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Side Views Weekend Challenge….

November 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

I lost:

My patience today, will it come back?

My mind when I fell pregnant, and I miss it

Some of my insecurities as I grow older, and you can keep them if you have them

Friendships along the way, and I miss them

I gave away:

My heart when I met my hubby

I have found:

Challenges that make life interesting

will think of some more later… but hubby now wants me to do stuff that involves my computer….

Friday ups and downs

November 27, 2009 in Uncategorized


They have installed a flushing toilet and running water behind my DG’s shack. She has to share 1 toilet with 3 other people (it seems they are allocating them 1 by 4 shacks) BUT she has access to the toilet and access to running water (she was previously going to a friend with a house nearby who would “rent” her the toilet and charge her for the water!)

Thank you DA and tax payers :)

Lovely day in Stellenbosch, payday too!

Frog has my DG crawling around the lounge pretending to be a snail – oh my goodness! the things she’ll do for the toddler!


Frog’s op – she has been hell all week. Really looking forward to her getting back to normal and going back to school.


Painting the “closet” this weekend so that we can start decorating it (it is going to be baby’s nursery, I’ll post before and after pics)

Porridge brain…

November 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

hubby kindly made me tea this morning – except i took one sip and spat it out. turned and looked accusingly at him – how can he put salt in my tea?

it seems when i filled the sugar container yesterday, i filled it up with salt instead!

in my defence my GSD had poured the salt from its plastic refill packet into a tupperware…. and they look very similar….and i just presumed it was sugar….

and well, he made me make my own tea after that!

Frog’s sayings

November 26, 2009 in Uncategorized

When she wakes from a nap “Time for Wake up! Not time for Dodo”

When its something big “Iz a Big one!”

To the cat: “Bob you want hugs!” (I think its more a demand than a question)

Her nursery rhymes “Spider song / Sheep song / happy song” 

Hubby and I were trying to think of all her cool sayings, before we forget them – and I think its terrible, but we struggled to remember. Must blog as soon as she says them so we don’t forget :) 

Rough afternoon

November 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

Froggy had a late afternoon nap and woke up around 5pm. She then cried hysterically, holding onto her ear (deferred pain apparently) and trying to put her hands in her mouth for good 30minutes before I decided to run her bath and stick her back in bed. I had been walking around just holding her. Really can’t do that much – tummy too big! She kept crying (mommy! mommy!), through her bath and up until I gave her the suppository – little one saw the packet and just lifted up her legs. my goodness, she’ll accept that but won’t swallow the stopayne? 

I struggled to get her to take the stopayne, have taken to slowly injecting it into her mouth. The spoon doesn’t work – she just spits it straight out. I think it must sting her throat when she swallows.

Anyway, she calmed down at about 5:45pm, I think the pain meds kicked in then. Let me read her one story and then went back to sleep.

PS I tried to get her to have an afternoon nap earlier, but she came plodding out of her room saying “mommy I can’t sleep” in EXACTLY the same voice I use when I’m reading her a story of a bunny who won’t sleep.

what a traumatic day!

November 23, 2009 in Uncategorized

Little Froggy went in for her tonsillectomy and adenoid removal today. So stressful for mommy! They let me ride into theatre with her in the bed. The anaethetist was amazing, he explained everything to her (not that she would understand, but I think to calm her down). But she still resisted the gas mask. That was awful, they had to hold her arms, legs and head down.

When she came around after the operation she was hysterical. They called me into recovery, and I soon as I saw her screaming, with blood pouring out her nose, I just sobbed. I climbed into bed with her and just held her on my lap as she screamed, and just sobbed with her. The nurses joked with the doctor that they sent him two happy people, and were getting two really unhappy ones back.

I stopped them sucking out the blood from her nose as this was freaking her out more and she soon calmed down. By the time we were back in the ward she was asleep again. We lay in her bed for about 30min before I dared shuffle her off my large tummy and wiggle myself into a more comfortable position. The nurses very sweetly kept bringing me tea to calm me down.  

For the rest of the day she’d wake up for 10minutes, cry for 10minutes, then go back to sleep for a bit. She had more blood pouring out her nose at some stage, which again freaked me out.

She finally started coming around properly at about 1pm. Rejected the icecream, ate the jelly, asked for more, and when hubby eventually arrived with my lunch, ate my chips. After that we were allowed to go home. She spent the rest of the afternoon snoozing, kindof watching Barney and Winnie the Pooh, inbetween crying for 10 minutes, settling, crying again.

I got a bit irrationally annoyed with hubby when he got home. He had that exasperated / annoyed / I’m not handling this kid look on his face as she was trying to eat custard and spilling it everywhere and all my protective urges went into full swing. Poor hubby. I know he’d had a rough day at work, but little one was not steady and today was not the day for letting any annoyed feelings show. Well I thought so anyway.

He did lose the coin toss and get to put the suppository in. EEEEEK!

School Trips

November 22, 2009 in Uncategorized

On friday the nursery school took the kids to Spier to see the Eagles.

I got to school at 2pm, and Frog was sleeping on her mat. Usually it takes her a while to wake up. I sit with her stroking her back, while she opens and closes her eyes and brings herself from sleep to wake. Takes about 5minutes.

On Friday I get there, bend over her and start stroking her back. She wakes up, looks at me and instead of closing her eyes again like she usually does, she sits bolt upright and exclaims : “Went on a bus!”.

I only heard about the Eagles about half an hour later. The highlight was definitely the school bus.

2nd Opinion

November 19, 2009 in Uncategorized

Frog goes for her andenoids and tonsils out on Monday. She’ll be off school for a week. EEEEKK!

2 years on….

November 19, 2009 in Uncategorized

So it’s my little business’s 2 birthday this month. Can’t believe we launched 2 years ago already. It’s been a really interesting ride so far…. me with my super-woman complex (Frog was born in August and we went live in November. Who in their right minds launches a new business with a 3 month old baby?)

It hasn’t been easy – and I’d tell any pregnant woman not to start a business when they are pregnant / with a baby. In fact don’t start anything new with a baby. So why am I considering doing a course next year in Ethology? Baby is due in February, what am I thinking?

Ah, girl taking after daddy…

November 19, 2009 in Uncategorized

Frog was sitting at her little table this morning having breakfast, looked up and exclaimed “I want a whiskey!”.

(Don’t we all have those mornings, when the day hasn’t yet begun and you need a stiff drink? Although usually its just after having a fight about clothes and a toddler / brushing teeth and a toddler / breakfast and a toddler)…

in this case though, she was referring to the whisk (the one the beats eggs).