I needed to share this with you guys.

Yesterday on the way home from  work / creche, I was sitting in the back seat with Arizona, while G was driving when she hit me in the face with her waterbottle. And then she laughed. Like it was a joke….

So I hit her hands and her leg, I probably went overboard, but it was not hard slaps, and she did not cry or anything, she seemed more shocked than anything I think. She them proceeded to tell her father that I had hit her and that he must sort me out.

Can you freaking believe it!!

This was not the first time though, she told on me over the weekend as well after i gave her a hiding. Silly child.

The only thing I am happy about though, is that she seems to be at that stage where she feels comfortable enought to tell someone, her dad in this case, if she is unhappy about the way she is being treated.



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