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Frozen grapes

February 29, 2008 in Uncategorized

sometimes it is the simplest ideas that make the best products. This is a Safety chew – you pop frozen grapes in the netting side, screw on tightly and give to a frog to suck. She gets all the juice, some flesh thats small enough to fit through the netting, and something nice, sweet and cold to chew on. And I don’t have to worry about choking.


mouse attack!

February 29, 2008 in Uncategorized

I have a mouse problem. Well, actually its not so much a mouse problem as a cat who catches mice problem.

Last night, hubby and I decided we’d try and go out, leaving Frog with a babysitter. And while we were having Tom yum goon and sirloin (which tasted a bit like wet dog smells), the poor baby sitter was having an interesting time.

Apparently, Frog woke up and not knowing who was here, or where mommy was, screamed for 45minutes. As soon as she was settled again, babysitter was sitting in the lounge, with the doors open. Bobi, my terrifying little hunter, came running up to the step with a mouse in his mouth -you know one of those cute golden, striped field mice. Thinking he would just show it to her (you know how proud some cats are – not Bobi), and that would be it, babysitter left him alone. Except as soon as Bobi thought she was no longer looking, he shot past her with mouse in mouth and ran up the stairs. Babysitter decided to rescue poor mouse before he escaped and ran around the house. She managed to part Bobi from mouse with a broom, but went to pick up the terrified little creature, and the mouse promptly bit her! Hanging from her finger by her teeth, babysitter then shreeked and shook mouse off. She managed to grab him by his tail and ran downstairs and flung him out the door. All the while Bobi was watching the excitement with an amused expression on his face. As the babysitter now thought that was the end, she turned to go wash her hands – when she noticed movement in the swimming pool. Poor little mouse had run in a straight line – straight into the pool. And was now swimming across to the other side. Rescuing him again, by his tail, she flung him into the grass where he scampered off into the night.

Bobi was not impressed that he had lost his dinner, but thankfully left the poor creature alone. And Talia slept through all this commotion…

love my hubby

February 27, 2008 in Uncategorized

 I love my hubby. Most of the time he is thoughtful, caring, kind and generous. He has been known to order me flowers to be delivered at work (loved that!), or to drive 20minutes just to put a note under my windscreen of my car. I have even on occasion woken up and staggered through to my “office” (i.e. the dining room table) to find a freshly picked rose by my laptop. 

This morning’s gift was somewhat unusual. there was a jar on my latop along with a note. The note said “Frog meet frog” and in the jar was the cutest little frog (second of course to my own).

Apparently hubby had gone through to the kitchen at 5am and seen movement out of the corner of his eye. His first thought was that our cockroaches had mutated and were jumping in a strange fashion. Then he realised that either this was the strangest roach he’d ever seen, or something entirely different.

I let little frog out into the front garden after introducing him to my Frog. She declared herself to be cuter. And no, I didn’t let her touch this little guy. Can you imagine if she’s put this in her mouth?

Anyone know the name of this frog?


learning to drink from a cup

February 26, 2008 in Uncategorized


Aren’t I glad that it’s a non-drip cup?

gymnast in training?

February 26, 2008 in Uncategorized


My Frog will stop at nothing to get her favourite toy!

my daughter of sunshine and light is back!

February 26, 2008 in Uncategorized

I’ve had a very niggly frog the last couple of weeks. Today, well today, she is back to being my Frog Princess. Happy, bubbly and MOST importantly going down for her naps without a peep. Literally without a peep. In the cot and head is down. She grabs Lilly (her frog), sucks on her for a bit and then just passes out.

We were given a calendar of niggly / sunshine weeks at baby class. This calendar tells you when developmental weeks are happening, and when to expect niggles and clingy babies. Frog’s a week early, but she is moving into the happy phase again. The development phase she has just been through? Realising mom can put her down and walk away.

Talia’s first picnic

February 26, 2008 in Uncategorized

we took talia to Spier for her first picnic on the weekend. This is her with Lasagne the Marmoset (yes, we named her monkey Lasagne.)

playing with lighting

February 26, 2008 in Uncategorized


i think i should invest in a photography course and some proper equipment, seems i spend so much time photographing frog.

and i need a new feather boa :)

Living and Loving article

February 22, 2008 in Uncategorized

A story I wrote about Talia and her clubfeet was published in the Living and Loving magazine, March edition. And you know the really cool thing?  A mom whose 7 month old baby was about to go for surgery read the article and has approached the Steps Charity to find out more on the Ponseti method. Which means that one more baby may be spared major surgery on her feet.  

We had a rough time with Talia’s feet over the last 6 months. Her clubfoot is complex, not your run of the mill, average, correctable in 6 casts, type of clubfoot. They are short, puffy and with a deep crease on the outsides. It was a rough ride. There were a lot of tears. A lot of frustrated sighs. A lot of chocolate consumed. And a lot of times, I thought maybe surgery would have been the easy way out. But, you know, we made the right decision. My daughter hasn’t had to have major surgery. We did have our time in hospital (achilles tendon tetonomy), twice. We did have many visits to her orthopead. We did have a few sleepless nights. But she will not have arthristis later on. She will not have pain later on. She did not have to be subjected to major surgery now. And I hope that by telling more people her story, more parents can make a better informed choice about the best way to correct their child’s clubfeet – be it by surgery or by the Ponseti method.


February 22, 2008 in Uncategorized

My hubby came home last night with a stat that was quoted on the radio – they have found a correlation between the gvt increasing social grants and the increase in expenditure on alcohol. The problem is with all stats is that they’re like a bikini – what the reveal is interesting, what they cover, crucial. In this case, no one questioned the fact that the population is growing too – so obviously alcohol would increase – there are more adults able to drink. And it has nothing to do with social grants. There really has to be some checks inline before dejays and announcers can just make blanket claims…