about this, especially since I’m not quite sure that Hubby and I will have a second child. We’re content with Caleb and want to give him everything we can and a second child will take away from that. We won’t be able to afford another baby :( Much as I want one!

  2. I hope so too.
    If you are able to donate, then i would recommend that you do. It is really such a worthwhile process. And I only have 2 years left of being able to be a donor.
    South African donors age range must be from 18-32 years of age.

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